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  1. Same thing on my personal Nitrado server that i just started back up last week thinking enough time has gone by for WC to pull their poop together! Update* Rebooting the server fixed structure placement.
  2. You're gonna have to specify a timeframe and platform for judgement. At launch, I'd say it will be a total ripoff for anyone that plays the official game mode primitive plus. At day one every primitive plus server will have their drops screwed up, won't have any genesis engrams, and will likely lose all P+ structures. It will probably take a minimum of 3 weeks to fix half the P+ problems and then at LEAST another 2 months to fix the other half. I hesitate to say this fully meets your challenge because the above problems will happen on all maps regardless of if someone bought genesis or not. BUT for any P+ players planing to buy this for some day one fun.... RIPOFF!
  3. It's not an issue just related to render range. I've tested on official and it's related to where the downed animal is AND render range. I know that for sure on the center map dino's outside ice palace will do this if they wake up and you are out of render, but other areas of the map will not do this. And yep, this bug has been in the game since early access. I first reported the issue summer of 2016, over three years ago and since then at least 5 tickets about it. Nothing was ever done no creatures where ever replaced... Out of curiosity, where was it downed at?
  4. It's not a spoil timer issue. I noticed this same thing a week ago on PS4 Nitrado server. It was only the fire eggs that did it. Grab the first one and its fine spoil timer great, grab a second on, check inventory and only the second egg is in your inventory. I noticed it first after grabbing three eggs and getting home to 1. Went a second time to confirm it wasn't spoil timers, still happening, and gave up. Bug seems to have started when the fix for invisible wyverns went it. I'd test again to see if it's still happening, but what the heck is the point.
  5. This fix is stupid easy... Add a setting in tribe management that abandons an alliance on war declaration. If its checked, and an alliance you are in declares war, your tribe is automatically removed from the alliance. That way people can safely form alliances on PvE with that setting checked if they don't want to get dragged into wars or fear this exploit. If a tribe decides they want to participate in alliance wars, uncheck the setting and go to town. How is this worth people bitching over. Its a Player vs Environment server, there is no excuse for this exploit and its can likely be fixed with by adding simple tribe settings mechanic.
  6. Happens every single large update. Brick will disappear, engrams will get messed up, drops will stop working or contain metal BP's, certain spawns stop working, etc. No one addresses the issues, Cedric made some BS promises and for a bit it looked like maybe WC would put processes in place to check and make sure these things stop happening, but nothing changed. Best give up, Prim+ is broken about 90% of the time. But don't worry, now that I've bumped this a mod will discover it and bury it in the Primitive+ section where it will die and be forgotten along with every other Primitive+ complaint!
  7. Even at those low levels that seems fast. Any chance you chance you've messed with baby settings possibly tweeking the baby consumption multiplier the wrong direction? If they are dying that fast, even if you could get their inventory open it sounds like you would need to constantly force feed them to keep them alive. They wouldn't be able to eat fast enough on their own to survive.
  8. Woot! got myself moved because a critique in general discussion related to the decision making of Ark as a game referencing a particular map can't stay in general!
  9. Valguero is a huge console miss For those of us console players coming back for Valguero, its a HUGE miss. At first Valguero seemed perfect for the small unofficial group looking to host and play with everything. You had Wyvrens, Golems, and Aberration stuff all on one map. Perfect for small groups of a couple people wanting to just host and play. Sadly, with the stupid ass decision to strip out so much of the unique dino's and tames, its now mostly pointless. Had the Griffins, all wyvrens, Rock Drakes, and Reapers been left in, it would have given small private hosts months of enjoyment. Unofficial PC Console hosts have to pay, and that means money for WC. That means more money for future expansions, updates, *cough* bug fixes from your new releases *cough*. Yet the only platforms that can play Valguero the way it was originally intended are PC players with mods. But for past console players looking to come back for simple relaxing play with everything, its a big F-U. You missed a real good opportunity WC... Please bring in Griffins, all Wyvrens, Reapers, and the rest back to Valguero. Sure its a free map, but you'll get licensing fees!!!
  10. I tried this a year ago and it wasn't possible as far as I could tell. P+ seems to over write those changes in the ini file when it loads. Unless somethings change, I don't think you can.
  11. Try back peddling for a little bit at the start of the fight. If you are fighting multiple wilds, like a pack of wolves, you will want to slowly back peddle almost the whole fight. You take WAY less damage that way and won't have to worry about trying to run in circles.
  12. The answer for this is simple. Official servers cost WC money while private rented servers make WC money via licensing with the host. Killing characters, slow support, wiping tribe for enjoying little tames, turning a blind eye to meshing and real abuses... all those things decreases the number of people costing them money by playing on official and increases the number of people playing on and renting servers that generate a steady monthly income for WC. So you end up with policy decisions around official servers focusing on financials first and game play second. Especially at this stage in Ark's life cycle where revenue from new sales isn't close to what it used to be. Its fun to complain about, but when you get down to it, this is just good business. It's how I'd do it.
  13. Yep. I started tweeting and warning them about it last weekend and so many other did too. They knew it, ignored it, and did it AFTER most people would lose dinos.... lol
  14. It boggles my mind why they haven't said anything about the decay issue. In order to address it, all they would have to due is up the structure and dino decay multipliers to say 100 for a month and then put them back down. Essentially, they have two options. Option 1, up it and make an announcement about how they are changing decay to help safe guard those effected and be hailed as involved and proactive. Option 2, ignore it and take a hit to their reputation and increase their support load even more making a bad situation worse. I mean its just a damn multiplier so its not like people can abuse it, and who the hell is going to cry unfair that during that time a tribe was able to take two weeks off without losing anything. This is literally about as black and white as it can get for customer service. Unless of course the scope is bigger than everyone knows and they wouldn't be able to handle the tickets within a month even. Hard to say.
  15. Ah yes, they did that with the HP increase. So assuming its not a green house built last May it has more time. However thatch is already gone (mostly no big deal). The real important one is Dino's. As far as I know, and unless WC changes something, Dino's and wood structures will be gone in 3 days if no one from the tribe can render them in. I know for a fact that Dino's were still decaying after 8 days as recently as last month. because I forgot to render a rarely used farming Dino over one weekend and it went poof. And its probably a good assumption that there are those effected by this who have already lost dino's that weren't rendered for a few days prior to the issue. This is a big deal. If you think people are upset now, wait till players who have been made to wait weeks to get their characters back log in only to have to immediately turn around and submit new tickets to replace the decayed Dino's. Auto-decay should be temporarily turned off and WC should release something to put peoples minds at ease over this.
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