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  1. How about doing something similar for all the idling tame noises? (Especially in low memory mode where the loading of these sound effects can cause some pretty intense stuttering? Especially at login... Frankly, any hard disk read calls should avoid locking up the render/game threads as much as possible.)
  2. Hmm... wonder why the server is having trouble generating these... maybe it's a file permissions issue?
  3. I'm not really sure, I've only been playing with this in single player so far today, but it feels like something is missing, and figure copying the already generated files from single player might help the server skip some of the crunching that might be leading to your issue.
  4. Looking at your error message, the first thing I thought of was that something in your settings is too high for your server to handle... but if you can make and use the map in single player, that seems very odd. I'm wondering if you've missed a step somewhere, like copying a map cache file or something...
  5. I have seen a few private servers running with SE creatures on the Island and Center maps, so I assume someone has released a mod or remapped certain creatures to spawn as the SE ones in the .ini files.
  6. Yeah, that screenshot was from how they donated to charity last December, at the end of the last naughty/nice tournament.
  7. *Mimics MLP-Rarity's voice* But I thought you wanted a challenge? The Island is too easy! We can tame or kill everything here! Why can't this be more of a survival game...? Give it some time, just like other things they'll dial down the difficulty if they lose too many people because of it.
  8. The BattlEye thing about the client not responding was fairly common on the extinction servers on the last few days before it wiped. Think it was related to a timer gone astray... Be odd for it to pop up so soon after these new servers were brought online though. At it's root is a disconnect between the client and the server. Either an inappropriate response time or dropped packets. The usual sign that it was about to happen was ping > 1000. (Tab console > stat fps so you can keep an eye on that. Since you know it happens after 30 minutes or so, start watching it then and see if t
  9. My personal favorite was a 120 Kibble tamed Spino named Cadence. She was mostly green with a slight pink edge on her sail. When she got up and I checked out her stats, I was very pleased to see a high starting hp, oxygen and melee. Stamina was okay as well. Most of her points leveling her up went into movespeed, at 150% she was the fastest spino on both land and see on that server, and she could tear most things apart or get away if she needed to. I found her sister in single player shortly before I put her down (retired from that official), and I imagine I'll find another like her on the priv
  10. Will the 'unrestricting' of the SoTF devkit change the original SE devkit's eula/rules any? Will it also loosen up it's restrictions? My reading of it's eula is that it's overly broad...
  11. Thanks for the posts Jat. Always nice to see the devs point of view. Sorry if I seem to be harping on about the UE4 engine bugs all the time. Like many of us who are bug hunters I just want to help point you in the right directions.
  12. Cool, the spider man ability... Will other dinos get this eventually? I could see spiders and maybe scorpions being able to climb more vertical surfaces in the same way Also, the ability for the pilot to be able to shoot independently of driving it, will that also make its way to other creatures?
  13. Will these announcements also be in text? Or a transcript available after the vid is made?
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