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  1. Been there when I tried to solo Rag on official with my Theri's. It sucked losing all that stuff but I spent a big majority of the fight running around on the ground and actually had a blast despite the loss. My characters name was Grog so we use to envision him as the Chuck Norris of our alliance, that boss fight or the time I finished a red OSD drop from round 3 on foot with a compound bow and pump shotgun because the Giga raged and died were "the most Grog thing ever done" as my friends liked to put it.
  2. PS4 Single Player- Took the Rav out to harvest some metal so I could cook it why I worked on my base. I don't need a lot currently so I just run up to the lake below the portal and harvest the couple metal and crystal nodes there. I will take the bear out to kill some crabs later for poly but I want a fridge, a few AC's, and a generator. On my way to the area I finally found a decent level roll rat. 125. I had my bear cryo'd so I popped him out, cleared the area around the rat, found a hive and tamed him up. That will help the build immensely. Called it an early night. The next day, I got on but wasn't really feeling the building so I decided to do some farming/taming. First I checked off the cliff face I first built at to check some Megalo levels. There were 2 in the area that I suicided off the cliff so I could build. I haven't done a dino wipe yet so I wanted to check their levels. I spied them up and see one is a 140 and one is a 130. M and F. Pretty much the luckiest I could of gotten that close to green. I'll keep them in mind for a tame down the road. Next I cleared some more metal and then took the bear out to kill crabs. I was surprised by a Rav and so killed it. Unlucky it was a 145. Too quick on the trigger that time. I spied Spino's as I cleared the river of crabs and found a 140. Spino is best bet to get my first Drake egg since only a few things will aggro it in red. I set the trap and kited her on in. KO'd her and her hp is awful but she's got 245 melee. Tamed her up and got a great roll into melee. 420. Cleared out more spino's and just to push the breeding forward a bit, I settled on a male 125. Nothing special on it but the baby will be a first nice raise. Took the poly back to base and crafted up some gens, ac's, fridges, and found a drop to craft a cryofridge and few more pods. I'll commence building when I get back on later and probably tame up those megalo's.
  3. PS4 Single Player- The search for a decent Roll Rat continues. I'm not prepared for blue zone yet so the Roll Rat search is limited to green zone. I went out first on foot. I have, at the time, 174 movement speed, and the Rav is being used for weight. I ran to the portal, to fertile lake, scaled the cliff sides and finally came across a level 75 rat. Unfortunately I don't know the bee spawn locations well so the next trip was to find one of those. Taking a path towards fertile lake I ran by scorpions, pack of raptors, pack of raptors, pack of ravagers, scorpions, and got caught on a rock. A sneaky scorpion got 2 hits in and then I was off again pass another pack of raptors when I got KO'd. 30 fortitude but with only cloth armor, I guess 2 hits from a mid level scorpion is too much. The raptors jumped on my body and killed me fast. I spawned by fertile lake and ran back to the death spot but the bag was gone and there was no light beam. I ghosted and still no bag. It's nothing but empty space under there and so I guess if my bag went under the map it fell into the abyss. I ran up to a 120 Basilisk and punched it, then spawned back at my base. I regeared and returned to the spot of my demise for revenge. After I got sweet justice, I continued my look for a Roll Rat/hive. I stumbled upon a 130 Dire Bear and had to have it. On maps like this, early game tames get leeway on levels. I fashioned a standard 2 x 2 trap and guided the bear inside. It bit me once for 116 damage so I was curious on its melee. I only have a standard crossbow which is always dicey when taming a bear so after about 20 arrows I placed a sleeping bag and got into the trap so it could kill me. It never did. I killed a Parasaur and drug it but the bear never ate it either. Finally I decided to risk it and kept firing arrows. With about 80 hp left it finally went down. Ravagers and raptors appeared so I spent a few minutes killing them and then threw the kibble in. I forgot to check its melee but when it stood up it had 371. Pretty good tame. I then walked my Bear back to base and found a level 80 rat. I was getting off so I will get that next time I'm on. I got on the next day and took the bear out to get honey to tame the rat. Went to a hive I do know about and then made my way towards fertile lake. The rat wasn't around but I could hear it fighting close. I spotted it as it evaporated to two Ravagers. I spyglassed them. A 120 and a 140. I bola'd both and piked the 120 to death. Then I started tranquing the 140. We had a little back and forth but I eventually got it down...with an extra arrow. Sigh. I built a trap around the Ravager then slaughtered a sheep, healed it up, stimmed it, and then spent the rest of its time down cooking lamb chops and clearing the area of threats. While fighting raptors the bear got pinned. They need to fix that bug. I have the bear on neutral to protect me when I get pinned but now its pinning the bear and another one is pinning me which is a pain. Luckily I upgraded to hide armor so I'm lasting long enough for the bear to help me out. I returned to the Ravager and KO'd it again. Instant tame but nothing overwhelming in stats. 830 weight so I'll retire the old tame and make this my new weight carrier for the time being. I need to go forward with my base build up so I guess the Roll Rat will have to wait. I'll hand harvest the wood so I can get my crafting area set up, make some hazard, and venture into blue for Megalo's and maybe better rats down there.
