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  1. Y'all want the discord link so this post doesn't get deleted like the ocean one did?
  2. Some servers use parasaurs to detect meshers. I don't want that changed, meshers are a bad thing on servers, too.
  3. This will just people occasionally go on to Scorched Earth to transfer some dinos. This will also make Ragnarok even more popular. Ragnarok has a ton of stuff already that other maps do not, even scorched earth, so we need to just keep Ragnarok the way it is. What we need is a TLC for Scorched Earth and The Center.
  4. My friends and I are building a map. Want to help us?
  5. You're telling me you know 50 PEOPLE in real life who not only play ark, but want this dino in the game, and not to mention all of your tribe members across several maps. There are people here, with legitimate, good suggestions, relevant titles and the entire community wants the stuff. And here you are clickbaiting.
  6. This is in no way urgent. I'm pretty sure that right now the devs are just working on optimizing the game and fixing bugs. There is no reason that this is urgent, and no need for the entire post to be bold. You wanting a single dinosaur to be added isn't "so much people". We also have a ton of carnivores, raptor, carnotaurus, allosaurus, t rex, giga, and other non-dinosaur carnivores. We don't need another one. Also, the rex is a standing ground between smaller dinos and gigas, no need to add a standing ground between rex and giga, and carcharodontosaurus was small than a rex in reality.
  7. Oceania, 1% completion Hey survivors! I'm presenting you with a future map that I and my friends are working on! Unlike the other maps, this map is mainly water, in fact I'm going for a layout of 90% water to 10% land. We are somewhat in the concept/early development stage, and over the summer I will be working around the clock to get the map finished, and it will continue throughout this year and possibly into next year. The map, like the name implys, is based around water, and it takes many of the ark biomes and turns them into underwater variants, along with new biomes, custom resources, items, weapons, creatures and structures. Unique Features - A variety of new biomes, including a toxic sea, coral dome, element plains and many others. - Many old biomes turned into underwater variants. - Creatures designed specifically for this map, although compatible with others. Almost all are amphibious or water based. - Custom lore and explorer notes, possible custom ascension. - Custom items, weapons, and structures. Plans - Finish the map. - Making the creatures, animating them, texturing them, making saddles for ridable creatures. - Finishing the items, weapons, and structures. - Bug fixing. - Releasing on steam. - Hopefully getting sponsored. We gained inspiration from Ragnarok (interactable terrain, stuff like that), and also from The Center for many ocean features. I would also like to give credit to Unreal Engine 4 and the ARK Dev Kit, which we are using to make the map itself, and Blender for the creature modeling. If anyone would like to help out, talk to use personally, or have a discussion on future plans or features please visit our discord server. A link can be found below. Discord Link
  8. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell you just said. What just mentioned didn't have a single thing to do at all with what I previously commented. P.S. Steve isn't from Super Smash Bros Ultimate he's from Minecraft.
  9. I'm building a map with a few people. At the moment, they are working on creatures, explorer notes, ect, and I'm the one supposed to work on the map. Btw it's a water map called Oceania. I'm pretty new to the dev kit, and help would be appreciated.
  10. Hey guys, James here, the original post we made for this was pretty small, so I decided to make this huge containing all of the ideas. This is the second part in the three part speculative dlc, when story wise, the survivors start off in the ocean dlc, ascend to here, and then ascend to the sky dlc. So this dlc idea is an opposite to Scorched Earth. It is composed of almost entirely snow covered biomes, with unique creatures, and items designed specifically for early game snow exploring. Biomes: 1. Frosty Beaches. The early-game area, not as cold as the other regions, but you'd still need to try and get hide armor early on. Many of the early on creatures would be found here, but more so mammals and birds then reptiles. Penguins could also be found here, giving organic polymer early on. The title is self explanatory. 2. Tundra Plains. You'll see many of the locations explain themselves in the titles, this area is a large, open plain, with grazing herbivores and carnivores. Snow storms sometimes happen here, and you will need Ski Goggles to see clearly. It is not the coldest place, but still bring a torch. 3. Pine Forest. Similar to the pine forests on Ragnarok, but with snow. Some cool looking creatures can be found here. Beware, though, don't run into a Wendigo. 4. Snowy Redwoods. Similar to the redwoods of the island, but with snow. Metal deposits can be found in the more hilly areas, and the crystals are near see through from above, blending in with the snow. Oil veins can be found here, and the usual normal oil as well. 5. Icy Peaks. The highest peak on the map, you are towering above the clouds. Vegetation is sparse, and very weird creatures can be found. The area is very cold. 6. Volcanic Area. We couldn't make a snow area without a fire spot, that's where this place comes in. The center of the biome has a huge volcano, legend says a reward can be given if sacrifices are made. 7. Ice Flat. A large, open field of ice covers part of the ocean. Some places are thick, and building can be done, but other places have thinner ice, beware. In the areas of thinner ice, walking with large creatures has a possible chance of breaking the ice, memorization of paths are key. Ice Fishing can be done on certain areas of thin ice. Creatures: 1. Wendigo. A mysterious creature found deep within the forest. It can be ridden, dealing a nuasiating attack and a charge attack with it's antlers. 2. Snow Ferret. Early-game shoulder mount. Increases the warmth of anyone who wears it. 3. Yak. It has a charge attack, with a rage meter like a rhino, and has the same debuffs like a trike, but on full rage meter only. Full rage meter deals double damage. Can produce milk, which can be warmed up to give an increased insulation, although both raw and cooked milk can be drunken for water and a small amount of food. The yak has a pack bonus. Can harvest berrys, thatch, and fiber. 4. Mammoth Wyvern. Although the ice wyvern can be found on the map, the mammoth wyvern has fur, to protect heavily against insulation, and tusks that deal a good melee attack. Charge attack when flying. Can shoot snowballs and iceballs at enemys. 5. Frost Drake. Similar to the rock drake from aberration, but a frost variant. Can give a freezing debuff inflicting hypothermia. Can see in blizzards and sense thermal. 6. Glacial Griffin. Griffin variant for the snow map. 7. Ice Golem. Mini-boss similar to the lava one on Ragnarok. 8. Ice Rubble. Similar to the rubble golems on scorched earth, but a snow variant. 9. Gannetwhale. The gannetwhale is similar to a bird, although it's like a seal. You know what, here, I can't explain it, here's a picture. Items: 1. Wolf Sled. Attach up to 4 dire wolfs. The more the faster you go. Can fit 2 people on the sled. 2. Thermal Goggles. Goggles that can sense heat patterns of the surrounding area, as well as animals and people. 3. Thermal Berries. Berries that provide warmth when eaten. 4. Thermal Scope. Similar to the thermal goggles but a scope attachment for a weapon. Can also be used on its own like a spyglass. 5. Cheese. 5 milk makes one cheese. It takes 20 minutes to cook, and gives its full benefit after aging for about another 20 minutes. It provides benefits like beer does. Provides 50 hunger. 6. Igloo. Provides early game warmth. Made of snow and ice. You can put a chimney on the top and a campfire inside to provide even extra warmth. 7. Yak Milk. 8. Yak Meat. 9. Yellow Boletus. A cave mushroom that heals when cooked and eaten. Map Specific Features: 1. Mainly snow covered map, provides a challenge early-game. 2. Slight focus on magic, although I will provide another map idea based around magic when I get the chance. 3. Unique creatures. 4. Unique items and structures. 5. Special explorer notes, dossiers and a detailed lore More ideas will be added as I go.
  11. Funny how this was released after I made my oceania dlc idea.
  12. I will make this post for everyone to put up ideas for small suggestions, maybe a dino or an item, that would be too small to make a full on post about.
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