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  1. Snapshot_10

    Well this is great..I am so terrified to get on tonight after work! I really hope this gets addressed soon.
  2. Can people validate the rumors? Otherwise I wouldn't use energy worrying about it since it would seem people are making stuff up. If a friend's friend's cousin's neighbor's pet scorpion's uncle told them about what may happen on the servers I wouldn't give it any credit. If it was fact, it would be discussed somewhere between here and Twitter. Ask for proof or ignore the stupid rumors.
  3. Ps4 Versions 510 and 511

    Just in case someone missed it Jat posted in one of the other threads about this.
  4. Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    @Jat Thank you for the explanation of what's going on! Thank you for posting it here! I am sorry for being frustrated, I don't see the point in having this forum if it's not utilized effectively... the official forum should be accurately and timely informed. Twitter shouldn't have priority over this forum. I know Twitter is fast, easy, and reaches many but it's also cluttered, not used by everyone and sometimes difficult to navigate to find things which were not posted in the last few moments. Everything has a purpose and if this forum was used properly I can assure you mitigating the number of uninformed and misinformed people would be reduced. I don't care about the delays as long as you explain, really explain what is going on. If I wasn't an investor in this project then you would owe me nothing, but I have invested time and money as well as provided marketing getting others to purchase and play/invest so as it stands I do feel I am owed something when problems arise or there is information to be shared. Don't get me wrong I am not advising against the use of Twitter but to appropriately use the available resources to reduce the headaches that come from the people looking to WildCard for answers. I hope that makes sense. Thank you for the hard work. Love this game, appreciate all WildCard does!
  5. Tame times are too high

    This happened to me but it was because the server hit a tame limit. I have a little wild baby ovis walking around my barn.. really wish they would post the tame limit somewhere easy to see so I wouldn't have wasted time trying to get an ovis, luckily it didn't take too long.
  6. Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    You know, since it's blatantly obvious WC isn't interested in communicating clearly to everyone (because not everyone uses Twitter) why not just hire someone who's job is to update the forums with all their tweets? Seems like that would be okay. Like a proxy or mediator? This person could also take a vote each week on the top 10-20 questions from the forums and ask @Jat or whoever the question(s) pertain to, and report back with the answers to us in a Q&A. I think that would be a nice change..
  7. Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    Thanks @Bigdaddy99 for explaining it. I searched Twitter and couldn't find the explanation. Hence why it being only explained there is absolutely stupid because not all of us are Twitter masters... Twitter is such a cluster.. anyways, thanks because I failed at finding the current problem.
  8. Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    What was his explanation? Recycled prior tweets? UGH I'll search through Twitter and try to find it.. Clearly this forum isn't as official as Twitter.
  9. Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    Well the NON ETA is now the 26th... I really am starting to believe soon it will say Aug 8th..
  10. Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    Oh I just noticed the patch notes on these "official" forums still says the 24th as of 9:16 PM CST...just throwing that out there.
  11. Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    Sad part is I saw the Twitter update, created a new thread in General Discussion then it was promptly moved here. I was aware of this thread and knew less people would see it in bugs. I was trying to be helpful and spread wanted info with others but I guess it didn't belong in general discussion? I guess it was because it's PS4 specific info it's not permitted in general discussion? I didn't think bugs and support really was best place for update info...
  12. Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    @GP I understand how Twitter works, and that IS the reason they post on Twitter. I agree with you on how the process of information sharing should work here then they could share on Twitter. Keep in mind though that the complaints are still valid as this forum was and usually is second to get the news. This forum only got the update when it did because myself and a moderator (you) posted the update in this scenario, which I thank you for that because many times I don't see the Twitter updates make it to this forum. I can't speak for others but my problem is that the people where the knowledge is originating, should be sharing that information here let alone before posting on twitter. But they aren't, they post on twitter and hope (maybe they don't.. maybe they don't care at all) someone shares it here. That feels disrespectful personally. Why doesn't it matter enough to them to post updates to the official forum. Again I understand what Twitter is and how it works but it's the lack of respect that we, the players, who also use the forums, who are also investors with time, money, ideas, opinions, etc.. are expected to need another app/program/means of communication to keep up with news that annoys me. Clearly it doesn't matter to you in the same sense so I don't wish to argue the point but it would be nice for it to be acknowledged that just because some think it's okay to rely on others to update users on the official forum doesn't mean everyone sees it that way. Trying to tell everyone what Twitter's purpose is and how it works doesn't mean they are handling it correctly and everyone needs to be on board with it. I only use twitter now to follow several Ark accounts. I have no interest in it and would rather delete the app but hoping information is shared here has already proven to be poor plan of action as Twitter gets a lot of updates about Ark that I don't see here. Even the little trivial things, if shared here would make people happier yet they don't see any communication and feel forgotten. But again it's just my opinion I don't care to argue with you as it appears we have different stances on it and after going back and forth will the Devs change their communication style, I bet not so I'll get off my soapbox. The point being please understand we don't feel same as you specifically and there isn't a need to tell us we are wrong because reason (insert Twitter). You're awesome and thanks again for the quick update related to PS4 status I was shocked you almost beat me to posting about it.
  13. Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    That or say it's getting close when they aren't sure the specific time but know it will be soon THEN actually say a day when they have zero obstacles preventing it from being done on that day/time. In fact why not just say it'll be done December or 2020 or something so we all praise them for getting it done sooner... hoping they do get it done sooner. Agreed, I don't think it's right that Twitter gets the updates first and most times only. I fully understand their logic to it so it doesn't need to be explained again, but THIS is the official forum, we shouldn't have to follow all these different accounts to keep up with what's going on. THIS FORUM is the centralized location for all things ARK... but obviously it's not my call...
  14. Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    Thanks! Just like to help where/when I can.
  15. Where's the Patch for PS4 already!?

    On Twitter Jat just posted the update won't be ready until tomorrow now - for the people who don't use/follow Twitter. Jat, "Follow up regarding the PS4 Update, just received confirmation it won't be today as it needs a bit more time. Our next ETA is tmrw."