  4. Makes sense since part of the encryption apparently makes reference to anti theft countermeasures.
  5. PS4 Single Player- I started a game on Ab. There's a lot for me to explore yet on the map so I spawned in the mushroom forest and ran down to the edge. Found a nice secluded spot so I set up a little farming base. Been playing 2 days. Day 1 was mostly running around and getting some levels. A couple deaths but wasn't too bad. I hand farmed a few items and scouted a permanent base location. It's on an isolated cliff overlooking the edge. It's going to need a big ramp/stairway for access. Near the end of the day I found a 130 Doedic so I knocked it out and tamed it up. That'll help speed things up. Day 2 I started laying the groundwork for the ramp. I am going to build it out wood first. Even with that low cost, it was taking awhile so I broke off from farming to hunt down a Roll Rat. I actually had more deaths on day 2 than 1. Partly due to just focusing on looking for a Rat so situational awareness was weak, partly because I was feeling 9ver confident and fighting the packs of Ravs and Raptors instead of avoiding. I found only a 145 Trike, not something I need this go around, but everything else I came across was pathetic. I never found a decent Rat (want at least an 80) but did run across a level 75 Rav. That'll help with its weight reduction on certain mats so after fighting off its pack I eventually got it down and tamed it up. I laid a few ziplines up to the base so the Rav makes transporting up there much quicker than using climbing picks every time. The hunt for a decent Roll Rat will continue tomorrow amd I may lay out some sap taps so I can start prepping to tame snails for CP.
  6. Theri's fine. Jack of all trades and one of the strongest dino's in the game. Dodo. Let it be. Serves it's purpose fine. Poops eggs for kibble. No other utility needed. Gigant. It's fine. Easy enough methods to kill it. Strongest mount in game. Carno. Model rework. Think it should become a top 3 prime meat harvester. Early game, getting prime meat can be a bit tougher so it gives it a real utility over the Rex. Think it should also have an extended prime meat spoil timer while in inventory. I like the idea of a stun. Megalodon. Serious model rework. Needs to be bigger. Could do with a bleed attack or a feeding frenzy attack. Feeding frenzy attack- Damage buff scales with hostiles in AOE as well as damage reduction. Capped at 50% output with 10+ dino enemies. 33% damage reduction with 10+ dino enemies. Speed increase as well during frenzy. Also give it the ability to have a chance to harvest prime fish from basic fish kills (Coel, Salmon, Manta's, Pirhana's). Think those 2 buffs would give two of the more legendary dino's mid to late game appeal.
