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    I saw that the small redwood trees also gives sap when you break them. Much like the Joshua trees. I used a chainsaw but the return is not very good. Only 6 to 10 sap with an Ascendend chainsaw. Is there any dino that can harvest these small trees more efficiently ?
  2. Thanx for the inputs. I killed a 195 Heir today but I have not seen an egg anywhere near that high a level.
  3. Max level wild Crystal Wyverns ? What's the max level wild Crystal Wyverns spawn in ? Is it 150 or 180 ?
  4. In single player each Obelisk only have 1 specific boss. For The Island anyway. You have to go to all 3 OB's to do all 3 the bosses. I don't recall which color is what boss but the wiki might have that info.
  5. Or you could just create a new character. Upload that one. Create new one. Go to your base and take ownership of the tribe. In SP that is easy to do with the command taketribe 0 while looking at one of the structures. You will have a new character but will own again everything the previous character owned. You will loose character specific data though such as boss fight wins etc. if you already did them. As for level you can just give that back to yourself with addexperience command until you are the same level as you were.
  6. I'm having this issue with all my flyers , not just Wyverns. And it is random ones. Some is ok , others are not. Many of my flyers lost between 25 and 38 levels for no reason. Are you using classic flyers mod maybe ? I suspect that is where the issue is. I was using classic flyers and then removed it due to the crashing it caused just after Genesis released. But even after killing the affected ones and hatching new ones the issue is still there and I haven't put classic flyers back since Genesis release broke it. Then my thinking was that some of the eggs I have in the fridge and hatching was still old ones when I used classic flyers and it's "classic flyers" eggs I am hatching as I have no idea how to tell the eggs apart in the fridge. ( fresh vanilla ones from classic flyers ones )
  7. Replacing flyers on all my maps thanx to yet another Genesis bug that broke all their levels. And enjoying all the restarting from constant game crashes when touching dino downloads from obelisk.
  8. Wikus

    Ascension command

    Yeah I was thinking of testing it that way in Single player , but was hoping someone already know the correct syntex
  9. Wikus

    Ascension command

    Ascension command Hi all , does anybody know the admin command for Genesis ascension ? I see the wiki doesn't have it yet.
  10. Yet another great example of the Xbox One's automatic sync of saved data to cloud that is flawed and the system desperately needs the ability for the user to manually copy save data to usb sticks for backups. Your local save data ( that contains that obelisk data as well ) got screwed up. It synced the screwed up data to the cloud when you exited the game , and gone are your healthy data. This is a major flaw of both Ark that is so buggy and unstable and the Xbox's inability to manually backup your saved data of any game. If you had a manual backup you could just copy it back. But Xbox is totally flawed in this regard. Automatic cloud sync of saved data is a terrible system. IE there is nothing you can do to recover. You got screwed over by Ark bugs and Xbox flaws. I also want to add that trying to use features that is supposed to work ( Transferring items and characters ) doesn't make you stupid. It's not your fault the game is a buggy mess. Now that you know though , just stay away from trying it again. And this is the type of thing that makes me angry about Ark. The user can't use basic features that should work just because WC can't sort out their buggy game.
  11. Imprinting question Hi all , If you get 100% imprint on a dino , how much % increase does it get to health and melee ? Is it a flat rate % for all dinos ( and how much is it ) ? Or does it differ between dinos ? This is just for the base stats I want to know , not the additional you get when riding it , just how much % the base stats increase. Thanx
  12. I'm confused now as well. Nvidia drivers are managed by Ark developers ? Could someone explain this to me
  13. Wikus

    Missions in SP

    So the ones that do give important rewards can be done alone ?
  14. Wikus

    Missions in SP

    Missions in SP Hi all , I don't have Genesis hence my question that might be dumb. I want to know , these missions I read about , can they all be done in Single Player ? Or are there some missions ( like races ) that have to be done with other people meaning you can't complete all missions in Single Player ?
  15. Good point. The whole game basically got replaced with new files. I know this due to my backup that only copies files that have changed syncing 180gb+ of Ark files after that update.
  16. Doesn't answer your question , but I will never use a mod again that modifies dinos. All my flyers in all my maps lost between 31 to 38 base levels after Classic Flyers mod went bonkers with the Genesis update. A huge amount of work I have to redo to get flyers for all my maps again. Be careful with mods modifying dinos is all I'm saying.
  17. Ok I finally found the issue with my maps not loading and fixed it !! So now back to this issue and I can finally confirm that slider was indeed my issue. Mine was about 90%. I maxed it and it makes the world of difference. My game looks beautiful again. Amazing the difference something small like that makes. Thank you @PhotekPlays
  18. Already did that , doesn't help. I even removed all my mods and tried running the game without any mods but that doesn't work either. Fatal error crash on all maps. ( I play single player btw ). Yesterdays update just completely broke all my maps. Can't load any 1 of them. The update somehow corrupted something in every one of my maps. Only Center loads as I have about nothing in that map. So it looks like I am done with Ark. I am not going to wipe all my maps and redo 4 years of work. Thank you Genesis. @PhotekPlays , for what it's worth , when I got home yesterday I saw that slider you mentioned , mine was at 90%. I maxed it , but I don't know if that would have solved my textures problem due to not being able to load any of my maps anymore.
  19. This sounds like a good lead , and the first thing I wanted to do now when I got home. Unfortunately this rubbish game now just keeps crashing with a fatal error after today's update. Now the game doesn't even work at all anymore
  20. Agreed. I am super frustrated by this. Took the whole first evening after the update just to get all my settings back the way it should be.
  21. **sigh** I'm Saying it for the 4th time now , I ALREADY RECONFIGURED MY GRAPHICS SETTINGS.
  22. Manual settings. I did the Automatic Geforce Experience once a long time ago and I was advised to not do that again and rather do the settings manually as the automatic geforce way doesn't do the settings correctly. I guess I could give that a go and see what happens. Nothing to loose at this point. If Geforce experience auto doesn't help I can easily put it back manually again.
  23. Yes. Like I am saying for a 3rd time now. I changed it all back the same way it was. ( I made screenshots of my settings previously when I got it the way I wanted it so I was able to check that everything is exactly the same again ). That made no difference though , so I then even changed most settings up higher than before but still no difference. Resolution is correct. As for the other settings I mostly ran high on them previously and now I have them up to epic on most of them and still the game looks crap.
  24. Already did that like I said in my post. Made no difference. Even putting them higher than they were before made no difference
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