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  1. Playing on Nitrado servers with PS5. When I first started playing the game I did not change anything as to get a feel for rates and see exactly what I wanted to adjust in the server settings. First thing that jumped out was the time to imprint wild baby dinos. I figured perhaps that was just for the wild babies and ignored it. It would always say, needs attention in 3:00:00:00 (3+ days). I did try to adjust the settings a little after and noticed nothing changed so I chalked it up to my original belief that perhaps you just can’t adjust this for wild babies and the developers do not want to allow for wild babies to be imprinted. They always matured at what felt was official rates after a day or two IRL. Now a couple weeks later my wife and I have built up an area we’ve established and I’ve built a place for hatching eggs. Prior to hatching the eggs I’ve gone into Nitrado’s settings and increased the egg incubation speeds to 5x and baby maturation speeds to 5x with wants cuddle up to 10x just to be sure and planned to adjust after a few rounds of testing with different eggs until I could tweak the server settings as desired. This was my (very basic) results: - Test Argent: Approximately 30-35 min to hatch the egg next to air conditioners. Using Dododex the baby appeared to be maturing at a rate equal to official rates. The wants attention timer stated the same as wild babies, approximately 3 days. I used the admincheat to set imprint quality to 1 and that worked as far as showing imprinting by my character was 100% but I did not see the stats change at all after imprint as compared to what they were prior to imprint. I used admin cheat to make the argent fully matured and the stats remained the same in the event it required complete maturation prior to stats adjusting. They remained as they were prior to adjusting the maturation and prior to changing imprint to “1”. I thought perhaps using the admin cheats doesn’t yield any benefits so I did not apply this approach to the rex. - Test Rex: Approximately 1 hour to hatch the egg next to the same air conditioners. Using Dododex the baby appeared to be also maturing at a rate equal to official rates. About 2 hours from hatched, to juvenile. I only waited an hour before bed, where the rex was around 5% matured. My estimates could easily be off but I figured it would still be pretty accurate guess by that point. I haven’t used any admin cheats on the rex and now the next morning it’s still maturing with the wants attention timer at 2:22:00:00. I’ve tried playing with the server settings repeatedly now. Restarting the server, fully stopping and starting. Reviewing the ini files to confirm they match what the simple UI entries I put in, and they do. I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong at this point. The particular numbers I have are just starting points while I tweak the figures to reach a good setting. I just want faster than official but not crazy fast so there is still some delayed gratification. Instead of 16+ hour rexes perhaps maybe like 6-10 hours, something like that. Obviously I’d like to be able to get 100% imprinted on anything I raise so I want my settings to be balanced. If I’m missing anything please advise, and if I’m writing a ticket to Nitrado as well but they usually take 24-48 hours to respond so I was hoping perhaps I’d get some good info here sooner? ***EDIT: I tried to submit a ticket via Nitrado and it failed. Numerous times I tried each time saying it failed try again in a few min. Then I see their chat is online so I start a chat. I was 2 in que and waited a few min for them to join the chat. The guy in chat literally tells me their server settings not working is not a “technical issue” and that he can’t help me. So then I ask him who I should speak with to help me and he says I should write a ticket. I explain it’s not working and he sends me a link to “how to submit a ticket correctly”. I explain to him I’ve been a Nitrado customer for many years and know exactly how to submit a ticket. If the transcript actually does get emailed to me I’ll include it here. Anyone part of the Ark team should be appalled and embarrassed that your product is even associated with Nitrado. If I wasn’t already aware of the many issues and complaints surrounding them I’d be more frustrated but I’m unaware of any other options for servers for ASA with PS5.
  2. @Jatheish @Eli Not an angry post so read entire thing . Any word on QoL update progress? Or any related news on QoL update in general? Making progress/stuck/issues/S+ is looking awesome for console? Anything? Haha I'm starved for news that is relevant to my daily experience with the game. Contests are exciting and what not but just a distraction from state of game. Could you please elaborate or even mention something about QoL update? I am not demanding a hard release date just anything surrounding the topic to get me by until there is more to share about the topic. Is that asking too much? Can the weekly community crunch actually consist of some slightly juicier news? How about "Here are some pics of the dev team working away at the QoL update" then post some pics of them. I don't care if they are actually working on it. Just throw me a freaking bone here. Love you guys, you're awesome. Thanks for keeping up the grind, just share some of it!!
