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  1. iStephano

    Original winter wonderland this year?

    Halloween was really special, the music, sound as you said was really fun and was really special. I miss that most tbh Skin event is only fun for so long .. I don’t want any skin just want a old fashion event like this. It did bring something cool to the game
  2. iStephano

    Original winter wonderland this year?

    True, it’s a shame it’s only a few days
  3. iStephano

    Original winter wonderland this year?

    If they don’t, I’m gonna play GTA5 for when snow hits the map there
  4. Boss summoning, it’s time now to let people use a Tek Transmitter to summon the boss. On official server all the obelisk are crowded / maxes out of Dino’s all over the place. It’s hard to even use them for normal transfer stuff sometimes. If we could use Tek Transmitter to summon the boss this would help to solve this issue.
  5. iStephano

    Why not merge legacy and official servers?

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately. No, merge should never happen. Problem is the way this has gone. The root of the problem is this, legacy players (supporters of the game since day 1) have build a community. Alone or in a tribe they have all shared their experience and in all made those servers special. Ofc some servers are toxic and 1 tribe will rule them all (PVE/PVP) But i would say 80% of those PVE Legacy servers had something special togheter. They worked wogether, they made progresss together. They made real life friendship togehter. And now thats most of that gone, people get mad, upset, frustrated, and feel the need to leave. So the community of those players made together is gone, for the most part. And its really sad to be honest. My main server on legacy is deleted, for me it was not that bad to be honest. But what hit me was that our community was lost. And that was the thing that "hurt" me most. The way it should be done, since WildCard dont play by the rules is that they should have keept the legacy server, not deleted them but insteed removed people who dupped. Removed "game breaking" high lvl items. And resett it, but keep the server and players alive. This way, we would have not been in this mess to begin with. I am a legacy player, i lost it all but i want to keep going on. Rebuild myself back up but in my core. I miss legacy, our community, all we had. I am now on the `New Official Server` and its pure pain. Tame cap, lag, high ping, tribes that stuff tames in to keep it capped. Structure limit, its all a challenge and not in the good way. Its just a "you cant tame, you cant build limit after limit!" And yea i am talking about PVE Official server. On Legacy this was not a problem at all. I mean ping was maybe 80 at max even with a lot of going on, now 150-255 at weekday! They should have keept Legacy server as it was but "nerf" removed OP stuff to resett it a little. Its a mess now. Old servers worked, people enjoyed it. Now new people join and cant even play the game. It was and always will be better with the old servers. It worked. So no, merge is not the answer. Keeping how it was with fixing the stuff that did not work is the answer,
  6. iStephano

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Cool as hell!
  7. iStephano

    Changes To Structure Decay Rules

    I am scared this will affect pillars you use to build your house. Ground is not even so you need to use pillars to add a floor. If i log in to see half my house gone.. I’m gonna loose it.
  8. Hold on to your horses, they are properly going to announce the DLC with a release date, we won’t see it this summer. My guess is 2019 early at the best. But they have been quite about it, and maybe busy with something so who knows
  9. iStephano

    SP Desert drops (Rannarok)

    And desert drops gives same stuff as on SE? I’m looking for better desert gear that’s why I am asking.
  10. iStephano

    TEK Tier (In a PvE Official)

    This 🙌 That’s excaclty what I think about it. It’s just a expensive cosmetic thing and it cost a lot to repair. I would use the tek armor if it supported what you said in this post.
  11. And a marker on screen so you can see where you are shooting, that would improve them a lot.
  12. iStephano


    Normal torches gives the best light, and is fun to decorate your base with it. Your base or house always looks better with it, and it’s way more prettier than electrical lights. But they burn out kinda fast, so you always need to “refuel” them. That’s a problem when your using a lot of them. So my tribemate was saying he wish torches had a timer on them. Like when the game goes into daytime it auto turn off the torches and back on at night. With the game already having a in game clock I can’t see this to be hard to implement. Just a cool idea.
  13. iStephano

    mystery Overseer's mysterious Voice !

    Sounds like it, good finding
  14. Evolution event every other 2 weeks now? Beside that lots of good news
  15. iStephano

    Argentavis Update Questions

    But picking up a doedi with a rider on it it’s almost impossible to do. Argy will 99% of the time pick up the rider and not the doedi. For farming with a tribemates this is really annoying. same with Anky but it’s “better” there.