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  1. Whenever you wear the exo or tek gloves, one of it's features is to show the 'Upload timer' on the extended hud info. As this is very useful to know for anticipating server save lag and for other reasons, I would like to suggest this be added as a permanent feature no matter what gloves you are wearing or not. Thank you. 🙂 (Also, I see it also adds even more accurate gps coordinates, perhaps this can be added whenever you are holding the gps out?)
  2. How about doing something similar for all the idling tame noises? (Especially in low memory mode where the loading of these sound effects can cause some pretty intense stuttering? Especially at login... Frankly, any hard disk read calls should avoid locking up the render/game threads as much as possible.)
  3. Hmm... wonder why the server is having trouble generating these... maybe it's a file permissions issue?
  4. I'm not really sure, I've only been playing with this in single player so far today, but it feels like something is missing, and figure copying the already generated files from single player might help the server skip some of the crunching that might be leading to your issue.
  5. Looking at your error message, the first thing I thought of was that something in your settings is too high for your server to handle... but if you can make and use the map in single player, that seems very odd. I'm wondering if you've missed a step somewhere, like copying a map cache file or something...
  6. Yeah, that screenshot was from how they donated to charity last December, at the end of the last naughty/nice tournament.
  7. Will the 'unrestricting' of the SoTF devkit change the original SE devkit's eula/rules any? Will it also loosen up it's restrictions? My reading of it's eula is that it's overly broad...
  8. Thanks for the posts Jat. Always nice to see the devs point of view. Sorry if I seem to be harping on about the UE4 engine bugs all the time. Like many of us who are bug hunters I just want to help point you in the right directions.
  9. Cool, the spider man ability... Will other dinos get this eventually? I could see spiders and maybe scorpions being able to climb more vertical surfaces in the same way Also, the ability for the pilot to be able to shoot independently of driving it, will that also make its way to other creatures?
  10. Will these announcements also be in text? Or a transcript available after the vid is made?
  11. These upcoming no build zones mentioned, will we get a warning about where they are going to be? (I assume they'll be on both TheIsland and the Center, but is it a part of the dev kit as well so other map designers can add them?) Also, where are the 3D markers, we only have about 10 days left before the patch and I know a few of my friends won't be moving til they see precisely where they are going to be....
  12. So... what's with all the Gigas on the Center DLC? Been playing in Single player a few hours and I'm already up to 8 of them in a holding pen. Was the first creature I saw after starting, caught 7 of them in the north jungle area and 1 in the north snow biome.
  13. Don't think the game is dead at all, merely having the usual growing pains and the people without patience in the process leaving to play other stuff... A large portion of the player base is probably doing single player and private servers and aren't generally complaining or leaving. Looking at the mod page, I think they are thriving honestly. The officials are really the only place you see the aforementioned griefers and trolls, pillars, and 'alpha tribes.' Those things exist in just about all online games honestly, and are a side effect of internet culture in general. Can't blame these devs that people get bored. There's people in every game that devour content faster than the devs can make it, pronounce the game boring, and go do the same for every other game in their library....
  14. The only real bothersome lag on the officials is the server save taking so long from all the millions of objects, items, timers and creatures being serialized (saving code, properties and all as UE4 does it). When I was on the extinctions, there was never more than two or three seconds and a small snapback, but some officials are getting up above 30 seconds from the weight of it all. The upcoming Center servers will probably be largely lag free for a few weeks until people start building up, and I look forward to setting up on one of them too.
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