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  1. @GP Thank you sir you were right. I logged in last night and sure enough I was just forgetting what it's like to have been mindwiped and have to relearn my engrams. @MOCHICKEN07 So far nothing has reset so it appears to be okay. The only thing that ever "resets" is the server difficulty which is always at 1.0. I always set it to 5-10 but I can't tell if it makes any difference because it's always back to 1.0 when I go to get back on. Keep in mind though that after update I have only been on twice. The first time is when I thought I had an engram issue and was just mistaken and didn't re-learn any engrams. The second time, last night I learned engrams and everything is good. When I get on tonight or tomorrow I will be able to confirm with certainty if anything is resetting as until then I will not have logged back in after re-learning an engram. Make sense? I'll keep you posted buddy. I hope your complication resolves itself.
  2. Featherlight egg kibble

    Don't think it is craftable yet. I can't confirm but in another thread here people are saying the Wiki says "not craftable".
  3. @MOCHICKEN07 I have only logged in once since aberration update (I work a lot hence why I play single player). I'll post update if it happens again. And @GP I'll update if it was just an engram thing like I believe it to be after your genius suggestion.
  4. false advertisement Reaper Queen Falsely Advertised.

    Aw you're right. Right in my face, dumb brain hasn't been working past two days. I need a vacation I work too much! This Reaper Queen thing has me all torn up my life is just a mess right now haha. Ok we'll just pretend I didn't say anything about that but the need for someone important to acknowledge this still remains and I'll probably hold onto this for an entire 15min before giving up since I am probably just wasting my breath on this whole thing.
  5. Bwahahaha no I didn't think about it. I was in middle of moving rexes to platform to fight a boss and was so excited to fight my first boss on single player I didn't need to craft anything in particular was just breaking down some items and noticed I couldn't do it. I am willing to bet that is it. I haven't had to relearn an engram in a while so it didn't even register in my mind. Probably just close/delete this because I don't even doubt that was the issue. I just facepalmed myself in real life for this haha.
  6. false advertisement Reaper Queen Falsely Advertised.

    I don't know any who has/hasn't noticed it but it looks like they did buff the king (still not what I want because I made it clear in prior post...NOT GOOD ENOUGH WILDCARD!) But the king damage was increased by 300% so anyone playing Aberration let me know if it makes the sting of awful lies hurt less or not. On PS4 where I am playing it's still in cert but I think it's live on PC? Haven't looked. @Jatheish @Jen @Jeremy Stieglitz @anyoneWhoMattersAndWillMakeThisRightCmonItsNotThatHardToJustMakeAStatementAboutThisAndSayYouMessedUpGeesh I quoted myself below to make it easy to find what I am looking for haha I don't care how ridiculous it is it would be awesome. At least make it an endgame event that can be toggled on and off in single player where I play. Current ARK Official PS4 Server Network Servers Version: v516.93 Current ARK Official Client Version: v518 Upcoming Version: v518.2 IN CERT - Aberrant dinos set to downloadable on non-Aberration servers. - Fix for Prim+ not being cooked properly and showing false engrams. - Added Basilisk saddle to Smithy-type crafting stations where it was meant to be. - Fixed some Lantern Pet inventories mistakenly being flagged as Tribute Inventories. - Fixed server language crash - Reduced Cavewolf damage by approximately 40% - Increased Wild Basilisk HP by 50% - Increased Wild Reaper King Damages by 300% - Made Aqua Shroom properly restore Water stat - Added Nameless to certain areas of Biolum Chamber where they were missing - Removed Piranhas from starting-area pool - Fixed case where Aberration Endboss sometimes wouldn't appear on clients, also fixed similar issue with Ragnarok Endbosses - Fix for Sarcos spawning in beginner portal pool - Wild non-alpha Reaper Kings no longer grant XP - Platform switch collision is improved to allow you to easily directly climb onto it with a ladder attached to the elevator track - Wood elevator platform weight limit increased - Wood elevator can now be lifted while it's falling to stop it, and you can now repeatedly click the lift command without having to re-open the action wheel - Postprocessing Error fix - Fixed a crash when looking at Turrets set to Survivors and Mounted Players
  7. Since the update including Aberration came out, I believe it was 518 for PS4 I have not been able to use the Mortar & Pestle to craft: Narcotics, Sparkpowder, Cementing Paste, or Gunpowder. The option to craft them is entirely missing. Just an empty inventory when you attempt to craft anything. Noting changes upon removing and adding the resources again. MAP: THE ISLAND GAME MODE: SINGLE PLAYER CONSOLE: PS4 PRO UPDATED TO LATEST VERSION Once the update released I downloaded it, and went to play aberration for about 30 min. I just wanted to see the map so I spawned in a wyvern and flew around and left. The next day when I went to play again I went back to the island where I normally play as I am in the middle of progressing through game from beginning to end and haven't finished the bosses yet on the island and noticed a couple of changes like my level went from 100 to 84 on my character, my engrams, and all my skill points reset like a mindwipe but I chalked that up to a change made with the update and it just takes more xp to reach level 100? I'm not concerned about that as much as I am with the Mortar & Pestle as I use them frequently and now they are just storage boxes.
  8. false advertisement Reaper Queen Falsely Advertised.

