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  1. I don't think the fix is live for PS4 yet. It's in the patch notes for PC not PS4 from what I see. So hopefully it'll make it's way to us very soon.
  2. @skittles4free sure I'll post coords as soon as I get back on and can get screen shots.
  3. I would say, just guessing as I will have to go to the spot and confirm, but from memory the location I found Ice Wyvern eggs would be close to LAT 32* LON 65*. That was the latest place I found an Ice Wyvern egg and the first place I found where two eggs were in same nest was just slightly a little further to the right, so around 30*, 68*. These are only two locations I have found eggs so far. Really I just fly around until I see the Ice Wyvern, kill it and the nest is usually close by. *These numbers both have an -ish on the end of them as I have not confirmed such location but know it was close to that area. EDIT: not my screen shot just a pic from reddit to help show coords.
  4. @Jatheish @Eli Not an angry post so read entire thing . Any word on QoL update progress? Or any related news on QoL update in general? Making progress/stuck/issues/S+ is looking awesome for console? Anything? Haha I'm starved for news that is relevant to my daily experience with the game. Contests are exciting and what not but just a distraction from state of game. Could you please elaborate or even mention something about QoL update? I am not demanding a hard release date just anything surrounding the topic to get me by until there is more to share about the topic. Is that asking too much? Can the weekly community crunch actually consist of some slightly juicier news? How about "Here are some pics of the dev team working away at the QoL update" then post some pics of them. I don't care if they are actually working on it. Just throw me a freaking bone here. Love you guys, you're awesome. Thanks for keeping up the grind, just share some of it!!
  5. This is where I found my two ice wyvern eggs level 185 each, sitting on top of each other in one nest. Killed two ice wyverns flying around and took the eggs super easy spot. Easiest wyvern eggs I have ever gotten. They were hidden pretty well though I found them on accident flying through. Once you see them though it's as if you can't imagine how you never saw them before kind of thing.
  6. What if @Jatheish or @Jen just see this and quickly confirm it? Would that be asking too much? They rarely respond to me (if ever can't remember if it's ever happened haha) but maybe I'll get lucky once..
  7. I did not spawn, but accidently came across unicorns on my single player Island map and just a few days ago on my Ragnarok map. Tamed both. I cheated and used dotame as I was impatient on Island. On ragnarok I tried taming the proper way but it was very buggy and wouldn't work. After over an hour trying to tame it I just used dotame because what is the freaking point to suffer from stupid bugs when on single player. So I can confirm they do spawn on single player. Ark somehow knows when I am looking for something because I rarely find what I am actively looking for. Somehow every good thing I get is when I am looking for something else. Probably as soon as you stop checking the Equus you'll find a Unicorn? Both times I am doing something mundane and do double take and stop what I am doing and get them.
  8. Like that single player can spawn stuff in to enjoy event also. Means a lot. I assume those commands will work for console as well? Hope so. I believe it's the same person, art looks the same but I really enjoy seeing the dossiers drawn by mateaperic51. I look for them each week now as I started noticing them about two or three weeks ago. Not sure when they started popping up. Should be a mini series about failed attempts by (in game) ark's creators all these dinos that either didn't make it into the arks we have available to us, or didn't make it at all. Let mateaperic51 design all the creatures. Wouldn't mind seeing some of his creations in game. Maybe a modder could create some of his stuff and get dev's attention to implement. If I knew mateaperic's name here I'd tag him but that doesn't appear to be it as it doesn't populate anything for me. Love the creativity Mateaperic, keep up the good work.
  9. I would assume it's like the other creatures that knock you off where they only knock you off smaller mounts. Like they wouldn't knock you off a rex but would off another raptor?
  10. Are the wild raptors able to knock you off your mount? As a console player I don't have update yet.
  11. Shouldn't this be under the "Ark Mobile New" section not "Ark News"? Doesn't matter to me just seems silly to have the mobile section and place mobile... whatever forget it. This sounds cool. I'm excited.
