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  1. Hilarious, but it seems to be accurate even though it is three simple commands. setbabyage .9, setimprintquality 1, and setbabyage 1. But probably not imprinted at all, I'm guessing. It is really anyone's guess what you will get, @howiey! I've gotten, at different times, exact level-for-level replacements, level 120 max replacements, level 150 max replacements, and a level 195 replacement for a Basilisk. In every single instance, the different GMs explained to me that this was the policy for replacement dinos. Every single instance was also post-August 2017, during full release so none of that wonky EA replacements of crazy god-dinos.
  2. You know, unless they made it a no-mutate stat, it would be a matter of time before they were way up there with the current breeds. It would definitely make life more interesting on PvP for people, especially in early-game when you don't have 45-50pt stat lines for every flier. But in truth its a moving target, to balance this game. So they just gutted their speed, and Ptera stats, and left it at that. The thing that kills me is they didn't reduce the damage that Pteras do, just the frequency at which you can c-spin and stamina usage. So you can still fight on them, but it is now more boring!
  3. OP, I don't believe it does on PvE. It makes it easy for people to tunnel-vision on speedy fliers, which is 95% the reason they will choose them over other mounts... Just the speed. On Ab, by far the largest used mount for Queen farming was the Drake for the longest time. Pods have shifted that to Megalosaurus there, but only for some. Many still use Drakes, even though they are horrible mounts for dino-to-dino combat. Sure, you can shoot off their back, but I'm talking just straight melee. But they are faster and more maneuverable. But the PvE META (if you wanna call it that) is always going to include the quickest way to do stuff, so the flyer nerf just made flyers a more boring option. As has been discussed, most dinos carry better and fight better than before the nerf, excepting Ptera c-spin cooldown. They are just more boring to use. PvP is a very different story with that, though.
  4. I always reserve the name Koga until I hatch a high melee Poison Wyvern. All Ankys usually have some variation/inclusion of the word "Pokey" like Madame Pokemore, or Pokenstein, or just Pokie and Pokey. Usually I'll name my first imprinted Quetz "Big Ol' Flapper" Argy for weight, it will either be named "Flappenhaulen" or "Largentavis" There are more... But I'm blanking because I'm tired! Nice necro though, this thread is on a 1-year idle period and then gets revived, 2 years running now!
  5. Yeah, he does that about every 3 hours when he's online. It's fine, the event will be over soon. Just thought it was ridiculous and got a pic, and wanted to share.
  6. The server-admin thinks it is Classic-Flyers related. These are Ice Wyverns (not Zombie Wyverns), a massive overspawn. The MurderSnow is a real threat now, hahaha!
  7. OK I'll say this: Alpha Dragon on Island is... WEIRD. I was partly wrong for sure, but I have no idea how this boss works, I guess. On Singleplayer, I did one run and with infinitestats on and a HP-pumped survivor (800 HP), was killed off the back of a Therizino I spawned in after fighting for a little (yes, I verified actual infinitestats with the expanded console). The meteor was also hitting for barely any damage, as was the bite, but somehow it killed me right off the back. The second time I ran it, the meteor was hitting for about 1/4 the damage of before, and the melee was hitting for over 700 damage. None of these numbers are consistent with current information on the Dragon's melee attacks, sure as hell not at the same time. I would have to load the DevKit and sift through the blueprint for Dragon to see if my inexperienced eyes can find out how this is intended to work, but currently I don't know. I just don't get it. Two boss runs, two different sets of damage. Just bring Hellfire if you are doing that dumb boss. I've done Island Dragon (Alpha), Rag Dragon (Alpha), and Valg Dragon (Beta), but this was different than I've ever seen it behave. I'm guessing people are correct to be so cautious with it. Either way, I'm a bit wrong about this one.
  8. The Alpha Dragons on Valguero and Ragnarok aren't nerfed. They do the same damage and same HP as Island Dragon. Test-loading arena instances can verify this, even on Singleplayer. The fact that the bosses are weaker on Singleplayer is irrelevant, because the boss-tuning is still consistent from ARK to ARK. Dragon on Island doesn't magically hit for 4000 damage while everywhere else it is 500. It's just that on Island the Dragon is more willing to fly up, and there are more environmental hazards (primarily the lava). EDIT: I'm testing in Singleplayer right now to verify consistency. If it has changed I will recant this entire statement, no questions asked. I'm not saying Island Dragon is a walk in the park. It sucks, because you can get knocked into lava, and as I said it likes to fly more often there than when you fight it on other ARKs. But like on Ragnarok Arena, it loves to stay landed for good, long stretches so you can get massive DPS into it, and it goes down pretty quickly. Especially with the modern boss-dinos, it is a cakewalk. I mean people kill Alpha Dragon with shotguns and veggie-cake deers for ARK's sake.