  7. Single Player I've done a bunch since last post. Finally gearing myself towards the bosses so after contemplating a few unique dino idea's I settled onto a familiar friend in the Theri. I farmed up about 25 traps worth of material (I lay a 2x3, go 2 high on doorways in a 2x2 section, then run stairs/ramps off one side) then placed them on Rag, Valguero, and the Island close to Theri spawns. I decided i didn't want to house an egg farm so just spawned in about 300 extraordinary kibble and went to work. Jumping between maps, clearing spawns, and after about 35 tames I came out with 8178 hp, 1860 stam, 678 wt, and 371 melee. The stam is amazing (52 levels) and the rest are decent starting points though I am sure with continued hunting I can find higher clean HP and melee. I'll drop them as I see them but start on this line to build up a bit for at least a beta Rag/Valguero fight. In single player you have to transfer out through obelisk's or transmitters, so I need the transmitter unlocked so I can go to Aberration and get back home because I'm not trying to go to the surface every time I want to jump. During breaks of Theri hunting I went to Extinction and tamed up some Owl's and Gacha's. Got myself a few silica pearl gacha's which is nice since my need for electronics is low and the rest can be stored for a Yuty saddle once the need arises. I also pulled an organic poly and oil gacha so the main resources I need on the island are settled. The owl's weren't great stats but were perfect for what I wanted which was a fast flyer and the healing ability. I tamed up about 4 of them and was able to get 3.1k hp, 1700 stam, 630ish wt, and 320ish melee. I thoroughly enjoy the owl's so I may revisit that project down the line. During my hunt in Valguero I also grabbed a couple 140 Deino eggs so I am working on them a bit. Such easy raises. I am not a fan of having to lead packs around on a regular basis but they'll be fun on hum drum days. Decent enough stats (well a bit low on the melee but it's a project for fun) so they had 1320 hp, 495 stam, 201 wt, and 236 melee. I won't breed them like I did on my unofficial server but if I find a decent saddle I may breed them to a point to try them against some of the gamma bosses. Finally, I also decided to work on Rhino's a bit. Spotted a few 150's in my travels on Val and Rag so dropped them and came out with 371 melee on one and 4400 hp on another. Both are females so I am hoping to find a male with over 504 stamina to start breeding them together. I did take a day to go wild on Extinction and created a new character, spawned in a couple level 450 Theri's and breed up a pair to run a red drop. I combined the hp and melee stats (14k hp, 546 melee) got a male and female fully imprinted, spawned in a 100 armor saddle for each, 20 cakes each and demolished that red drop. Standard 21k hp but a ridiculous 1600 melee with full levels. It wasn't even really fair. both walked out with 20k hp still. I killed them off after but decided to keep the character uploaded as my crafter at level 105. Put it in my tribe on the island so the annoyance of having to relearn each engram after every mindwipe is no longer an issue. I said I'd upload my island base so; I am normally a box builder but have been experimenting a bit more, particularly with bridges.Trust me when I say this a bit of a big build for me. Lol. I kept it simple, and plan to build a bridge down to the ob to transport my boss dino's to and fro. I am not sure if I will upgrade to metal. Possibly on the hatchery so that I don't have to constantly repair when I pike disappointments. These pictures were taken pre indy forge, chem bench, and electricity. I'd like to incorporate some of the S+ items they added for console but it normally turns out looking crappy and i get frustrated so I kind of avoid it besides for stairs. I did take a trip over to my unofficial and work on the Deino's. After about 800 additional hatches with no mutes (despite being 0/0 on females and 19/20 on the male) I called it a day on them and will just raise some to run a fight. Final stats are 1740 hp, 780 stam, 221 wt, and 378 melee. I'll need to coordinate with my buddies so they can raise some of their own and we can set a time to run a fight but I'll let you know how that turns out. They are taking another break, except for one, as we await Genesis. Val was cool but you run out of goals pretty fast and without it being incorporated into the story line, it just starts to feel empty. out of the mod maps only Rag constantly keeps me intrigued despite not being part of the lore. Those guys did a real good job on it. i have a feeling Olympus will be the next modded map incorporated into the main game, though Crystal Isle's might be cool, so I hope it has something unique to it. On the to do list next, besides muting the Theri's, is setting up a spot on SE so I can run the drops over there and take my Theri's out to the desert for Deathworm leveling. I have all the notes to hit over there so it'll make for the easiest leveling besides for Red drops on Extinction. Until next time.
