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  1. Archived Suggestions Could we be able to see the old suggestions forum posts as archives? I heard by a forum staff that they aren't deleted.
  2. I added your suggestion in and credited you. Also could you please vote yes on this suggestion.
  3. ARK: Survival Revamped: Not a new game, a new update ARK: Survival Evolved What do you think of when you hear this word. Well, you think of a game about pvp, grinding, and thousands of bred tames (well some of you do at least). Now say 2 years ago, or 3 years ago (or at least when ark just came out), I gave you that game title, would you still think of that? Probably not. You would think of waking up on an island with strange beasts from the past, towering futuristic obelisks and the harsh struggle to survive on this mystifying island. I want to bring the awe of ark back to its players. This is what ARK: Survival Revamped is. Not a new game, definitely not a new game. It's the name of the update I'm suggesting. This update will completely rework the game from the ground up. It isn't just going to focus on one thing, I'm going to take several fan suggested bug fixes, quality of life improvements and small additions along with my own that will overall make this feel like a whole new game and bring the feel of playing a new game for the first time back to ark players, and make it a better experience for new players. I present to you the new update, ARK: Community Revamped! The Main Menu We will first start our journey on the main menu. This is the area everyone sees first, and it is very important as it gives a good (or bad) first impression design wise. Just like it does on consoles, it will start by showing all of the companys. First it will show Wildcard, then that other company with the claw marks, forgot the name, than Unreal Engine 4 will show, then the company after that, then the ARK logo will come together. It will basically be like what it does on the console, with all of the companys and than an ark logo and the "Start" button. If you've first installed the game, it won't show the Extinction soundtrack, logo and background, but instead the normal ark logo and menu soundtrack, along with a background. The logo and soundtrack will change depending on what map you last played, and the background will change depending on where you last were on the map. The animations (yes) for the background aren't set for a specific coordinate, they are pre-made and made for a specific section of the map. Let's use The Center as an example. If the area you were at was in the swamp or on the floating island, the background would be set to the camera in the swamp, hovering above the mangrove trees and the floating island would slowly spin over time to show all sides. Get it? Like a video. Wind and moving foliage would be in it, but no creatures. The Island would have the normal menu theme song, ark logo, and either the black smoke of the normal menu and loading screen or a shot of somewhere on The Island. The Center would have a shot of somewhere on the map, The Center music, and the normal ark logo with the words The Center. Scorched Earth would have the Scorched Earth music, a background of somewhere on the map and the Scorched Earth logo. Aberration would have a background of somewhere on the map, the Aberration soundtrack and Aberration logo. Ragnarok would have the Ragnarok logo, soundtrack and a Ragnarok background. Extinction would have the Extinction logo, soundtrack and a background. For Primitive + there would just be the Primitive + logo at the top. Onto the next bit, the layout. Do you remember how before this new menu, there was the ark logo centered in the middle of the screen and the buttons were below it? Yah, I want to go back to that, it looks great, and IMO looks far better then this new menu present in ark right now. This is the layout of buttons underneath the ark logo. "Join Ark" as the first button. "Host \ Local" underneath that. "Options" underneath that. "Survival Guide" under that. "Credits" under that. "Exit" would be the final one. Just like right now/the old menu except "Survival Guide" and "Credits" weren't present in the old menu. "Exit" would be there on console, too, and not just pc, and would bring you to the console's homescreen. The promotions for a new