    Well it appears this will never be addressed.. it's sad all I really want at this point is an apology and acknowledgement of what happened. But rather it will be silence and anyone who refuses to drop this topic will the the village crazy people after a while and everyone will just kind of shy away from them. So since they won't say anything really the only way I can see this being made right is if the developers make the reaper queen able to impregnate any dino so there could be reaper hybrids of all types of stuff running around!! I know that's ridiculous but it would be awesome! Just imagine an end game mode where that's possible and everything gets really difficult all over again. On single player where I play I would deliver a giga to the reaper queen just to see what monstrosity would be born from that pairing. @Jatheish c'mon you can still make this right .
  9. false advertisement Reaper Queen Falsely Advertised.

    I don't have aberration but if this is true, not being able to tame/birth whatever a queen that would be very upsetting a very strong part of why I wanted aberration. My motivation for purchasing it diminished a little. I may still buy it but serious let down for me as I am huge aliens fan and was really excited about this part of game. I agree that my perception of the way it was advertised was you could obtain a queen whether or not that was the real message I don't know but I understood it to be that way. Just my two cents as I was very excited about purchasing aberration, still excited but damn I really hate misinformation on ads and hype vids. Kills the excitement spirit a little.
  10. @HalfSlabBacon Awesome thanks. I'll make the adjustment and let ya know if anything is out of order. Would you rather me just PM you?
  11. Seeker Tamable vs Non-tamable

    The checkmark next to the tamable image is confusing but the picture of the survivor in front of 3 of them may just be representing them being less aggressive when no charge light is present as it describes their aggression level changing based on the presence of charge light? Just my observation...but that checkmark...
  12. @HalfSlabBacon Hey just curious with this latest update there seems to be some changes to breeding/imprinting/etc? If you could, can you please confirm if they are still valid or need to be adjusted. Thanks a lot!
  13. Ark Aberration Delayed! 3 hours

    So looks like the delay for Steam should be over in less than one min as per Jeremy's latest tweet.
  14. Aberration release delayed for 3 hours on PC ONLY

    Twitter is where I saw it. As of 5 min ago Jeremy tweeted "ARK Aberration Steam build finally going live in about 10 mins, Get ur Drakes ready!"
  15. @HalfSlabBacon Dude thanks a lot! I am looking to start breeding and without any serious science put into the numbers wasn't too far off but couldn't quite figure out how to get 100% imprint. It's nice to be able to enjoy the game as everyone else but within the limited time available. I wish there was a setting similar to single player settings but adding more to it like "single player, parent with young kids, full time job, still trying to develop other skills in life, pregnant wife no free time but still wakes up hella early to play while it's quiet and sun hasn't even risen holy crap I'm out of coffee". You know something like that.