  8. PS4 Single Player continued I currently am operating out of a simple 2 x 2 wood house over at Stonehenge so decided it was time to figure out where to build the main base. I want to be somewhat close to an Ob and the resource pickings are slim at Red. I considered going Central on Redwood mountain but I like to farm metal there. I lived right at Green on legacy so would like to switch that up too. I want the natural landscape to provide a lot of my protection so I don't need to place a lot of gates and walls. I scouted a few locations but nothing appealed to me so I decided to farm up some metal. I made a small platform and placed 6 refining forges and cleared a couple of the mountain tops near my base. Got crystal and metal. I needed paste so I went to hit some beaver dams but couldn't find one nor even a beaver on the map. I did a dino wipe and did another trip. Still no beavers but I did find a 140 Theri. I put it on my to do list and then grabbed up some stuff for a Rag jump. Decided I needed a doedic or a pair so went hunting on Rag since I was heading over there. Found a 140 close to green. I grabbed it and dropped it between a metal node and mountain it was very stuck and safe. KO'd it. Nothing remarkable and scouted some more while it tamed. I could easily find some in the desert but didn't want to make the trip so I grabbed up the Doedic and headed to the dams near Viking Bay. How I grab cp is I lay down some sleeping bags and then just grab the whole dam. If I can drop the wood I'll hit a few, if not I just respawn and grab the good stuff off my corpse and continue. Only found 5 giant dams this time, no smaller ones so got about 1800 CP. That'll do for now. Back to the island and I started getting stone. Figure I'll make my base out of stone. Perhaps permanently or maybe I'll switch it around down the line. I took some of that stone and made up a trap for the Theri. Set that up and tamed it too. Just like the 140 Anky, may be the worse 140 Theri I ever tamed. 5.9k hp, 800 stam, 280ish melee. It got 570 or so weight but definitely disappointing. Still I got a wood gatherer now so I put the weight Argy on follow and grabbed some. I started pre making stone structures. I did another base scout location and decided that building on the flat plateaus on the Westside of green just made the most sense. I'm going to connect the two plateaus with a bridge so I may post a pic of that at some point. That's what I'll cover for now. I have a few things I want to do in the next couple of plays. I will probably jump to Extinction to get some Gacha's and Owls and I want to get a Griffin so I can farm the loot drops on SE though maybe I can get a good Owl to do that instead. Until next time.
  9. PS4 Single Player Done a bit in the last few days. Took the Argy's over to the island but of course they disappeared when I tried to download them. I spawned a 135 and 140 to replace them. Didn't get the high melee but got better stam. I'll take it. Raised 2 up. One for battle, one to farm. I took the battle one out first. Grabbed 5 notes and started killing stuff. Came across a 140 Anky so I farmed up a quick trap and KO'd it. Might be the worse 140 I ever knocked but anything is better than a prim pick. After that was done, I grabbed the farmer and hit some more notes to get it levels. I decided I wanted a better pair of Anky's so I decided to head to Valguero. I made up some structures to build a spawn in point, loaded up my gear and the battle Argy. Spawned in and made my way to Green Ob which is the safest ob. Only had to outrun one set of Raptors and a Rex so not a bad trek. Decided to place my spawn in right at green. Then I remembered the poly dolphins so farmed up some mats to make cryo's for safer transport. Eyeballed some Anky's by green but all were lower level so I headed over to Chalk Hills. Looked for Deino eggs but found no nests at the usual spots. Spotted a 145 Anky so placed a trap and KO'd that. That one tamed out with 351 melee so acceptable. Then I found a 140 Female Anky so tamed her up. She had 340 something melee. Perfect pair for my needs. Loaded them up and back to the island. I bred them and got myself a baby for the imprint. More to follow in a bit...