paid for dlc (like how it says "ARK EXTINCTION GET IT NOW") would be gone. They are shameful self promotions and shouldn't clutter up this new beautiful menu. The news section would stay where it is. The total conversions section would be changed to the top left instead of the bottom right (or there would be a setting in options if you don't like this change). If you click on credits, the same music "Evolve" would play except the video they used made up of edited ark trailers would also be in the background. When you click on "Host \ Local" for pc players the side bar of mods wouldn't be there, rather those boxes would appear if you clicked a button at the top of the screen. Instead, the ark descriptions and an accompanying picture would show when you clicked a map just like it does on console. You would also have the ability to create several worlds of the same map. If there is no way to remove the tether barrier on console ark, than we should at least be able to play on our own dedicated server. The Maps Explorer Notes So far only official maps have explorer notes. This is fine, but it would be better if the other maps also have explorer notes and dossiers. It's not that hard to come up with them, for example, one The Center explorer note branch could be about a few people who wake up in the bubble, realize diplocaulus can "re-breath" and domesticate a few to get to the surface, where they come across another tribe. A Ragnarok explorer note could be about the people who made the swamp castle, and maybe about a great battle from another tribe who destroyed it. See, it would add onto the lore so much if the other maps had explorer notes. The Center The Center would be an example of a great map, except it's still a meshers dream and doesn't really do the best that it can. Below is a list of things that would actually bring players back to the map. PvP is a nightmare on this map, I know Wildcard has been working hard to get rid of meshes lately, but The Center is filled with holes and glitch spots. The Center needs to be fixed meshing wise a ton. Layers of map are not visible at particular perspectives. Ground and large rocks invisible from one spot are visible from another spot, this should be fixed. The underwater bubbles, even though they have land in them, the game thinks are part of the water. This can cause dinos to randomly teleport to the surface and should be fixed. The game should recognize the bubbles as land. Cave spawns need to be toned down a ton. Right now, caves on The Center have way to over spawning and over crowding of Araneo, Onyx, Arthropleura, Titanoboa, Pulmonoscorpius and Dung Beetle. It makes caves a living hell, it's the reason most people just enable cave flyers on there server, and it lags the game. Terrain is very cubic and artificial looking. This is probably just me, but it really bugs me, The Center terrain especially around the tropical islands and the jungles look really cubic and blocky. This is probably, again, just something that bugs me, but it would be nice to smooth out the terrain a bit. Griffin spawns on the floating island. Right now, the floating island's 4 main spawns (as listed as"Very Common" on the wiki) are Pteranodon, Pulmonoscorpius, the Raptor and the Rex. I really don't think everything on there should want to kill you. Heck, herbivores do spawn on the island, but you never see any because the million carnivores kill them all. Similar to how Ragnarok has Scorched Earth, The Center should have Aberration, especially because of the unique diversity of The Center's caves. Unique ocean engrams for The Center. The Center has a lot of water, and unique stuff, but nothing to do with that stuff. There should be unique resources like Kelp, Sea Grass (for berries) and Coral, along with unique engrams for those resources like Kelp Bandages, Coral Armor and small submarines, possibly even a new and reworked underwater building system. All tek engrams available. The Center ascension, brings you to Ragnarok, there should also be a Ragnarok ascension that brings you to Valguero. Sunken obelisk and water boss. Thunderstorms should also bring rough waves. Aberrant creatures in the underground world. Adjusted element payout from bosses. Different weather patterns can disturb flyers. More unique ruins, not just plain old arcs and floors. Basilosaurus