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  1. If it is from Valguero on console it's August 5th.
  2. Not too difficult for an established tribe to get 20-30 wyvern eggs (and drakes if established on ab) in an hour or so. I personally prefer to proactively be able to go and farm the eggs then sit around my base waiting on random chance.
  3. Hesperornis, rock drake and wyvern.
  4. The kibble was revised. Titanboa is the same rank as argy and megalo...
  5. I think it's a great idea in theory particularly in terms of keeping down the number of dinos required for a kibble farm. The downfall of this will be the players though as instead of keeping multiple species for a kibble farm people will just keep larger numbers but fewer species. Will be nice to only have to keep a stockpile of 6 types of kibble though. The biggest argument I've seen is regarding making a lot of the kibble dinos useless but let's be honest they already were. There's no special skill or experience required to tame any of them and once you have them they just become a lawn ornament that drops a kibble ingredient once in a while.The whole rework just streamlines the process and still keeps balance.
  6. I use good stat bred and imprinted ravagers for most caves. Use bug repellant on myself and the rav with decent movement speed and stam and I can be in and out in a couple minutes without having to fight a thing.
  7. You could just get a pair of rexes and chuck them together and just mutate from that but ideally you need to breed a decent number of rexes to get some decent stats. Then you should breed them until you have the best stats from all your rexes into one pair of rexes these should have no mutations and will give you a clean decent base line to start from. What I do from there is breed until I get a mutation I want I.e. health or melee and breed it to a number of clean base females and so on this way you keep all mutations to one side and it wil allow you to mutate indefinitely. If you get a female with a mutation just breed it to a clean male until you get a male with the stats. Inbreeding makes zero difference on your mutation chance.
  8. This has happened for a long time. If you don't render a dino in pretty soon after taming it will despawn / decay.
  9. No they are right. You can only get a colour and stat mutation and it will always show in ancestry.
  10. From my personal experience I've found more eggs that seem to have been "laid" by a nearby male. Certainly during the easter event I've seen easter coloured males and then picked up a corresponding level and type of egg and had it hatch the same colour as the male I saw near the egg and there were no females of the same type/ level/ colour nearby.
  11. Decided to have a tidy up around my base and organise all my tames. Couple hours later I was just about getting done and needed to move one of the rexes I was raising so whistled follow one, only I didn't.... That split second before 400+ tames came charging towards me felt like an eternity. I then turned off my pc for the day. My base just isn't supposed to be tidy.
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