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yekrucifixion187's Feedback

  1. Arkal left Negative feedback for a topic   

    Those damn bicycles

    yekrucifixion187 was The Seller

  2. Takilla left Positive feedback   

    Great deal 3 ascendant bps for 3 ascendant bps. He didn't even need 1 of the ones I traded him but took it to let the deal go through just to help me out. Always willing to make trade with him

    yekrucifixion187 was Trading

  3. Takilla left Positive feedback   

    Great trade gave me exactly what he said he would stat wise for the Giga's I hatched. Great trader

    yekrucifixion187 was The Seller

  4. Kamala left Positive feedback   

    Went the extra mile for me with the 2 anglers I got from him. Took care for them, for 2 extra days and kept me updated when drops was ready so I didnt have to waste time waiting in his server. Will trade again.

    yekrucifixion187 was Trading

  5. Shadowless28 left Positive feedback   

    Another great transaction with this guy goods were exactly as posted. Glad I was able to help out with a bp in the process.

    yekrucifixion187 was The Seller

  6. Fool left Positive feedback   

    Got a plesi for him. Completely went out of his way. Rather than just unclaim see you, guided me back to a water drop, helped me when eels (fuck eels) took me out, provided scuba gear, hung out while I waited for a drop, set me up a spawn point when the drop was being stupid, etc. Fantastic trader and I will look to him first whenever I need something!

    yekrucifixion187 was The Seller

  7. Shadowless28 left Positive feedback   

    A really great guy very patient and easy to deal with. Showed me some of his other items for sale and let me know about things coming up as well. Told him I would put some feelers out for him to help him out. Definitely looking forward to future transactions with this guy.

    yekrucifixion187 was The Seller

  8. Flickdatbean left Positive feedback   

    Great person to deal with and very fair with his prices. Will buy and trade from Yek more often. Get in touch with him for great deals.

    yekrucifixion187 was The Seller

  9. Fool left Positive feedback   

    Got a Tap and an egg. Held for me over long weekend. Easy and smooth trade. Definitely on my short list.

    yekrucifixion187 was The Seller

  10. Hiroet left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Cross-ARK Item Trading and Breeding
    Traded turquoise argy egg for rainbow argy egg and green thyla for spiderman tapa. Easy transaction and a thoroughly pleasant person to talk to. Need more ark players like this person.

    yekrucifixion187 was Trading

  11. drfudgems left Positive feedback   

    Always solid deals. Very trustworthy.

    yekrucifixion187 was Trading

  12. Boklaiten left Positive feedback   

    Perfect, thx again!

    yekrucifixion187 was Trading

  13. TheRealGeo left Positive feedback   

    It was simple and easy, had no issues with the buyer. Good trade, cheers mate. Will trade again

    yekrucifixion187 was Trading

  14. PatersonRB980 left Positive feedback   

    V easy quick trade , thanks :)

    yekrucifixion187 was Trading

  15. GavinChester left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Trades went very nicely. Good, honest person to trade with. Once on my server, once on his.

    yekrucifixion187 was The Seller

  16. Leviathon121 left Positive feedback   

    Trade went smoothly. Was very patient as real life had to come first and the trade was put on hold for a few days. After that things went as smooth as melted butter. Very polite and kind plan to do many more trades with them.

    yekrucifixion187 was Trading

  17. MisbegottenAngel left Positive feedback   

    Another great trade with this player. Very polite and trustworthy! Will be conducting many trades in the future, and recommend any looking for an easy, fair and hassle free trade to talk to him.

    yekrucifixion187 was The Seller

  18. PatersonRB980 left Positive feedback   

    Easy quick trade :)

    yekrucifixion187 was Trading

  19. MisbegottenAngel left Positive feedback   

    Would definitely recommend trading with. Quick, easy and very helpful.

    yekrucifixion187 was The Seller

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