pressure not based on map height, but volume of water and depth of body of water, that way there is no pressure damage in the cauldron or underground world. Achatina spawns in ruins. No Araneo spawns in the ice caves. Redwood forest mushrooms (under the trees) being harvestable. Scorched Earth This map, along with The Center, has pretty much been forgotten about at this point. TEK Wyvern Saddle A tek cave that is found in the correct ruins, and a scorched earth ascension. This leaves a huge plothole in the story, Wildcard, give us the SE Ascension. Savanna biome. Come on, man, like, seriously? You make a dessert map, it has dunes, canyons, all of that, but no Savanna? The map seriously needs one especially since it is a dessert map. Plantable cacti. Dune Buggy. This used to be something you could get with commands but was sadly removed. There's a Tek ATV, so this would fit in perfectly especially with a dunes map. Saddle engrams for water creatures shouldn't even show up on the engram list. Make irrigation pipes also connectable to oil pumps, and you can pipe oil to crafting benches like the fabricator. Valhalla Something that would probably be far in the future, but seeing how Ragnarok is a sequel to Valhalla, I think this map should be added. It is also very interesting, and along with The Center helped to pioneer modded maps. Farming and Consumables Farming is something in ark that not much people care about. I think that farming, food and consumables should be expanded upon greatly and people should actually want to farm plants apart from base defense or kibble. Irrigation Irrigation should have some things touched up about it. Being able to put irrigation taps on flexible irrigation, and being able to put other pipes connected to flexible irrigation. Option on each pipe to make it invisible. Being able to destroy irrigation with an admin blink rifle. Requirement of more than 1 water intake pipe depending on how much water taps you have. Crop Plots A nice feature would be small, medium and large crop plots as categorys with several crop plots within those. In small crop plots there would be square (planting of 1), triangle (planting of 1) and rectangle (planting of 2-3 depending on size of rectangle). Medium would have square, triangle and rectangle and large would have square, triangle and rectangle. Poop dropped on top of (or pooped on top of) a crop plot will immediately enter its inventory unless full. Crops Below is a list of all of the crops, new ones I'm suggesting and old ones. I think mobile and Primitive + crops should be implemented into the main game. Aberration mushrooms are also plantable, and require other plant seeds, berries, ect to be in a crop plot with them, since the mushrooms themselves don't need Fertilizer. Compost Bin P+ = Primitive + Mbl = Mobile Amarberry Can be made into Amarberry Juice in a Fruit Press. Azulberry Can be made into Azulberry Juice in a Fruit Press. Mejoberry Can be made into Mejoberry Juice in a Fruit Press. Narcoberry Can be used with Stimberrys in a Fruit Press to make Stimbull Juice. Stimberry Can be used with Narcoberrys in a Fruit Press to make Stimbull Juice. Tintoberry Can be made into Tintoberry Juice in a Fruit Press. Citronal Longrass You can now cook these into a Corn on the Cob. Rockarrot Savoroot Plant Species X Plant Species Y Plant Species Z Aggerabic Mushroom Ascerbic Mushroom Auric Mushroom Aquatic Mushroom Cactus Oysters (Silica Pearls) Rare Mushrooms Rare Flowers Barley (P+) Can be used to make Beer. Cabbage (P+) Camellia (P+) Can be used to make Tea. Cashew (P+) Coffee (P+) Addition of ground coffee beans which you can make in a mortar and pestle. Ground Coffee Beans can be made into a Cup of Coffee which is like a Stimulant variant. Grape (P+) You need to grow these on a fence, because Grapes grow on vines. If cooked, you can get Raisins. Rice (P+) Sorghum (P+) Can be used to make Sorghum Cereal. Soybean (P+) Spinach (P+) Can be used to make salad. Sugarcane (P+) Can be used to make Cane Sugar. Tobacco (P+) Can be used to make Cigarettes. Tomato (P+) Lettuce (P+) Wheat (P+) Can be used to make bread. Snake Plant (Mbl) Papaver (Mbl) Aconitum (Mbl) Leucanthemum (Mbl) Hemerocallis (Mbl) New Consumables Wheat Beer (P+) An alternate beer that can be crafted with Wheat instead of Barley. (crafted in Bear