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  1. Dragon flys off durning boss arena fight

    Not an option. This is not a server run on steam
  2. Dragon flys off durning boss arena fight

    This is still happening. We tested it by spawning the dragon in a bit from our base. It immediately flies away. So even if not in it's arena it will fly away. We are on unofficial Nitrado Xbox server. Map: Island , No mods obviously. Did anybody find a way past this issue ?
  3. Thoughts on the blinding fog

    Absolutely hate it. Adds nothing to the game except frustration
  4. Hi everyone , My question is for the following scenario: Unofficial Xbox One server on Nitrado. Can I have multiple characters uploaded and switch between them ? For example , play with character 1 , uploaded it , create new character , play with character 2 , upload it as well etc. untill I have let's say 4 characters uploaded. Can I then switch between them by downloading any one of them and play with anyone of them on the same server and Ark as I wish ? The reason for this is , last night my tribe mate lost his character. He had to completely start over. So I want to create a bunch of "backup characters" as I have time so that if I loose my main character than I can download another one I have and just continue with another one I uploaded.
  5. Swamp fever

    Copy that thanx. Ours must have that enabled then , thankfully hehehehe
  6. Swamp fever

    My friend got this last night while we were doing the swamp cave. When we came out he just killed himself and was cured when he re-spawned. This was on unofficial Nitrado Xbox server , so don't know if that makes any differences. But try it ( if you haven't tried yet ). Put your inventory in a chest and kill yourself.
  7. Feedback: Would just like to say thank you to @DarthaNyan for that .ini fix. I set that value to 5 in the gameusersettings.ini and it works brilliantly. In a couple hours last night and today I already caught 15 dinos lvl 135 to 145.
  8. Thanx will give that a go EDIT: @DarthaNyan , can one go higher than 5 on that value ? For example can I make it 10 and get Dino's from 10 to 300 then ?
  9. I've always played on 1.0 , but yes I regularly do dino wipe and did twice again last night
  10. Hallo everyone , Playing singleplayer on pc ( Steam version ) Island map. My question is , is there a way to get more lvl 100+ Wild dinos to spawn ? I have difficulty set to 1.0 which is the max , but I constantly just get lvl 4 to 12 wild dinos. Very very rarely I will see a lvl 70 ish and never do I see 100+ I tried disabling the " Use singleplayer settings " option , but that didn't change wild dino levels. ( Yes I did a dino wipe after disabling that setting ) Is there something in settings I can do to increase wild dino levels ?
  11. Your top 5 mods

    Hi guys , been playing for more than a year now. Decided it's time to check out some mods. But don't even know where to start. So I decided to ask you all , list your top 5 or 10 favourite mods that one should check out and a short description of each one why it's recommended. Just so I have something to start working with. I play the Steam version. Thanx for your time. EDIT: A problem I'm already having is that the search in the workshop don't work. Nothing I search yields any results. For example I want to find the classic flyer mod. Searching for either word yields no results. Clicking on the right hand side of the different section , for example clicking on "rebalancing" also yields no results. But yet it shows 80+ items in brackets next to it. So how do one search the workshop ?
  12. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    If there is one I will definitely not buy it , nor will I buy any other product from Wildcard ever again.
  13. On a raft being attacked by a Leed

    These things ruined the oceans completely. I don't even bother going onto the ocean anymore. And previously I liked taking raft trips.
  14. how does console compare to pc version?

    Apart from everything that was mentioned and the obvious lack of performance on consoles , for me one of the biggest issues I have with the console version is the insane update sizes. The package management is dreadful and no compression is implemented on downloads. For Ark the average update on Xbox is anything from 12 to 37gig. On pc the average is around 1 gig or less. The biggest size yet I had to download on pc was a very major 3.2gig update , and that same one on Xbox came in at 40gig. PC is far superior in every way. Not only on performance , but on features such as download sizes as well , which for me where I live with our dreadful internet is very important.
  15. Imprinting

    I fully agree with OP. The whole imprinting process should not come to 'n halt just because you don't have a kibble.