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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Most Underrated Dino

    Love these types of threads. After a year and a half in the game I am still learning things about dinos that I would otherwise not have considered.
  2. RE the upcoming creative mode

    I don't know sorry , haven't tried
  3. RE the upcoming creative mode

    Yeah works great. I especially like that you can craft everything in your own inventory while in creative mode. That's a nice bonus that you don't even need to use smithy , fabricator etc. I thought that I would still need to craft in the various machines and just not need resources , was pleasantly surprised
  4. Re disabling Fog

    So the single players on console won't have this feature ? Major FAIL Wild Card
  5. Re disabling Fog

    Hi all , Question for the devs: Playing single player and I saw that the option to disable fog was not added to the settings menu ( It really should be there imo ) and I had to add it to the .ini file. My question is , I play on Xbox as well and when this update comes to consoles how will console players disable it for their single player ? Will it be added to the settings menu ?
  6. RE the upcoming creative mode

    Finally did the update and tried it out. Awesome !!! I love how they implemented it. Works great. This should have been here from the start , I love it !
  7. Reccomended Settings

    To get past the resource re-spawning problem bring your resource respawn interval down to 0.1 , I don't see it mentioned. Also , things like mating interval , incubation rate and baby mature rate you might also want to tweak to best suit you. Just remember that if you increase baby mature rate you need to decrease imprinting interval to compensate otherwise your baby will be fully gown before you could get 100% imprint. Another thing I also tweak is the taming speed. I never see the point of staring at a past out dino for hours long so I always makes it much quicker. All of these you should tweak to your liking. Play with the numbers until you are happy.
  8. RE the upcoming creative mode

    Yeah I can't wait. There is so much I always wanted to build but never did cos the resource gathering would have taken too long
  9. Hi all , I for one are looking forward to this. Love building but hate grinding for resources. I was wondering though , will this mode also make wild dinos not aggro towards you and make them all passive basically ? Or will it have no effect on wild dino behaviour ? Not much info on the mode yet and was wondering about that.
  10. Singleplayer

    I exclusively play single player for these exact same reasons this poster has. Been doing it for more than a year and still ain't bored. I occasionally join my friend's unofficial server , but the constant lag and disconnects gets to me very quickly and then I go back and rather enjoy SP. SP is freedom of choice with peace and quiet added in , mixed together with smoothness in gameplay. In the end it will depend on a person self. I know some people that simply can't play alone and have to have someone else around and never touches single player. Nothing wrong with that , that's just how some are. I would say try it , and see if you like it. I would suggest though to do some homework on the settings first and decide how you want to balance things. Default settings on SP is a much bigger grind than on servers in a tribe. Remember there is nobody else helping.
  11. We did much the same with the bosses ( Xbox unofficial Nitrado server ) , and the issue we ran into was that the Dragon kept flying away and refused to engage us. As for their strength I wouldn't know. Haven't fought them in their arenas yet.
  12. Dragon flys off durning boss arena fight

    Not an option. This is not a server run on steam
  13. Dragon flys off durning boss arena fight

    This is still happening. We tested it by spawning the dragon in a bit from our base. It immediately flies away. So even if not in it's arena it will fly away. We are on unofficial Nitrado Xbox server. Map: Island , No mods obviously. Did anybody find a way past this issue ?
  14. Thoughts on the blinding fog

    Absolutely hate it. Adds nothing to the game except frustration
  15. Hi everyone , My question is for the following scenario: Unofficial Xbox One server on Nitrado. Can I have multiple characters uploaded and switch between them ? For example , play with character 1 , uploaded it , create new character , play with character 2 , upload it as well etc. untill I have let's say 4 characters uploaded. Can I then switch between them by downloading any one of them and play with anyone of them on the same server and Ark as I wish ? The reason for this is , last night my tribe mate lost his character. He had to completely start over. So I want to create a bunch of "backup characters" as I have time so that if I loose my main character than I can download another one I have and just continue with another one I uploaded.