  3. Like that single player can spawn stuff in to enjoy event also. Means a lot. I assume those commands will work for console as well? Hope so. I believe it's the same person, art looks the same but I really enjoy seeing the dossiers drawn by mateaperic51. I look for them each week now as I started noticing them about two or three weeks ago. Not sure when they started popping up. Should be a mini series about failed attempts by (in game) ark's creators all these dinos that either didn't make it into the arks we have available to us, or didn't make it at all. Let mateaperic51 design all the creatures. Wouldn't mind seeing some of his creations in game. Maybe a modder could create some of his stuff and get dev's attention to implement. If I knew mateaperic's name here I'd tag him but that doesn't appear to be it as it doesn't populate anything for me. Love the creativity Mateaperic, keep up the good work.
  4. Shouldn't this be under the "Ark Mobile New" section not "Ark News"? Doesn't matter to me just seems silly to have the mobile section and place mobile... whatever forget it. This sounds cool. I'm excited.
  5. @Jen @Jatheish Few questions about the Parasaur: Is the Parasaur ability only utilized by tamed Parasaur? The clip would lead one to believe that is a wild parasaur and it is causing a wild raptor to flee. Will wild parasaur 'vocalizations' effect tames the same as a tamed parasaur 'vocalizations' effects wild? I may have missed it but is there a cool down with this 'vocalization'? Does the 'vocalization' have a limit to how many can be influenced by it? Do the fleeing dinos travel x distance before returning or is the fleeing status time based? Does it cause a loss of aggro or will it still be focused on coming back after the effect wears off? What is the range of the 'vocalization'? What is the range of the 'echolocation'? Is there a cooldown on the 'echolocation'? While in turret mode is 'echolocation' able to be set to a passive ability acting like a radar and thus signalling the 'vocalization' to be triggered alerting one's owner/tribe? Lastly, will there be any counter to the parasaur where one will know another is using a parasaur to 'echolocate' and thus isn't hidden? Perhaps a shoulder pet able to pick up such frequencies. If I am about to walk into a trap I would like some type of balance to this new ability. Thanks
  6. You know I get both sides of it. @flamron I would love to have one centralized location for information and to me it would be easier for people to find for themselves rather than asking constantly. Also for Twitter they are just going to have to Tweet a link to the forum which will hopefully increase views and people joining as well as growing the community making the experience better for everyone? Just my thoughts on the matter. But I accept they are doing what they do for their own reasons and for all I know it is better than what I know or at the very least it is what works for them? It is what it is and if I get hung up on it, it'll drive me crazy so I just accept they will do what they will do and I'll just have to play along or start my own company, design, develop, complete, sell my own game and then I can do things how I want to do it haha.
  7. @flamron I got a reply. Don’t shoot the messenger if you don’t like the answer but I’ll accept it for now haha. I can only imagine how busy these guys are.
  8. @flamronSo I checked on Twitter, scrolled through @Chris tweets and saw one talking about it but didn’t see anything for a specific ETA for iOS. I could have overlooked it since I was leaving work but I was unsuccessful in finding anything beyond what I already knew. I replied to the tweet to chris and if I get an answer I’ll post it here. EDIT: I went back to November on his Twitter and found only two tweets related to iOS app. Scrolled through both tweets replies and didn’t see anything related to an ETA for iOS release. Again could have missed it. But I did look and didn’t see anything. Tweet1: Tweet2:
  9. @cad Regarding the mobile app. If you did a go fund me/ patreon/ whatever I know there are several and I am sure you get the point and enough was funded it would pay for your time and make it worth it. Have you thought about doing that?
  10. @Chris Any update on the status for iOS? Haven't heard/seen anything on this.
  11. That twitter quote is in relation to the latest patch for Sony/PS4. This thread is to discuss Ark at E3 and what was announced in relation to the release date, new map, griffin, etc. @Hype365 you should be posting in the proper thread as you probably aren't going to get an answer here (maybe you will I personally want the answer too). @Apacheman951 You can't prove anything you are saying otherwise provide evidence. Without it you are just spreading rumors and not providing anything constructive to the forum. You make yourself look silly and lose all credit to your point. Also like with Hype365 post your complaint in the proper thread. This isn't the place to complain about the PS4 update being delayed. So if you want to preach responsibility then practice what you preach and post responsibly with supported facts and in the proper places. Not trying to argue with either of you, I too want the PS4 update ASAP but I understand that delays happen and I am happy the issues are being fixed rather than allowed to remain and we download a broken update which causes massive failures. If you feel there isn't a topic that satisfies your points then start your own thread, but please don't hijack a thread especially with negative comments, no supports and expect any positive results/answers.. Here you both go because I love you both so much you lucky dogs you!
  12. @Jat This. For PC or console will there be an option to upgrade to the collector's edition?
  13. If this was a mobile app I would have already downloaded it while typing this...
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