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  1. I tried this a year ago and it wasn't possible as far as I could tell. P+ seems to over write those changes in the ini file when it loads. Unless somethings change, I don't think you can.
  2. Try back peddling for a little bit at the start of the fight. If you are fighting multiple wilds, like a pack of wolves, you will want to slowly back peddle almost the whole fight. You take WAY less damage that way and won't have to worry about trying to run in circles.
  3. The answer for this is simple. Official servers cost WC money while private rented servers make WC money via licensing with the host. Killing characters, slow support, wiping tribe for enjoying little tames, turning a blind eye to meshing and real abuses... all those things decreases the number of people costing them money by playing on official and increases the number of people playing on and renting servers that generate a steady monthly income for WC. So you end up with policy decisions around official servers focusing on financials first and game play second. Especially at this stage in Ark's life cycle where revenue from new sales isn't close to what it used to be. Its fun to complain about, but when you get down to it, this is just good business. It's how I'd do it.
  4. Yep. I started tweeting and warning them about it last weekend and so many other did too. They knew it, ignored it, and did it AFTER most people would lose dinos.... lol
  5. It boggles my mind why they haven't said anything about the decay issue. In order to address it, all they would have to due is up the structure and dino decay multipliers to say 100 for a month and then put them back down. Essentially, they have two options. Option 1, up it and make an announcement about how they are changing decay to help safe guard those effected and be hailed as involved and proactive. Option 2, ignore it and take a hit to their reputation and increase their support load even more making a bad situation worse. I mean its just a damn multiplier so its not like people can abuse it, and who the hell is going to cry unfair that during that time a tribe was able to take two weeks off without losing anything. This is literally about as black and white as it can get for customer service. Unless of course the scope is bigger than everyone knows and they wouldn't be able to handle the tickets within a month even. Hard to say.
  6. Ah yes, they did that with the HP increase. So assuming its not a green house built last May it has more time. However thatch is already gone (mostly no big deal). The real important one is Dino's. As far as I know, and unless WC changes something, Dino's and wood structures will be gone in 3 days if no one from the tribe can render them in. I know for a fact that Dino's were still decaying after 8 days as recently as last month. because I forgot to render a rarely used farming Dino over one weekend and it went poof. And its probably a good assumption that there are those effected by this who have already lost dino's that weren't rendered for a few days prior to the issue. This is a big deal. If you think people are upset now, wait till players who have been made to wait weeks to get their characters back log in only to have to immediately turn around and submit new tickets to replace the decayed Dino's. Auto-decay should be temporarily turned off and WC should release something to put peoples minds at ease over this.
  7. I believe green house decay is 5 days... So tomorrow all tribes waiting on tickets lose green houses tomorrow.... tick tock.
  8. How long do you got on your decay timers? Assuming you were logged on last Thursday when this started you have till tomorrow before greenhouse will be gone, and till Thursday before dinos not podded go poof!
  9. Even funnier when you realize that the last community crunch announced this " While Jen has been on the Community Team for over three years, Cedric is a newcomer to the team. With beginnings as the developer of Primitive Plus, his active experience on the ARK development team makes him a prime candidate to move over to the Community Team, and provide a new perspective." Not sure if that means Prim+ will finally get some attention and communication or if it means that the rest of the Ark community is about to get a taste of how well Prim+ has been maintained. Saddly given the character losses I'm worried its the later.
  10. So with the lost characters, has auto-decay been temporarily disabled on offical servers? Given that this has effected solo players and large portions of some tribes, auto-decay may end up being salt in the wounds. If tickets aren't handled in time, dinos and base's are going to start disappearing. Has there been any communication related to auto-decay being disabled or about replacement of dinos/items lost this way due to slow support responses?
  11. This is a stupid issue. It really wouldn't take much to have servers auto backup player data on the server they upload from before any actual transfer. Store the player data for maybe a month then auto delete it. When a player loses their character, get the backup that was created on the server they uploaded from. Build a tool that queries all the servers in a cluster to make sure that player id to be restored isn't in use (players may have just forgot where they transferred to) and then restore the character on the server they initially tried to upload from. You can prevent abuse from people who over didn't lose a char, but instead overwrote or deleted a character simply by logging characters deleted in an overwrite, check the log, and if it was an overwrite no restore. BUT, even without that kind of backup tool, WC could do a lot more to improve this issue currently without any much new code. Currently Admins have the capability to fix tribe, level, and imprints... Admins can force a player into a tribe: admincheat ForcePlayerToJoinTribe <Player ID> <Tribe Name> Admins can give players exp: GiveExpToPlayer <PlayerID> <HowMuch> <FromTribeShare> <PreventSharingWithTribe> cheat SetImprintedPlayer <NewImprinterName> <playerID> For the rest of the issues current commands would need to be modified to include a target player (at least as far as I know these can't target a player) cheat UnlockEngram <BlueprintPath> <-- Adding a target player would allow admins to give people lost engrams. cheat playercommand Ascend1 (1,2,3) <-- Adding a target player would allow admins to give people back ascension. So lets be realistic here. This is not really a technical issue, they don't want to because it will increase support requests and cost them more to admin official servers. Which is fine. I can't imagine how many people would try and game the system on official to and get things they never really had. That's a policy decision not a technical one. That said, why the backup system I described above hasn't been done is beyond me. It would save them money by speeding things up a lot for support and help the player base. I can only assume there is something on the back end preventing this kind of feature...
  12. Remember, fence foundation doesn't support ceiling. The only way what the OP is describing can happen is if they used pillars or regular foundation to put up walls and then ran ceiling to the side and walls going down. Then they would have to remove the wall supporting the ceiling supporting the adjacent ceiling supporting the walls going doing. And even then it would be at most two vertical section of walls. What I suspect is really going on here is that after the update, WC forgot to set the default on console to allow for the new homestead structures. Then when you logged in and interacted with anything connected to a homestead structure (the 4 high walls) it somehow triggered them all to be unconnected and they collapsed. Seems to be some PS4 users with this issue as well. (This is just my guess) It's very similar to what happens to the P+ crowd almost every single update. The P+ structures go missing or unsupported and bases fall apart.
  13. Fingers crossed they also stealth reversed the so called "improved search" feature....!!
  14. To be fair though, they had a great idea and turned out a very good game. It's rare a game this badly supported and administrated has the kinda following Ark has. So kudos to WC for pulling off what they did! They built the best race car in the world and then for some reason decided on the def, mute, blind man approach to driving it.
  15. Ark 2 is already out, its called Atlas.... You should look it up, check out the launch videos, reviews, etc. You are gonna LOVE IT! Really makes you appreciate the first Ark.
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