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  1. Whipples

    best way to get everything (dlcs etc) for ps4

    Don't, just don't. Get your money back on the switch and walk away at this point. All console support is dreadful, and it just keeps getting worse. Every patch and every update breaks the game more and more, even on private servers and single player. I stopped recommending Ark a year ago, and now I recommend against it. I still play it, so go figure, but don't start playing it. Just walk away and wait for something better (hint: NOT ATLAS!!!!)
  2. Whipples

    Patch notes missing entry...

    If you wanna have fun with a Trike, put it on follow then mount it, then attack with it while riding till it falls unconscious or have someone tranq it while you are riding it. You get dismounted and if you run around you have this sleeping trike sliding along the ground following you around. It will even attack things or defend itself all while laying on its side unconscious. I did it a bunch last night, its kinda funny.
  3. Whipples

    62 second auto decay on offical

    Do you know where it was on Rag that it happened?
  4. Whipples

    62 second auto decay on offical

    Yes, I found this out last year, and was able to work with support a bit to prove to them that the cause is related to the area where the tame was tranqed out at. Its very frustrating when you actually assist support in finding out more about their own bugs and then nothing is done a year later and they refuse to replace anything lost this way. I know this happens on the Center map outside Ice palace, and place on NE Lava. It also happens somewhere on the norther part of scorched earth (can't really remember it was a year ago!) I would love to know if this is still being worked on and if there is a timeline on a fix, but we all know that level of support just isn't gonna happen. So maybe the community can share the no-tame areas where this can occur. I can 100% verify that anyplace around icepalace on Center is having this as that's where I tested the most to give info to support. Seems to be the entire area from ramp to ramp. I'll have to see if I can track down my emails for the coordinates of the other spots I found, but I have no interest in re-testing them. This should have been fixed a year ago.
  5. Does anyone know what the official settings are on Auto Decay? We were recently taming some things including a Direbear and in running back and forth between two downed tames, the Direbear magically disappeared. I checked the log, and we tamed it and it auto decayed 62 seconds later as we returned to check on it. I regularly do multiple tames at a time and they wake up all the time without me there just fine except in a few specific areas. I personally reported this particular issue over a year ago and was told by support that it was a known issue being worked on and that they will not replace tames lost in this way. So does anyone know how official servers deal with Auto decay and can you point me to where I can find out the offical stance on auto-decay and tames? Also, while I continue to my over a year long wait on a fix, is there is an official list of "Dead Zones" where tames will instantly decay when no one is present when the tame finishes? Or even just how the official freshly tamed mechanic is supposed to function? Or could anyone in an official capacity chime in on if the bug has been abandoned and this in now just the way it is, or is it still in a progress and how many more years will it be before a fix? I've checked the support section here and knowledge base, and there is still ZERO results for "auto-decay," "autodecay," and "decay" so any information would be appreciated!
  6. Whipples

    Kids playing ark?PS4

    I knew the potential for the poster to feel silly or like they did something wrong by reaching out, and I'm cool with that. Not my intent, but I understand. And prior to actually having kids I would probably agree with you guys, but I now understand how even little risks can have life long consequences. And I get to manage my kids risky behavior till I can boot them out! There are loads of other and safer ways to find friends. Engage with people in the recruiting area, pick a server and start interacting, etc. But as a parent, this risk isn't necessary for a child development (totally different subject). But few people anywhere will say we need more unristricted places online where people can ask to play with children.
  7. Whipples

    can I clone phoenix?