Barrel) Tomato Juice (P+) Crafted in Fruit Press. Tomato Sauce (P+) Made from cooking Tomatos in a Cooking Pot. Tofu (P+) Crafted with Soybeans. Amarberry Juice (P+) Azulberry Juice (P+) Mejoberry Juice (P+) Tintoberry Juice (P+) Stimbull Juice (P+) Ground Soybean (P+) Made from grinding Soybeans in a mortar and pestle. Soy Milk (P+) Made from cooking Ground Soybean in a Cooking Pot. Ground Sorghum Made from grinding Sorghum in a Mortar and Pestle. Sorghum Cereal Made from Ground Sorghum on the Cooking Table. Sorghum Syrup (P+) Made from cooking Sorghum in a Cooking Pot. Salad (P+) Made on a Cooking Table with Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Cooked Meat, Cashews and Organic Oil. Wheat Flour (P+) Made from grinding Wheat in a mortar and pestle. Pizza Dough (P+) Made on a Cooking Table with Wheat Flour, Salt and Natural Yeast. Pizza (P+) Made by putting Pizza Dough, Tomato Sauce and Cooked Meat in a Cooking Pot. Ground Cashew (P+) Made by grinding Cashew in a mortar and pestle. Cashew Milk (P+) Made by cooking Ground Cashew in a Cooking Pot. Pancake Batter (P+) Made by combining Cashew Milk, Organic Oil, Salt and Wheat Flour on a Cooking Table. Pancake (P+) Made by cooking Pancake Batter on a Campfire or Industrial Grill. Fresh Fat (P+) A drop from certain big game. Organic Oil (P+) Made with any seeds and Fresh Fat in a mortar and pestle. Natural Yeast (P+) Made by combining water from any jar/canteen/waterskin and Wheat Flour in a Cooking Table. Amarberry Jam (P+) Azulberry Jam (P+) Mejoberry Jam (P+) Tintoberry Jam (P+) Stimbull Jam Cane Sugar (P+) Made from grinding Sugarcane in a mortar and pestle. Icing (P+) Made by combining Cane Sugar, Corn Starch and Soymilk on the Cooking Table. Grape Juice (P+) Made with Grapes in a Fruit Press. Sugar Juice (P+) Made with Sugarcane in a Fruit Press. Frog Legs Beelzebufo's drop 2 of them. Fresh Poultry (P+) All birds will now drop this instead of meat. Fermented Grape Wine (P+) Made by spoiling Grapes in a Beer Barrel. Dried Tobacco (P+) Made by cooking Tobacco. Ground Coffee Beans (P+) Made by grinding Coffee Beans in a mortar and pestle. Cup of Coffee (P+) Made with Ground Coffee Beans and water in a Cooking Pot. Dried Barley (P+) Made from cooking Barley. Cup of Malt (P+) Made by grinding Dried Barley. Cup of Tea (P+) Made by putting Camellia and water in a Cooking Pot. Dried Wheat (P+) Made by cooking Wheat. Wheat Starch (P+) Made by grinding Dried Wheat Cookie Dough (P+) Made by combining Cane Sugar, Dodo Eggs, Wheat Flour, Salt and Soymilk in a Cooking Table. Cookie (P+) Made by cooking Cookie Dough. Baked Bread Loaf (P+) Made by cooking Bread Dough. Bread Dough (P+) Combine Wheat Flour and Natural Yeast in a Cooking Table. Baked Honey Loaf (P+) Made by baking Bread Dough and Honey. Beeswax (P+) A resource found in Bee Hives, can be used to make candles. Biscuit Batter (P+) Combine Wheat Flour, Salt and Soymilk in a Cooking Table. Biscuit (P+) Bake Biscuit Batter. Braggot Mead (P+) Combine Honey, water and a Cup of Malt in a Bear Barrel. Chicken Broth (P+) Combine Fresh Poultry, water and Rockarrots in a Cooking Pot. Cake Batter Combine Wheat Flour, Cane Sugar, Salt, Organic Oil, Soymilk and a Dodo Egg in a mortar and pestle. Cake Cook Cake Batter and Icing to get Cake. It can be placed down and eaten on the table. Feather Dropped from all birds. Creatures and TLC Below is the list of creatures, and what TLC I would like to give to them, because right now, most creatures really need a TLC. Achatina Allosaurus Ammonite A smaller variant of the Ammonite (called "Small Ammonite") that spawns near the surface in coral reefs and open ocean. It drops Meat, Chitin and Oil and secretes no Ammonite Bile, nor does it drop any. Anglerfish Ankylosaurus Araneo Ability for the Araneo to climb on walls. Argentavis Arthropleura Attack Drone Tek Drone being an actual engram in Extinction. It has a built in camera and can shoot bullets, although it is very weak. The Silencer, Flashlight Attachment or Laser Attachment can be equipped on it. Baryonyx Cool idle animation where it walks up to the water, picks up a fish out of the water and starts to eat it. Basilisk Basilosaurus Basilosaurus pressure damage not based on the maps depth and sea level, but the depth of the current body of water it is in. Beelzebufo Beelzebufo being