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  1. If thats true, Wildcard need to fix this asap.If you loose a big partner over this, in this industry. Its like shooting yourself in the foot. This has been a issue since RTX cards was launched. All i heared from Wildcard is that Nvidia is working on it. Well now Nvidia "gave up" since its the custom engine that dont play well with Windows 10 and RTX combined. Really i dont care just fix it please. Just want to play this game without major issues. A crash here and then is common and "its ark" but this is not acceptable in 2019
  2. Im not sure, but i had this problem as well with the last Gigas i breed. Like when using cryopod i am always 1% behind. And i always made the imprints in time. It could be server lag. Dunno
  3. The problem here is how WildCard handle this. And they do it really bad to be honest. I see no problem in one tribe, lets say "worst case scenario" 500 Jerboas or dodos is tamed / breed. If this person love that spesific dino and want to breed them, put them on display this is not a issue at all. As long as is within the 500 tribe tame cap. If this person finds a way to go over this / glitch the game. Make it a problem on purpose. Sure, kick them out. WildCard tell us, tame dinos. No matter what and if someone want to tame low lvl dinos and find enjoyment in this. Let them! This is how the person love the game it wont bother others since tame cap is not really a problem anymore on official servers after cryopods. The big problem here is, someone reports someone and that tribe get wiped. With no warning of "making it right". I work in computer service business this is the same as deleting someones driver without asking "do you have backup?". Its so bad. unprofessional at the higest. Dont get me wrong, i know there are hundres of situations here which this happens. If someone cap a server spamming trash dinos thats another case. And there is hard solid proof on this of course they should be wiped, could help also to have a open communication with that tribe. As long we can tame 500 dinos legit as the game say we can, let people do it. If someone has bad intentions, of course kick them. But make sure there is a two way communcation here not one way WildCard. For the love of all good. There may be many tickets but it wont help do do anything fast just to be done with it, in the long run doing it right will make the community feel safer to play this game.
  4. Will download it and try asap, but i dont expect it to be fixed tbh. Last hotfix crashed the game with no bluescreen, but my PC was in like 2.fps mode after.
  5. Put her on wander, should buy you some time.
  6. Have you tried turning it off and on again?
  7. You may have done this i guess but have you gone out of render? It could "come back". But thanks for the heads up, got a lot of dinos in cryopod myself.
  8. New Nvidia driver out now, 417.01 - They added support for RTX cards with Windows 10 1809 build. https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/140341/en-us Im not home atm but will try that later on.
  9. I can agree on that GeForce Experience can create issues. Have seen that many times. But we need to look at the logic here, 100s of people have the same problem and even get the same kernel crash log. I mean if 2 people got that sure it could be a hardware issue with their PC`s they are using. But we are talking about a lot of people here with different setup that gets the same exact problem. We have all tested the game the same way, like jumping on a flyer on the island map. 5 mins later BSOD. This problem is in Ark itself as it could be that the game is outdated and can not run 100% on the new card. New architecture and of course Nvidia may have failed at some point. But as i have seen and read this is a software issue. And dont give me that PSU nonsense i have a 1000w PSU and its giving more than enough power to all components in my PC. Every other game i have tested on RTX 2080 to this date runs fine for days, for weeks. No windows issues, no game crash, no BSOD, nothing it runs just fine. but as soon i load up the island map with the RTX 2080, boom BSOD 5 mins later. And its always when the game itself load new textures or to be more specific jump on a flyer so the map needs to load stuff in faster. The new DLC seems to run fine so maybe they fixed something here, but they need to apply that to the older maps as-well. This is a software issue. You run on older card with a older architecture thats match with Arks game code better. So whatever you says is invalid sorry to say it. With older cards the driver also works better as you can rollback to a more stable one if something is bugging here. I dont know maybe you play Ark 20mins a day? Some people can spend 3-4h a day and thats when the issue on older cards kicks in. And another thing, if a person buys a game you can not expect that person to go into BIOS setting to "fix things". It does not works this way. if that was the case most people would stick to console gaming and throw pc gaming out the window. I fully understand the problem with new hardware and "older games" can crash, its needs some fixing and changing some codes but we have literately heard zero from Wildcard about this issue. Nvidia tried to fix it with the new drivers but did not work so wildcard need to set this a a top priority on this matter. More people will jump to 2000 series more people cant play, if thats not game breaking.. And fyi, i have tried the game on 2 different PCs with 2 completely different hardware. 1 with 2080ti and 1 with 2080, i7 4970 and 8086K new ram different PSU everything (not SLI). Same issue same kernel log. Its not hardware related at this point.
  10. Same exact kernel crash log i get on rtx 2080
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