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  1. Wikus

    Wildcard’s post Extinction plan

    Agree with these. I think that's pretty much the way it will go
  2. I've done it SP on Xbox without issue , Tek tier unlocked. So this must be a new bug. I did mine many moons ago.
  3. Wikus

    My Crusade Against the Fog

    Agreed. It's rubbish
  4. Wikus

    Solo Build Question

    I just want to touch on that part. You can change your settings anytime you want. Nothing will reset. The game will automatically adjust according to the new settings. For example let's say you up your melee in settings to x2. Nothing will reset , the game will automatically adjust your melee value on your character accordingly to the amount of points you already put in. This works for all stats on both character and Dinos. You can play around with those settings and find a sweetspot on the stats you like. The game is not gonna reset anything or you won't loose anything. If you changed a setting/multiplier and don't like the result you can just quit and change it back/adjust it until it's to your liking. The first time I discovered that I could change settings and stats I spend weeks constantly changing and fine tuning settings not only for stats but all the other multipliers like taming , breeding , resource spawning etc. until I found a sweet spot for everything just how I like it. Nothing ever got reset or lost. The game applies the new setting/multipliers immediately without resetting or removing anything.
  5. Wikus

    Question for the PS4 players

    I also only play single player. Ark online is a mess I don't care about. So my question is also just for the single player part. I have noted the guys that mentioned the lag , but that's not relevant to me personally.
  6. Wikus

    Question for the PS4 players

    My reason for getting it for PS4 actually has nothing to do with Ark issues on Xbox. Lemme explain. I am getting tired of issues on Xbox overall. Lots of live and applications issues these days. Things like live not working , app downloads not working , party chat constantly breaking , games completely disappearing and have to be re-installed , purchasing not working etc etc etc. But I don't want to turn this into a war against Xbox or anything. Bottom line I am thinking of taking my gaming as a whole over to PS4. Ark is one of my most played games so naturally I will then buy it again for PS4 if I decide to move my gaming over to PS4. So that's where my original question came from. I saw someone on steam stating the PS4 version has become unplayable and that caught my eye and got me worried about it if I should go over to PS4 with my gaming will I not be able to play Ark on it then cos he/she made it sound like it is completely unplayable on PS4. But from the responses here so far it sounds to me like he/she was exaggerating like one often get on gaming forums.
  7. Wikus

    Question for the PS4 players

    Ok thanx for the reply
  8. Wikus

    Question for the PS4 players

    It was someone ranting on steam that said it has become unplayable on PS4 and now want it for free on pc. So I was wondering what this major issues can be then and if it's known issues. And the only reason it even caught my eye is cos I am considering to get it on PS4 myself. So there is no such major issues on PS4 then and this was one of those unfounded rants like one see every now and then ?
  9. Hi guys , I just noticed someone in the steam forums saying that Ark on PS4 is ruined and unplayable. Is this really so ? If yes what is the major issues ? Reason I ask is I currently play on Xbox , and I am considering getting Ark for PS4 , so that post caught my eye and got me worried now if I should rather stay away from Ark on PS4 ? Your opinions as PS4 players please. PS: I play single player on Ark , not online. Thanx
  10. I don't know how to stop it completely , but if you change your facial hairstyle to a mustache for example then only the mustache grows back and not the beard. Dunno if that will help you
  11. Wikus

    Allosaurus bug?

    Doubt it will get fixed though. Many such issues in Ark for a long time that doesn't get fixed.
  12. Wikus

    Allosaurus bug?

    Yes. All Allo spawns are like that for me as well. On PC and on all maps. And it's been like that for a long time now. It always annoys me when I want to tame one and it's stuck to the other.
  13. Wikus

    Couple Hardcore mode questions

    Ok thanx for the info guys. Think I might give it a shot one day just for a different challenge. I don't play servers , only single player , so I think when I do decide to give this a go I will upload my current character and start a new character on hardcore mode. Then if I see it's not for me then I'll just kill it and download my old character in normal mode again. I'm a "been there done that" player ( like @MandaBear describes ) that has done pretty much everything there is to do and are looking for something different to try. Sounds like it can be a huge challenge. One question though , does structures decay in single player ? Is there a way to disable that ? Because the way I want to do it ( uploading current character to use again later on ) sounds like my current base will decay and destroy and dinos will die ? I never knew decay is active on single player. Can one disable that ? I don't want to loose my current bases and dinos when I want to return to it in normal mode one day when I am done with this hardcore playthrough. Can a harcore character be uploaded and downloaded ? Cos I am thinking then to just regularly upload the HC character , download the normal one , reset timers add food to troughs , upload it again and download HC character again. Would that work ?
  14. Wikus

    Flying Jellyfish (Cnidaria)

    Same problem here. It never happened before. But I recently saw it happen. At the time it started I did 2 things different than before. I started to run the game with -preventhibernation option and also added S+ mod. I seriously doubt S+ has anything to do with it and I am thinking it might be the preventhibernation option. But maybe neither of those 2 things are at fault and rather it might be a recent update that is causing it. Either way , it's not just you.
  15. Hi all , I have a couple questions RE hardcore mode , specifically on single player. 1. As I understand it , in hardcore mode your if you die , your character dies completely and you must restart a new character. I always thought the map and bases gets completely wiped as well. But seems I was wrong. Does bases , dinos , items in the map stay as is ? Or do the whole map get wiped ? 2. If all you owned stays in map , how does the game handle the tribe ownership then ? You start a new character so that character won't be able to use any tames or bases you had ? Or does it transfer the permissions automatically to your new character ?