  9. I test frequently for my own curiosity, to see how things come together with builds, taming, and caves and such. I'd do whatever they asked me to, to test the game in a rigorous and scientific manner.
  10. That is pretty much the playerbase of Official, even from my limited experience on Official PvP. If you have tons of time to commit and get lucky, you can build up solo. Understand, I'm not saying it's impossible and could never happen, but for the average PvP player (definitely me), it isn't really possible. You will be found, and you will be wiped. It's really less of a thing of "you pose a threat to our tribe" and more of a thing of "i like the general feel of raiding, so i raid for the sake of blowing poop up and killing tames because i rightfully can." You are either an underfoot dupe-figure for a larger tribe, or you are small/medium-time and get constantly wiped. I'm sure outliers exist, more talented people who can stand up on their own or in a 2-man tribe, but FOR THE MOST PART, the playerbase are those two groups: The "alpha" tribe people (who aren't really alphas, they just are strong and kill everything), and everyone else that constantly gets raided and wiped. Please don't get hung up on my usage of the word "alpha." A long time ago (circa 2016) in ARK specifically an Alpha tribe was one that looked after the server in a sense. Sometimes you did have to get permission for things (building, tames, etc), but they didn't just wipe for the sake of wiping and owning a server. Nowadays its all about that generic feeling of raiding.
  11. Also when you uncryopod, too. So you can keep a monster-level dino in a pod just as a trophy, kinda... But if you throw it out, the cryo-flash happens and no dino appears. Doesn't even show up on the tribelog, but that's kinda expected I guess!
  12. It just seems like adding more information for the sake of adding more information, and though it is possible, it is not useful information for a beginning breeder. It's like, "Hey OP, look out for a double mut that mutates 2 existing color regions to their same color!" Is it possible? Maybe 1 in several trillion? But even the above isn't worth examining unless the subject is planning on personally breeding more ARK creatures than have currently been bred in the 4-year history of ARK. You would have absolutely no way of knowing if it mutated an existing color region to the same exact color, as well. ARK players would imagine that an un-used color region mutated and the color-mutation was wasted, because it has happened to me and many friends I know plenty of times. Not once did we theorize that an existing color region on the dino was mutating to an existing color. It doesn't guarantee the dino will color-mutate, but that you will be able to see the mutation. Unless your dino is the .00082% chance that mutates to the existing color.
  13. I guess the better question is: What is this choice, and who is supposedly making it? Or is this statement not really about the topic of bugs and optimizations and about who voted on the poll? Because it's probably just bored people voting because they know it might maybe, possibly, sorta irritate someone on the internet to see the poll skewed. However, if votes for either side are wasted time (which they might be), then legitimacy doesn't matter because it is still irrelevant. Also, understand that as I and countless others have stated here, and in other threads, and on live servers, and on older forum threads, this is not a new topic. This is old poop, we have all wore the threads out on this topic and now its being rehashed like some new vintage designer fashion stuff. We've been saying for close to 4.5 years now that we'd like to see more spit-shine on various aspects of ARK. Deep in Early Access, our voices were but whispers, because we expected things to be wonky and WildCard was steady (but slow) at squashing bugs and fixing problems. As release was announced, the voices grew to a chorus of discontent, until erupting into a full-blown cacophony of anger in the months proceeding the August launch. We watched as toddler-aged bugs grow legs and walk out alongside a full-release product. The ARK community has never been silent about this. WildCard ultimately has the choice to address or ignore these things, as they always have. This is sorta what I have heard too. I don't believe it really, but I heard it way back.
  14. A very, very, very, very, very small chance. I would go so far as to say there is a mathematically insignificant chance for it to mutate a color region to the exact same color it has, especially compared to the 1 in 5 chance of mutating a different color zone with a further 1 in ~80 chance that the color is NOT the same. Understand, I said 1 in 5 because we are examining the chance that the color mutation goes to a different color zone than one already present and used on the dino. In the case of a creature that uses less than all 6 color zones, there is still an exactly equal chance of 1 in 6 for the mutation to go elsewhere. Hopefully that makes sense. Dis guy gets it. And dis guy gets it. For further reading, see https://ark.gamepedia.com/Thylacoleo#Color_Scheme_and_Regions and https://ark.gamepedia.com/Dire_Bear#Color_Scheme_and_Regions.
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