  10. Single Player - Island I wiped all my single player maps and started a fresh character because I have A.D...a bike. I don't know the plan but the beginning struggle is fun. So I started by getting some explorer notes. Raptors suck. Lol. Every time I'd get like 3 or 4 notes and 1500 seconds, they'd appear and waste that time. I handled them alright on the respawn but I just can't get the dodge down from their initial attack. Getting the notes up in West Zone 3, I spot an Alpha Raptor. So I farm up a simple 2 x 2 trap for it, give myself a spawn point near it, and set out to get that sweet, sweet xp. When I get to the area it was, I don't see the tell tale glow. I do run into a Carno so I run from it. I get it stuck on a few rocks when I hear a super speed raptor approaching from behind. "There's the Alpha" I say to myself as I never see it before I'm dead, just the glow of its fury. I spawn back in, grab my back up gear and head back. The Alpha bug continues as it attempts to harvest my corpse. It notices me, so I lead it from my first bag which has the trap mats in it. I respawn at my last sleeping bag near there. Grab my bag, set the trap, lay another sleeping bag and storage box of killing items and get the Alpha in the trap. I respawn and three crossbows later, finally get the kill. I really do like the early grind. After a few hours break, I pop on and decide to start taming. I have been saving a 125 Trike near my spot and get my supplies ready. I'm hunting the Trike when a 135 Ptera lands. Change of plans. I KO the Ptera and hunt for some prime. Not an easy task in the SW zone but I get lucky and find 2 Sarcos. I harvest their prime. Kill a few trilobites for Chitin, tame up the Ptera, and now I'm sky bound. Ptera tamed out with 507 (506?) stam and 201 wt. Perfect for my needs from it. I hit a few notes with it and get him up to 1025 stam and 250 wt. Back at base, I head back out and grab that 125 Trike too. Once the Trikes done, I get my narco harvest on. Farm up enough to make 200 narcotics. Turn half of those into tranq arrows. Time to get an Argy. I decide to hunt the Argy's on Rag so I farm out my trap and a small 1 x 1 for future Rag trips, load everything up, and head over. Rag is being finicky today. I see like 12 Argy's up in the jungle. 20, 55, 80, 90, 20, 15 but finally spot a 130. Not ideal but first bird, it'll do. Set my trap, get it caught, and KO it. 2.4k hp and 656 wt on knock down. Not too bad. Kill some of the low level Argy's for prime and tame it up. Ark boned that weight (thanks for the 3 levels in it putting it up to 680) but the hp rolled to 3.5k so I'll take it. I scan once more and hey, a 140 has appeared. I kite that to my trap but it's not cooperating. Losing aggro and flying back out before I can shut the door. I eventually get it trapped and KO it. Goes down with 270 melee. Very nice. I kill a few more Argy's for prime (I have 10x taming so prime still gives my 99% TE) and tame up this Argy. Sigh. 360 melee. It's not bad but I expect 400+ if it's got 270 on knock down. Bonus, these are a breeding pair so I'll have to get a couple imprinted to me once I got cryo's or kibble. I am happy with my progress today (level 72 at days end) and call it a night. I have put my unofficial Valguero map on the back burner because I was a bit tired of breeding, which is really all there is to do at this point, but I have some real nice lines going. I have the Deino's at 19 mutes and hatching 1740hp, 700+ stam, and 384 melee. I want to lock up a side there and then raise an Army for the fight. I got my Anky's at 484 melee. I started on Rhino's and got them currently at 6100 hp, 700+ stam, and 450+ melee. I also just started on Daeodon's after taming up 16.4k food. I needed a break though so we'll see when I go back. My friends are still enjoying it though and we paid through December in anticipation of Genesis. Until next time.
  11. In the game settings there is an option to allow feeding of raid dino's. That should let you keep the Titans. If that doesn't work, you can adjust how much your tames eat as well.
  12. It clearly said the next DLC is December and the follow up is winter of 2020. Your fault if you didn't read it first. You will get those 2 DLC's when they are available.
