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  1. Why do mating interval have to affect cuddle interval and imprinting ? I don't get that.
  2. I've searched a bit regarding that setting and one can do it in single player GUS.ini it seems. So I am going to give that a shot thanx.
  3. Mods I use : - Super spyglass - Awesome teleporters - Classic flyers The only dino related mod is classic flyers , but Drakes aren't flyers , or are they considered flyers ?
  4. Can't download Rock Drake Hi all , I have an interesting issue that caught my eye. I have raised a Rock Drake and uploaded it ( Tek Transmitter ) because I want to take it to another map. But something caught my eye , after the upload it shows under "uploaded creatures" , but it is greyed out. I can not download the Drake back. And this is on Abberation that is it's native map. So why can't I download a Rock Drake on Abberation ? I didn't want to download it back as I want to take it to another map , but it's just something that I saw that made me curious as to why ? PC Single player.
  5. Could you point me in the right direction with a link to that "ini file fix" to get proper level dinos easier on story maps please.
  6. Issue still the same. Come on devs , fix this already. Broken map. PC Single player
  7. I hope the map will actually be 100% complete , not like when Ragnarok came only 50% complete and we had to wait through plenty of updates to get the final complete product.
  8. Wrong. It's not my Xbox. It has the same issue on mine and 2 other of my friend's consoles as well and I regularly read it on the net from other players as well. It's the game , and it's been unstable ever since Extinction came and they could never sort it out since then. OneX is fine , standard Xb1 is not. You literally can not play past 10 minutes in SP ( if you are lucky ) without a crash.
  9. I agree. I wish they would bring back that vanilla loading screen
  10. So this latest memory patch will do nothing to improve performance in SP ? Especially on Xbox , game has been unplayable on XB1 for months now in SP with constant crashing within minutes on any map.
  11. Yeah completely unplayable on Xbox. apart from that issues you mentioned there is also the gamebreaking issue of the game constantly crashing in SP on any map and that the game don't even save. If you touch the saveworld command that also results in a crash 90% of the time. Been like that for months now and all SP players on Xbox that I know have just quit the game completely. ( One X seems to not be affected by the saveworld issue ) They paid for a game that WC broken completely and don't want to ( or know how to ) fix. The game was in a better state during EA than it is now.
  12. I take it you don't have Extinction then. Those dinos are from the Extinction DLC.
  13. Wikus

    Couple questions

    So I started Prim+ on Friday evening and been playing it the whole weekend. Absolutely love it ! Way more interesting than Vanilla. Will spend a lot of time in it that's for sure. This mode deserves way more love and support from WC's side than it's been getting. BTW , I were able to transfer a few utility dinos over from Vanilla.
  14. Wikus

    Couple questions

    Thanx 2. How do you guys breed dinos who's eggs needs cold ? ( Like Argy for example ) 4. I'm on Xbox
  15. Wikus

    Couple questions

    Hi all , I never really played Prim+ so I decided it's time to give it a proper play. Having done everything on all maps in Vanilla I want a bit of a change. I want to play on Island but have just a couple of questions : 1. As I understand it , Prim+ has no Tek tier correct ? 2. Prim+ also has no electricity Tier ? ( Generators , fridges , aircons etc. ) 3. I only play single player and have plenty dinos in my SP worlds in Vanilla. Can I upload dinos in Vanilla and then download them in Prim+ mode ? I was thinking of taking a few utility dinos over. 4. I read on some twitter comments that supply drops are broken in Prim+ , is that on all maps or only specific maps ? Thanx
  16. It works for me on Xbox. I get 150's in my single player by enabling that checkbox. I remember it used to be broken , but on Xbox at least it has been fixed. Dunno about pc.
  17. On console for SP it depends if you have the setting enabled: "Enable Max Difficulty" ( Or something like that , don't recall the exact naming now but the pop up description will tell you it will yield max level dinos ) Difficulty slider at 1.0 with that setting off will yield a x4 multiplier = Max dino lvl 120 Difficulty slider at 1.0 with that setting on will yield a x5 multiplier = Max dino lvl 150 I could never understand why they had to make it so confusing , why they didn't just make the difficulty slider from 1 to 5 that actually represents the multiplier itself is beyond me. Now you have a slider at 1 that actually means 4 and if you enable max difficulty setting then it means 5.
  18. Look into a mod called "Dino tracker". It adds a device that lists all your tamed dinos. You can select one and track it and it will point an arrow on screen to the direction the dino is. Follow the arrow and once you get close enough you will see a beam of light where it is standing.
  19. Since WC locked official content in the map ( Tek light and Tek Shield ) it is their responsibility to ensure the map works properly. AFAIK you can't get those two engrams on another map. Unless it has been changed that I am not aware of.
  20. Hi , in single player , the saveworld command tends to crash the game to the dashboard. Happened twice last night with 2 different friends of mine. Both is on Xbox One S. This is a major issue as with all the other things causing the game to regularly crash it is necessary to run saveworld regularly to save your progress. ( auto save doesn't happen enough with such an unstable game like this ) Makes one not really want to play cos the 1 thing that protects you from crashes is now also making the game crash.
  21. I finished 2 of my big dino storage buildings that have been waiting for the 4 high walls for months now on both pc and Xbox. Could finally finish those and bring in the dinos. While I did that I realized what we really need to go with the 4 high walls now is 4x4 ceilings and 4x4 foundations. The walls go up quick now , but it still takes ages to put in the foundations and ceilings for the big buildings.
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