  12. @Jen @Jatheish Few questions about the Parasaur: Is the Parasaur ability only utilized by tamed Parasaur? The clip would lead one to believe that is a wild parasaur and it is causing a wild raptor to flee. Will wild parasaur 'vocalizations' effect tames the same as a tamed parasaur 'vocalizations' effects wild? I may have missed it but is there a cool down with this 'vocalization'? Does the 'vocalization' have a limit to how many can be influenced by it? Do the fleeing dinos travel x distance before returning or is the fleeing status time based? Does it cause a loss of aggro or will it still be focused on coming back after the effect wears off? What is the range of the 'vocalization'? What is the range of the 'echolocation'? Is there a cooldown on the 'echolocation'? While in turret mode is 'echolocation' able to be set to a passive ability acting like a radar and thus signalling the 'vocalization' to be triggered alerting one's owner/tribe? Lastly, will there be any counter to the parasaur where one will know another is using a parasaur to 'echolocate' and thus isn't hidden? Perhaps a shoulder pet able to pick up such frequencies. If I am about to walk into a trap I would like some type of balance to this new ability. Thanks
  13. @Hammond What I am saying is the same as the difference between something is x and something is like x. So not accusing them of being such just saying they are making choices that represents it. So if it makes you feel better to say I am judging their actions sure as that matters little to me. But I am not judging them. And how would you classify their actions? Would your observation be they are tactical, smart, insightful, peaceful, or something else? Really look at the true meaning of the words and then compare to the context of the circumstances. They bent over as to avoid conflict. No plans of running, moving, prepping for a surprise attack, nothing. Then they brag about being given stuff so they can be better as a slave? If that isn't pathetic to you then we have different meanings of the word and I am curious how you would define it? Maybe I should change how I said it. I would feel pathetic and embarrassed to roll over like that? Does that make you happy? As I said I have been in such a place several times and I am proud I acted as I did. Wouldn't change it and never will. And again I must reiterate it's PVP.. feel like I'm beating a dead horse here. Agreed.
  14. Always a mystery to me why some definitions of survival include slavery and some don't. I wouldn't deem being a slave survival. Let me fix this: "Well done, you sold yourself! Well for now you are still alive and have to produce what they want or you'll get the same result you embarrassed yourself for to prevent. Call them daddy and other tribes will totally respect you and want to be your allies to overthrow them because clearly you bring something to the table. You basically have unlimited options." There ya go. Judgement and obvious observation are different. I don't think he or anyone who is doing this is any worse/better than me, it's just a pathetic and embarrassing move. Why even play a game if you're going to end up in servitude? Seriously is that how you have fun? Yikes hate to see the romance life. I have been in that position and we fought the best we could and lost. We earned the respect of the alpha tribe and they left us alone. On another server we lost to alpha again and we tried a different server. We have butted heads a few times with different alphas on different servers and only once became somewhat successful. Never have I EVER got on my knees and begged to make a deal to keep a freaking digital bird. PATHETIC. But I don't know anything. Did you just advise them to talk to your pimp? There is a bigger issue here.. how do you look in the mirror and not barf? .. no.. no their not. Plus if you want to go that route WHY ARE YOU PLAYING PVP? When did this game become PvofflineP? Does anyone know the second P stands for player? Not base, not while they are taking a dump, not anything but player. I bet you're really good at offline raids? Just guessing... I would change smart move to good tactic.. IF and only IF the plan was to follow through with the rest of what you said. But it's clear they are happy living as a servant. Do you go outside? When was the last time you saw the sky? When you say irl do you mean The Godfather? ...WOW just WOW.. If you think this is something to brag about we need to have a long conversation. They ENABLED you to be a better .. slave .. I can't say what I wanted to say. I would quit this game if I ever felt the need to brag about this. Why aren't you ashamed? Where is your self respect??? They are laughing at you... our race is doomed if this line of thinking ever becomes the popular opinion.
  15. So 519.1 no issues for me on single player PS4 Pro. Mine never updated to 519.2 as the patch notes say is the current version but a week after 519.2 was released mine updated to 519.3. I have a post somewhere with a picture of my screen showing it for proof. The first night I played after this mysterious update it crashed numerous times over and over for couple hours. Then it just stopped. Not sure what changed or how it corrected itself. Hasn't done it since. I posted these findings in another thread somewhere but wanted to share my experience here too. Patch notes still not updated as of writing this so if they don't update that they probably aren't going to even acknowledge this. Good luck everyone still having Ragnarok issues.
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