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  1. Blobert

    C4 rafts on pvp

    Griefer madness
  2. Blobert

    Wyvern Landing AI

    They changed the mechanics somehow. I'm having trouble getting my wyvs (WHEN RIDING) to land anywhere but on a flat surface. When not riding. I can't tell you how many times I cursed because my wyv decides to fly off when I am attacked. The worst is RAG running beavers. He will fly up over the grand canyon, hover out of calling reach, then fly down to the bottom of the canyon after a few minutes.
  3. Blobert

    ARK Survival Evolved for Mobile!

    I can't imagine how the controls will work in realtime on such a device. Hopefully I am selected.
  4. Blobert

    Am I going mad in Aberration

    Griefer Madness
  5. Blobert

    Feeding trough no longer spoils food in it

    When you log off of single player time STOPS.
  6. I found this on the newsfeed (answers #2). My unofficial server is showing the turret limit warning that's why I asked- bLimitTurretsInRange=true LimitTurretsRange=10000 LimitTurretsNum=100
  7. HI I have three non-beeish untrolly questions. 1. Is the turret limit server specific or tribe specific. I couldn't see the answer on this thread. People are saying an enemy platform could disable some or all of your turrets by moving into the proximity of your base. 2. What is the command to disable the restriction on non-official servers. I assume there is one. 3. Are S+ Turrets affected by the limit (they currently don't display the limit message on unofficial).
  8. Blobert

    Turret change discussion megathread

    Will the turret nerf translate to performance improvement, that's the real question. I think this will lead to more pinning and bigger bases/ area denial.
  9. I'm in California, can I pick one up?
  10. Blobert

    Meat runs on Ragnarok

    Beaver run, kill two birds with one stone (make sure to empty the beaver nests so they respawn with CP). To the north of beavers is the Ragnarok castle, and there are usually several brontos around there.
  11. Blobert

    So what did you do in ARK today?

  12. Blobert

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    1. Farmed Stone, Wood, Metal, Cement Paste, Silica Pearls, and Organic Polymer. 2. Fed my Phioma and filled my compost bins. 3. Killed a bunch of stuff for meat. 4. Crafted a bunch of stuff to make a larger base and better defenses. 5. Flew around looking for something cool to bring home and tame. 6. Logged off.