  13. I'm excited but check the room temperature Wildcard. People are losing everything due to fabby and longneck bugs and items locked and expiring in obs and just complete lost of data with not a word on progress since last night. Think this is the best time to push to sell more content? Like at least put out an updated statement with cliche's first. By the way, this is coming from someone who purchased that DLC mid stream and plays on an unaffected unofficial. Just a player who wants stuff done right for your official fanbase plus you guys not to get more backlash then you've gotten already. Communication goes such a long way even if the news is grim.
  14. Unofficial Valguero Started a small private server for a few friends from my official days on the Valguero map when it dropped on PS4. Set the map up running the island 5 days prior so we could test rates and different spawn ins. I think we found a nice QOL balance; 3x harvest and xp (probably could if stayed 1x xp tbh) 92.5x egg hatch because there is no skill needed to watch an egg incubate. 30x mature, .0001 mating cooldown 10x taming Get 50 wt per point for players Everybody seems to be having fun but at a relaxing pace. I did a bit of research and added some unique quirks to our map White drops and ringed white drops contain fishing rods (JM to Asc quality) plus bait (Sap, Leech blood, or Honey) (Fishing loot quality was turned up to 3) Green drops contain cryopods, cryofridges, and/or Extraordinary kibble. We also have added additional creatures. Gacha's in Ab zone, Griffins on Mountains, Snow Owls in snow and tundra, Gasbags in Chalk Hills, Featherlights and Shinehorns on beach, and Shinehorns in Scotland region. Most of the adds were spot on spawn rate wise from the beginning except Griffins. Even fractional would spawn a huge amount of the things. I don't remember exact rate we finally settled on but it seems a reasonable amount at the moment. We also decided to do away with certain annoyances. No leeds, troodons, ichtyornis', or pegomastax. One of our players loves to build ships so the leeds would just be a hindrance and none of us wanted the other 3. We all have our projects. A couple guys are restoring the ruins which is neat. Myself, I'm tackling the Deino's and I think we have a pretty good line going. Unmutated we have 1400 hp, 600 st, 221 wt, and 302 melee. Those Deino's are hatching at level 184 (345 ox and 4920 food). I'm currently sitting at hatch level 208. I'm only keeping hp, stam, and melee mutes and those are hatching with 1640 hp, 690 st, and 372 melee. Pretty good in a pack of 4. I level to 1200 st and dump everything else into hp. Anyway, I'm enjoying the unofficial life. My friends are too. Looking forward to everybody elses tales.
  15. Better people to ask than me. I just raised the couple I needed and was always wary of the rage mechanic myself. Wary enough that I stored my Giga on obsidian island on Rag since I lived in a Kentro spawn. @Chudz66 I'm not sure of specific with Giga rage so the rules I follow for Giga's (PvE mindset) is avoid Kentro's, try to kill enraged Trikes fast, avoid fall damage. Has always seemed to work for me. Only had one, unimprinted Giga, rage on me and that was my first encounter with an enraged Trike.
  16. Assuming console and unfortunately console hardware could not handle that. It could actually damage the hardware trying to process that much information. I believe PC does not have a tether or it can be extended or turned off. Your other options are to rent a server or join a server. Check some of the unofficials. You'll probably find some that fit your play style and time.
  17. Because of all the bugged items (berries used to make turrets and high end blueprints) and massive amount of duped items. Not saying official didn't have some/has some duping going on but it was on another level during EA. Too much cheating to integrate that into the official network. Right or wrong, that's your main reasoning.
  18. @Jen @complexminded Forgot the legacy servers list Edit: Nevermind. I missed the compiling of said list still. Should of just made it, it's own announcement tomorrow as many people gloss over the Community Crunch but it's a bit more important than mod contests and non-commital answers that are usually featured.
  19. Like the 30 other posts about this, console does not have the processing power to increase tether distance without chances to harm the hardware. It would be too much data and risk frying something.