    It has to be legal. If cloning them is an exploit, then that would mean its a super easy to do known exploit that has existed for a very long time through multiple major updates and even a new expansion release. Plus I checked and there are numerous forum threads on this with many people explaining the process that have been up for months. This includes posts by forum moderators about how to do it.... So go for it!!!!!! Get yourself a megalosaurus, grab that Phoenix with it, wag it back and forth until it gets ripped from its mouth and stuck in the chamber, then fire up the tek generator, and go to town! It has to get stuck, if the Phoenix moves after it gets glitched out of the Megalos mouth it goes back to flying and it won't work. I've heard you can freeze it with a snow owl to force it to drop to the ground, but I've never seen that way done so can't confirm that method.
  8. Whipples

    Kids playing ark?PS4

    From the perspective of a parent who has kids under 13 that sometimes play Ark, this is about as scary a post as a parent can find. I won't call this what I fear it is, but I will point out that no responsible adult should EVER recommend or send their kids off to play single player with an anonymous person on a forum asking to play one on one with your children. Its just a no-no. Likewise, no parent should EVER allow their child to go on to an online forum asking this question. I can understand why a kid would, Ark is a great game with friends and that can be tough if you don't have any able to play with you, but this sadly isn't the way. Also, there should probably be some kinda forum rule against soliciting game play with young children, not matter how innocent the request may or may not be.
  9. Whipples

    Should I tame a sabertooth using an argi

    If you are just looking for a good starting tame and not caving, I would recommend taming a procoptodon. Depending on the map you are on its a way safer tame. While they don't kill fast, the knock back allows a high level one to kill any wild dino up to an alpha rex. Plus they can carry massive amounts of stuff and are great for gathering berries, thatch, and wood. They by far the best all around most useful tame in the game that almost no one uses. Saddles cost a cazy amount of mats though. (If you are set on a Saber, don't bola and start tranqing if its high level, drop in a pen or bola and quickly surrond it with fence foundation and door frames)
  10. Whipples

    They are bottlenecking the map on purpose!

    I'm confused how the "Beginner Server" thing is even relevant. So I'm not going to attack the poster and call them a whiney noob who needs to git gud or scram. Because I'm not sure how access to higher tiers engrams would have any effect, although I'm not completely sure what the issue being talked about is. Is the issue people using dinos as physical barriers in place of pillars at certain points on the map to prevent other tribes from reaching places with land tames, or is it that other tribes are building massive laggy dino pens everywhere to use the lag as a deterrent to keep players out?
  11. The way I see it, the problem now is that people have invested too much into Ark and the big tribes are struggling with dropping numbers and dropping income from trades. People are getting bored and with that comes less tolerance for bugs and more aggression. I'm sure we have all known a player in the last couple months who got bored/fed up and went on a rampage just intentionally trying to ruin the game for others. The fix wont come easy if fixing it is even possible. I like Mircots suggestion of a subscription based service, and thats something easier to implement (free servers and subscription servers). Another possibly may be restructuring servers so that they are clustered differently. Rather than a full on server free for all, do small clusters of linked servers. You can transfer server to server, but not cluster to cluster. Reducing the number of servers people can transfer to would decimate the cash market for tames. Plus, with less places to run, there will be less overall griefing and tribes within the clusters would communicate more and place a greater emphasis on diplomacy. Would probably work to bring things back towards the game we all fell in love with, but it likely is too late for this.
  12. Lol. I dont think you could have better illustrated the demise if the Ark community. You and the other regs/mod alts just patrol looking for complaints and then bash or belittle those complaining. Venting about the game is one thing and doesn't actually damage a community. Hell, bonding over bugs is the main way Ark players socialize. The toxicity came when WC abandoned communication and the forums shifted to attacking individuals for expressing themselves. But perhaps this is just how you chose to Express yourself. So..... Go you? Also, I was confused by your tail. Are you the one it was about or were you just making up a straw man example to prove how silly your hypothetical person is? Thanks!!!!
  13. Just because you can't be bothered to read more than 3 lines of text doesn't mean you should quote this guy and mock him via some bastardized version of being a grammar nazi. Its annoying to those of us who happen to be capable of reading larger blocks of text just fine. Maybe instead ask the poster for cliff notes or an audio version for the reading impaired. Or of course practice your reading skills so you can choose to read what this person has to say. K, thanks!!!!
  14. Whipples

