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  1. Grinders that worth it? Wiki shows tons of mats. Maybe I'll suck it up and build one
  2. Interesting day for me. Tamed a level 5 Steggo for egg purposes - as soon as it tamed a wild argie swooped in and killed it. Tamed a dolphin. While I was naming it and lagged, a 120 Megoladon killed it and almost me. Tamed a Megoladon. While having it follow me back to base a 105 electrophorus aggro'd it. RIP megalodon as it went chasing and stood no chance, while I tried to whistle it off on my raft. Tamed a bronto. This one made it home...
  3. Where's a good fishing spot? Looking to get into this and have some sap lying around.
  4. Found two dolphins which I've been desperately searching for...it killed me by luring me out into the deep when I was trying to tame it. Will try again!
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