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  1. Unfortunately, Wildcard rarely reads suggestions at all and because the posts are auto sorted on devices to most votes and the front page has 70 votes at the least, it will pretty much be impossible to get your post popular until Wildcard updates the Suggestions forum. Luckily they may actually update it soon.
  2. Dude for your first post, this is amazing. Well organized (more so than almost all suggestions) and with nice details and arguments. You should make more suggestions.
  3. I added in the website to the main post now.
  4. New W.I.P Modded Map : Oceania Hey everyone, my friend is going to be building a map for ARK: Survival Evolved called Oceania. The map is going to be based around the water. Unlike other maps, 90% of this map will be water, with only a very tiny portion of 10% being devoted to land. Of the land that does exist, most will be in the form of underwater caves, with a few underwater bubbles and some sandbar islands here and there, but THAT'S IT! The map will have several unique locations to help build a base in, new structures, vehicles, creatures, items, resources and weapons to help with living sustainably underwater and exploring early game. Brainstormers and writers aside, we currently only have 1 single person that is working on modeling creatures and building the map. If anyone has a good enough pc, the dev kit, and experience with modeling creatures or map making, we would love to have you on the team! Website: https://1550701.wixsite.com/website-2
  5. Will suggestion votes every be wiped? As the title suggests, I'm wondering if the posts in the Suggestions area will ever be wiped of their votes. That board quickly had the front page filled up within a month, and the same posts have been there for nearly a year. Because of this, there is a near 0% chance for any new posts to get onto the front page (the page is automatically set to sort by votes). The new suggestions forum update has neared one year now, so I'm wondering if the posts might have their votes wiped soon (not the posts themselves).
  6. He's saying that you can brainstorm ideas for the map on its thread, but don't talk about other maps. For example, we can continue to brainstorm ideas for Sky Rulers on here but not for other maps (e.g. Oceania, Frozen Earth).
  7. I think there should still be a punishment for falling off the islands, it just would not be that severe. The water buffer would be present to help new players who fall off still have a chance, but it would still be incredibly difficult to get back on top of the islands, which would be very high in the air. If it teleported you back up, items for the map like the Safety Net and Safety Rope would be useless.
  8. There would be geysers in some areas to help you get back on the islands, and a location named the "Mist Zone" would be on the map.
  9. Well, no... There would be tons of new features which would make it unique, but I do vote yes as well
  10. Asking someone what part do they not understand is a clear insult which is basically calling me dumb.
  11. "I'm curious. What part about the green numbers from the last 6 or so months do you not understand?" That's clearly calling me dumb.
  12. I did not see that, there's no need to be rude about it! We're having a perfectly calm discussion there's no no need to be throwing insults. For a moderator like yourself, you really do seem to have a lot of attitude towards the forum members, and I'd like you to actually try to act professional.
  13. If less people played a game you would expect less people to search up the game. Not to mention the shear amount of things in ARK and how many people would be searching them up (building, pvp, bosses, artifacts, base spots, dlc's, ect...).
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