    Overpriced Sale Market for Dinos, etc

    LOL, I'll give you a more honest answer... Those prices aren't coming about based on the amount of time needed to gather the resources. They are coming about based on the how much real world money you could get for the dinos online. Every large tribe and alliance I've ever been with over the last three years has had some sort of price structure for dino's, eggs, heavies, turrets, bullets, and I can only assume now Meks. I refuse to participate in such things, and would just stop playing with them once I found out that I was logging in at night to keep babies alive that someone was just going to sell on facebook, redit, discord, transferwise, or ebay. Anyway, when they would trade something for element, turrets, or bullets, it was only because people were bored and slacking off on the grinding so just exchange some of your regular inventory for those materials when needed. Either that or its a deal where they can sell what you trade them for more money than what they gave you. Since you can make surprisingly good money selling the dinos, the material prices for those dinos must also be significant. No one would pay $50-$20 for a giga if it was possible to just farm mats all day and just trade for one! And while not all traders do this, the large number of trade being done for real world cash directly impacts what the small casual traders are asking for. (Can't have some generous scrub that simply loves the game undercut your cash cow!!!) Another factor is where you are doing your deals. If you are trying to work them out in game, nobody is going to ask you for real money, because you don't wanna work those things out in game. When someone would jump on a server asking about trading for Wyvrens or whatever, the prices given were always insanely high in hopes the asker is a rube. For example, some one jumps on asking to trade for a Wyvren, you tell them you will trade one for 50 turrets. Because the going rate for 50 turrets is about twice the going rate of a wyvren. If the person would ask about other options or complain, then someone would message them from a generic account to fish for a real world money offer. Everyone should really knows this already. You really think a tribe of 10 active players is raising 40 Giga's every two weeks because they just wanna play the game and raise gigas? No, its because those Giga's are worth money and Ark is cut throat as hell. You should hear the horror stories of deals gone wrong, alliances banding together to take out the competition, people undercutting each other, and backstabbing during an exchange. How prevalent this is for you I don't know, I was exposed to this on PS4. Maybe the PC official market is all friendly flowers and rainbows. I don't mean to paint a bleak a picture though. The people doing this are really playing and having fun! A lot of the fun is raiding a tribe that just paid your buddy $50 for tames, and then laughing as that same guy goes back to your buddy again offering $100 for them to wipe you and get revenge!!! Your best bet for getting some honest trades is to be friendly and get in with an alliance. Help them out, tell them their tames are AMAZBALLS!!! and work your way up to asking for a fertilized egg of something. Odds are they will just mate something up and give you an egg for free because of your loyalty/respect. Play the mental game. If you want to check the trade values you are up against, easiest way is to google "Ark *thing you want* price discord." (I hope mentioning that doesn't violate forum rules, I will edit it out if so) Whatever you do, avoid the real money stuff! It's morally wrong, ruins the game for others, and is against the terms of service. But hopefully this explains a little more accurately as to why the prices are soooooo high. I could say more but I'm probably already skirting the forum rules as it is. In the end though, something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. If you don't like the price, don't pay it.
  15. Whipples

    The Serious Problem

    ^ That is the largest problem I see with Ark and its focus. Obviously not all servers can be designed for everyone, but crying about that isn't at all the point I think the poster was making. Instead, consider that the complaint is about the games core design and direction. Watching the decisions and directional choices that have been made in Ark's development it is clear the direction they intended to take the game was for the fun of large powerful tribes at the expense of smaller groups. This isn't just an official/unofficial server thing. By focusing on the enjoyment of large pvp tribes, the games development went towards Tek, turrets, bullet soaking, and giant defense structures. If the game would have catered towards a more masses friendly casual approach, development would have focused more on bug fixing, building and aesthetics, new fun based items, new dino's and more community based content. So if you wanna belittle this guy because he is trying to enjoy official, do so remembering that WC opted to focus on large tribe PVP over casual enjoyment for the masses. Nothing really wrong with that choice, but it's worth listening to those who would prefer the game to have taken its focus in a different direction. Feel free to write me off and give me the face palm emoji now!!!