  20. Single Player PS4 No Engram Playthrough I made it to the south zone Stonehenge. Wasn't as difficult to cross some of the open water as I thought it might be. I laid down my 1 x 1 thatch foundation I grabbed from a drop a long the way and took stock of my inventory. Thankfully with boosted weight I wasn't hampered too much by what I had but I really need some storage. I went to check the area. Grabbed the explorer notes and remembered the little pond area. I went to it and heard a thrashing. Oh man. A Sarco came shooting out of the water. I backpedaled and decided, lets try for some xp. I didn't want to waste my bow durability on it so I positioned myself by its tail and just started hitting it with my stone hatchet. If you have decent speed (I had 130 at the time) you can easily just stay in that position without getting hit. I killed the Sarco and got some arrows, spears, and some Rockwell notes for Energy Brew and Medical Brew. I returned to my shack as night fell and noticed 3 drops fairly close so I hit them up. Wood structures. An apprentice Parasaur saddle BP. Arrows. Fires. A few slingshots. Not a bad haul but I really need some storage. I extended to a 2 x 1 with the wood pieces and started to look for a Parasaur now that I have a saddle/bp. Along the way I tamed a dodo and 5 pegos to use as temporary storage. Each drop is gold at this point and I started to end up with some really helpful pieces. 54 armor hide boot bp. Refining Forge BP. Wood and Thatch structures. I probably spent about 6 hours (not straight, yay single player pause) trying to find a decent level Parasaur but eventually found a Cyan Tek Parasaur level 132. Funny thing is I wanted him mostly for storage but in that time I found 4 small and 2 large storage boxes but I tamed him anyway to keep Pego's from my base area. I'm currently living in a 90% wood 2 x 4 and started to extend up a bit, to accommodate the large storage boxes. Currently I'm hoping to get a smithy bp soon so I can craft some Chitin Boots I found a BP of and an Asc Pike and App crossbow BP I came across. Once I get those 2 weapons I think I may be able to venture over to Redwoods to try and get some of the better drops in hope I can find a Beaver or Argy saddle. I like this new method. It keeps me busy and definitely adds another challenge early game wise. Will have to see if that maintains once I have the smithy and can start hitting cave drops. I'm tempted to bypass all flyers. Will see on that. It's kind of fun running around in foot. Fighting off Raptors, mostly, and Carno's. I made a gamma adjustment to make me have to rely in torches a bit more. I like it so I'm gonna keep it. Newest Deaths; 1 Bary (thought I could take it but man is it a lot stronger than a Raptor even at level 45), 1 Raptor.
  21. PS4 Single Player Things were going a bit too easy on my no engram survival game so I wiped all single player data including the Ab play through and readjusted some settings and have started my journey on the island. Problems from last play through; Loot from drops was too good. I had a 320 dmg bow bp. With some crafting skill it was 400+ dmg. Only a Giga , Golem, and Wyv would give me issues. Playing on Rag gave me easy access to high level dino's. I tamed a 150 Trike with that bow, a bit too easy. Part of ease was I had levels gained on dino's jacked up. I have now adjusted that to match official. I also had to revamp my levels gained. It was a bit unbalanced. XP gain was too high. I have now made adjustments and this new play through is more difficult so it seems to be going well. It's tough to balance the fact that I am not allowed engrams only bp's and items from drops with the extensive knowledge I have from playing the game (That giant bird creature does eat berries but will murder you with glee) So far I think I have. We'll have to see once I get to some high level tames and breeding. As far as today. Started out in West 2. Been attacked by a few gators and Raptors. Hardest part has been no weapons from drops up until just recently. I found a green drop with a bow and my best find so far, a stone arrow bp. That's huge. I'm currently on the move to the South Zone. I plan on setting up in Stone Henge for awhile and gaining XP and gathering supplies. Then we'll see if I want to relocate again or call it home. Excited to see what's next. Death Count; 1 Raptor, 1 pushed off a cliff by a Raptor.
