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  1. SirPeter

    Revival of tames ?

    Exactly what I had in mind. Thanks for using more words to explain it better haha.
  2. SirPeter

    The Center: Dead, TLC needed, or Good as is?

    "heard".. can you actually verify any of that? I have no plans to purchase another console EVER again UNTIL I get a solid PC. Looking around the price range of ~$1000. Feel that is a good price point to get something that will allow me to get good performance and decent graphics. Thinking maybe in a year or two max. I love my PS4 Pro but I am tired of missing out on some of the opportunities like mods available on PC that just doesn't really exist on console minus a few exceptions here and there.
  3. SirPeter

    The Center: Dead, TLC needed, or Good as is?

    Is this doable from a console? 'Mods' are not, but I have done zero research or searching of any kind on the availability of 'mod maps' for console. Based on the word mod being in the name I am assuming this is only for PC players, sadly I am not included in the master race as of yet. .. One day..
  4. SirPeter

    The Center: Dead, TLC needed, or Good as is?

    I would be cool with this. I don't need it to be a replacement for Aberration but more like something to suffice me for the small stuff and if I need something big then I'll still need to go there. I still want a new map that is the all inclusive map that has everything. I dreamed Ragnarok was going to be that map but that has been confirmed to not be happening so now I am here.. waiting.. to see what happens with third DLC. I would be okay with The Center being that map that has everything though since it's not a cannon map. Don't see why there can't be a awesome one stop shop map with everything. As a single player I can't speak for everyone clearly but the need to transfer characters is tedious, and unless your @Jlmaples (Can avoid car crashes from your couch and apparently live in a place where you drive places from your living room.. someone call this guy some help he sounds like he's fallen and can't get up in life ) then you have the risk of losing your characters, items, and tames. I have personally transferred numerous times and ascended once. I have only ever lost anything when I went to do a boss fight once and lost ALL my rexes, yuty, and pig. That was extremely frustrating as so much time went into breeding those rexes. I can't imagine how pissed I'd be if that was a regular occurrence to me as it has been for others. Or if that happened repeatedly when I was transferring. Anyways the point I am making is it would be nice and potentially beneficial to have a map that has everything in one place. DLC or not I don't care, anyone who thinks it's not fair or whatever if people paid for DLC we can have that discussion in another thread and I'll be happy to explain why that isn't a valid argument and unless someone is unreasonable, irresponsible, or just down right unable to understand simple logic I am certain they'll come around to understanding players shouldn't be upset about such content being available after someone has paid for the DLC. But that's another topic I am not looking to discuss here.
  5. SirPeter

    Life and Death

    I haven't done the labyrinth yet so no comment. When you are looking for death worms how are you approaching this? Flying..Riding dino.. walking on foot? You have to be right on them for them to aggro on you. If you are flying fast you can see them render in for a moment and are very easy to find. On foot use spectator view or "K" mode as they call in on PC. You can periodically check underground to see them. If you really want to find them easy forget that area all together and go into the ice cave and you can't miss them. Literally they will find you. haha good luck.
  6. SirPeter

    PS4 - Lag opening inventory

    I have been closely looking for this as I play and thanks a lot @ Obsidian you jerk haha now I have fully become aware and it annoys me. It is defintely there for my inventory and other inventories of storage and dinos. I had sweet sweet ignorance but now I am woke and not thrilled. I am playing in regular English, no language change or anything. EDIT: To clarify mine isn't for a full second, it's less than that but it's not a smooth transition and I notice the ever so slight pause every time I do access an inventory.
  7. SirPeter

    The Center: Dead, TLC needed, or Good as is?

    Agreed. Added, thanks for catching my oversight, meant to add and got distracted. I have some stuff on bosses in ideas but I added this to issues as it feels like it's also a problem and needed to be mentioned in both issues and ideas. Not yet. I haven't pushed it as hard as I could I guess.. In the past on different topics I have been successful in getting responses from management when I really pushed the envelope except Jat and Jen. They seem to ignore me. Don't misunderstand that though, it could be a number a variables: My questions to them weren't as valid/worded as well to require a response, the topic may not have been serious enough, my question was already answered by another response to another forum member, etc. So I am not complaining.. much If you are serious your entire post is "ignant" and I would delete it if I could to purify my thread of nonsense as this is meant to be constructive and serious. However if you're joking, then well played you definitely got a reaction out of me when I read it. At any rate the main flaw with such a logic is that you make the "ignant" assumption that your experience in a single circumstance is 100% sufficient evidence to say that it can't be any other way for any other players.. ever. YOU never lost YOUR character doesn't mean others haven't doing the same thing. If you can't understand what I mean by what I am saying then PM me or something I am not diluting this thread any further nor devoting any more energy towards this either. I wish you the best but please be on topic and be respectful or see yourself out. As far as your question you should ask someone who claims to have done the math you are asking for ratios that I do not have and I am not going to make up a number. To my knowledge still an issue. Don't see how it could be mods since we get the issue on console where mods don't exist. Thanks for your feedback! It's been so long since I have been on The Center now, I thought they added the supply drops already to that area? I guess I'll be adding that to my list. Ocean updates added, boss issue added, element already added. I'll check it out. Yea I agree. The Center needs something to draw a player to it. As it is there doesn't seem to be a purpose for it unless you just like the map layout as it is, or want a different map as you are tired of existing ones. But having an additional flavor of ice cream doesn't work well if there is dirt and bugs in the ice cream ya know? So the issues are so great it overpowers the point of having it around in the first place. Thanks everyone for insight, feedback, thoughts. Keep it coming. All constructive conversation welcome.
  8. SirPeter

    auto turrets

    Never seen them return to original position unless maybe a server restart or something.
  9. SirPeter

    Ragnarok Theory

    It saddens me to think nothing further will be done to enhance Ragnarok. The griffin explorer note is a little confusing and I would like to see that get explained with a story to go along including the explorer notes. Maybe it'll make more sense once extinction is released?
  10. Another user here stated first few hours was messed up and people were able to transfer their characters over? Now it has been corrected but those characters have remained over still? No idea personally just read it a few moments ago on a different thread.
  11. SirPeter

    Ragnarok Theory

    As per Genie45, Ragnarok is complete content wise.
  12. SirPeter

    Will there be dossiers and chests on ragnarok

    Guess the title should say "...and *chests*..."? Anyways, confident that from what I have seen around forums that Ragnarok will not be receiving anything new and is complete as is. Only things it gets moving forward will be bug fixes.
  13. SirPeter

    The final 1%

    I'll collect coords first then make a report.
  14. SirPeter

    Wildcard fix you ARK Website

    Just tried it and same thing for me. Error 1015 Ray ID: ---------------- • 2018-05-02 13:20:21 UTC You are being rate limited What happened? The owner of this website (playark.com) has banned you temporarily from accessing this website. @Chris is this just a default response and it's under maintenance or are we actually banned haha? I don't need to be on there so no issue to me personally but maybe you want to know if it's not supposed to be doing this?
  15. SirPeter

    Character delete after alpha ascension?

    I don't think the fix is live for PS4 yet. It's in the patch notes for PC not PS4 from what I see. So hopefully it'll make it's way to us very soon.