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  1. Tek Stego is not part of color event. It's a permanent addition to the game. IE finding Tek Stegos doesn't mean the color event is active in your world. For color events you must have an event name in launch parameters , but I have also not seen the dev team give us one for this blue event if I can call it that.
  2. Wikus

    5% Spawn Is Too Low For the Event

    Yeah 1 each month until Extinction. That is If WC keeps to what they said in their community digests
  3. Wikus

    Whats your favorate dino?

    Argy , Baryonix , Bear , Thyla , Wolf , Ankylo , Theri , Wyvern
  4. Wikus

    5% Spawn Is Too Low For the Event

    Tek Rex is not an event dino. It's a permanent addition to the game , so you have plenty time still to eventually get one. Event is just the bones , skins and colored dinos.
  5. Wikus

    What should I be doing Mid-Game?

    Set yourself some specific goals and then work towards them. For example : - Clear all caves and get all artifacts. - Beat all 3 bosses - Build multiple bases across the Island at nice looking spots. - Tame some "trophy" dinos like Spino , Rex , Yuti - Watch a few builder videos and create a special build - Get into breeding - Get electricity in base ( if you don't have already ) Etc. etc. In this game you can pretty much do what you like and play like you like. Your imagination is the limit. Set some nice goals , create a to-do list and enjoy.
  6. Your character level doesn't influence the lvl of wild dinos. The difficulty setting does. By default it is set at 0.2 which won't yield very high levels. Maxing it at 1.0 will yield up to lvl 120 wild dinos. If you want lvl 150 dinos in SP then you need to edit your ini file with a difficulty override setting. ( Can't remember the setting out of my head and am not at my pc with Ark on , but just do a search and you'll find it )
  7. Wikus

    Island Snow Cave near Impossible solo

    This. ^ I do all caves legit in singleplayer , except this one. This specific cave just isn't worth the aggro on yourself. Just spawn in the artifact when you need it or just cheese the cave with god mode. This cave was specifically designed for tribes and is brutal hard and the only one I don't even bother to try and do legit in single player.
  8. Wikus

    S+ Mod Integration

    Personally I'm not convinced that this will even happen at all. It's going pretty much the same way that dynamic bridges went. It's one of those things that I stopped hoping it will happen and will believe it when I see it.
  9. Wikus

    ARK - Which Map next

    Ragnarok maybe ? Have all the content of Scorch Earth , is free , and have normal zones as well without the constant sand storms and heat. I want to return to my Scorch Earth base , which I barely started. But when I just start to think of the annoying heat and sand/lighting storms then the feeling goes away quickly and I just stay where I are.
  10. Wikus

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    That's 2 very handy guns you got there.
  11. Don't know how relevant it is to current Arkaeology event , but I ran the easter event in my single player world for much longer than it was on official. As long as it is not removed with an update you can run the event as long as you want in single player. Well that's how it was for me and the easter event anyway. EDIT: Would be handy if someone had a list of all the events' command line names , then one could try them all ( one at a time not all together off course ) and answer the 2nd question for good.
  12. Wikus

    New game start - What to choose on main menu

    Sounds to me like that is your ISP that provides you with internet access. I strongly suggest you research PS Plus. PS Plus is a playstation service that is required to play online in games , thus you MIGHT need it to host your world for your friends and they MIGHT need it to be able to actually join your world. I say again that I can NOT confirm if you need it as I am an Xbox and PC player. But from my days that I did have a PS4 I can remember that PS Plus was needed for online gaming. I never had Ark on it though and can't confirm if non-dedicated hosting and joining needs PS Plus or not. I suggest asking someone who owns a PS4 or someone here that plays on PS4 if PS Plus membership is needed for hosting non-dedicated and joining non-dedicated.
  13. Hmmm , good to know thanx. Especially for those pesky caves. Defnitely gonna try this.
  14. I haven't had any issues in single player for a long time. And I have a very low end GFX card. Literally been months since my last crash. Gen 4 I5 3.2ghz Geforce GTX 1050Ti 4gig 32gig 1333 Ram @Phyrist , Slomo mode ? First time I hear about that. Why use it ? Advantages ?
  15. Wikus

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Couple of projects busy with at the moment. Did all land caves on Island ( except Ice cave ) solo. All went well except for Nr. 3. Can't get past the long underwater section there. The piranas and crocks keeps destroying me. Even did swamp without issues , but that nr. 3 oh boy. In my tribe on a friends unofficial ragnarok server we started a new base with new characters. Actually fun to start over from fresh.