  22. If I can find a griffin I'll tame it. I've actually hit up a lot of the map on foot anyway. I've been to the desert (not deep desert), I started at blue, and my base is just below the beaver dams at green. I will say, I adjusted the settings to gain more points for ox, food, water, and weight. I put 1 point in each ox, food, and water so it doubled it. It helps me be able to not drain as fast since I'm mostly walking/running everywhere. Likewise, without the use of weight mounts and covering longer distances on foot, I ramped up weight pretty significantly. Think I get 200 weight per level. I'll go up to about 2100 weight. Hp, stam, melee, fortitude, and crafting skill go the same as official. Max level is 150, like official. I have eyed several ptera's but I won't tame anything until I get a saddle or bp for it. So far I can tame a trike as well as the pachy I tamed but I only have two tranq arrows left so I have to find more. I'm also considering puttong a 5 to 10 death limit on myself. If I hit it, I upload that character and start over woth a new one. However, I have pvp settings so my new character will be able to raid my old base once they are built to. I currently somehow have 0 deaths so by the time I'd hit 10, I'd probably be built pretty strong. It'll be interesting. It means I won't ever go to stone, I'll go from wood to metal. No grill, no cooking pot, no a lot of items since bp's don't exist for it. 5x harvest 2x xp 92.5x egg hatch (no skill watching an egg cook down) 10x maturation (I've done 1x maturation on official, I earned 10x damn't, lol) I'll adjust stuff if I find certain things are too easy/boring but I definitely want as much as a survival feel as I can. No engrams definitely makes you earn the little stuff more.
  23. Single Player PS4 I have 2 games(2 survivors) going but I'm excited about the one I just started. Basically I can only use items I get out of drops or dino carcasses and can only craft an item once I have a blueprint for it. I also am not repairing anything. Once it nreaks it gets tossed. I started on the Center. Was able to kill an Alpha Raptor for a JM pick. I then jumped to Rag. Those boxes at blue are just too easy. Lol. Crossbows, metal hatchets, swords, wood shields. I started killing Raptors, Carno's, and Scorps to get cloth armor. I finally made my way to the ice cave and was lucky enough to find some Asc cloth bp's for hat and glove. So far I have a 2 x 1 thatch base pulled from a white drop. I also pulled an Asc Pachy Saddle, made, so proceeded to tame a 135 Pachy I came across. I've also tamed a 140 and 150 vulture. So it's actually going pretty well but it means items/bp's I would have tossed before will be getting uses this time. I'm hoping to find a campfire in a white drop soon. Tired of spamming berries and watching my meat spoil. I'll play this mode until I get bored, then probably wipe single player and start a different challenge. The second game mode is an Ab playthrough. On official I went to Ab to just build up for the sole purpose of defeating Rockwell. Between breeding my lines of Quetz, Yuty, and Argy's and just the poor performance of the An server I was on, I never got a chance to fully appreciate the map. I'm currently in game searching for a high level crab to help with farming. I had left a 135 alive for the last 3 days but I am guessing he picked a fight with the 135 Paracer I see in the area he was and lost. So time to kill the river area until a 130+ spawns.
  24. We finally took on and beat the Alpha King Titan bringing to an end the story of Ark. It was a great fight and moment and tough too. I have a 50k hp Mek I used and it was down to 200 hp at the end of the fight. We brought a large squad. Ice and Forest Titan, 7 Meks, Mega Mek, 4 Giga's (650+ melee), 6 Mana's. A few Giga's and Mana's died. I think 2 Meks died but at the end the King was dead and the final Ascension took place. So now it's on to the final phase of official Ark for me. I want to finish out my Argy line, sell my base off for tek structures to help out my friends who will be staying, and then move on to a great unofficial I found. Good people and fun events and a more relaxed atmosphere. It's a server going on for a year and half and already paid for another year. It's got every map (2 of Extinction and Rag) and it's got a sister PvP cluster. Great admins/moderators and it's actually ignited my passion for Ark again. Current Argy line; 4453 hp, 1600 st, 960 wt, 455 melee. I haven't begun to combine all of those yet but the 960 wt line is hatching level 345 with 4161 hp, 1560 st, 1005 oxy, 13000 food, 960 wt, and 431 melee. Until next time.
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