able to use it's toung to snatch up Titanomyrma and Meganeura in one bite. Brontosaurus Less glitchy feet when stepping on resources. Bulbdog Bunny Dodo Making it tamable. Bunny Oviraptor Making it tamable. Carbonemys Ability to retract into its shell. Carnotaurus Ram attack with horns. Castroides Chalicotherium Mobile Beer Barrel, not just for Beer, but for all Beer Barrel functions. Chalk Golem Cnidaria Similar to how Ragnarok has beached Basilosaurus, and Valguero has beached Icthyosaurus, The Center should have beached Cnidaria. Coelacanth Compy Corrupt Tumor Daeodon Deathworm Deathworm larvae stages like in the concept art. Defense Unit Unique Extinction engram which you can craft. Desert Titan Desert Titan Flock Dilophosaurus Dimetrodon Dimorphodon Diplocaulus A saddle for this thing. There is already one in the dev kit but it went unused. The lack of a saddle pretty much discourages people from riding this thing at all, because you can't ride it on land. Diplodocus If not giving it an actual attack, at least let it be able to step on smaller creatures and do damage. Dire Polar Bear Ability to transfer these. Direbear Let them be able to pick up fish from the water, and make them effective at harvesting Prime Fish Meat. Diseased Leach Dodo Sexual dimorphism in dodo feathers. Also being able to hand feed them. Dodo Wyvern Dodo Rex Doedicurus Dung Beetle Dunkleosteus It seems half of the rocks in the water are unharvestable, this needs to change. Eerie Creatures Brought over to the main ark and they spawn inside of ruins on Ragnarok or Valguero. Electrophorus Enforcer Equus Being able to use the Lasso while riding Ovis. Eurypterid Better land animations, so they aren't swimming on land. Featherlight Fire Wyvern Forest Wyvern These could make an actual good tame if introduced, if they had some special abilitys maybe Pheromone Blast. Gacha GachaClaus Gallimimus Gasbags Giant Bee If you own a Bee Hive or Giant Queen Bee , these can be summoned to fight for you. Giant Queen Bee Giganotosaurus Gigantopithicus Glowbug You can catch one of these in a water jar and place it as a light. Glowtail Griffin Hyaenodon Ice Golem Tamable. Ice Titan Iceworm Male Iceworm Queen Icthyornis Icthyosaurus These could jump out of water like the Basilosaurus. Iguanodon Jerboa Jug Bug Jug Bug Congealed Gas variant, it could live on Aberration in the gas areas. Kairiku Kairiku ability to make nests in the wild, since they do have wild babies Kaprosuchus Karkinos Kentrosaurus King Titan Lamprey Lava Elemental Leech Player ability to hold Y (xbox), E (pc) or triangle (ps4) to grab Leeches off of themselves. Leedsicthys Lightning Wyvern Liopleurodon Lymantria Breedable Lymantria, the larvae are caterpillars, and they mature by building a cocoon (structure). Lystrosaurus Mammoth Managarmr Manta Mantis Mega Mek Megalania Megaloceros All Megaloceros (wild, not already tamed ones) being Reindeer during Winter Wonderland. Megalodon Ability to sense wounded prey from a far distance. Megalosaurus Meganeura Tamable shoulder pet. Megatherium Mek Mesopithicus Microraptor Morellatops Mosasaur Platform saddle buildings (ones with a floor, wall, ceiling and possibly door and doorframe) being drained of water. Moschops Nameless Onyc Ability to land on the ground. Oviraptor Ovis Wool as another drop, or scissors can give you wool. It substitutes for Human Hair or Pelt. Pachy Pachyrinosaurus Paracer Parasaur Shorter frill and no frill flap for females. Pegomastax Pelagornis Ability to pick fish out of the water with its beak. It can then bring the fish live to another water body or chomp and kill them. Phiomia Phoenix Piranha Knockout taming. Plesiosaur Platform saddle buildings (ones with a floor, wall, ceiling and possibly door and doorframe) being drained of water. Poison Wyvern Procoptodon Pteranodon Purlovia Quetzel Raptor Ravager Reaper King Reaper Queen Rex Rock Drake Rock Elemental Roll Rat Rubble Golem Sabertooth Sabertooth salmon Sarco Scout Seeker Shinehorn Snow Owl Spinosaur Stegosaurus Super Turkey Tamable. Tapejara Terror Bird Therizinosaur Thorny Dragon Thylacoleo Titanoboa Titanomyrma Scorched Earth Titanomyrma Nests. They can be found in the Savanna I suggested earlier. They are mounds that can be broken or opened, and doing so will result in the ants coming out. There would also be a Titanomyrma Queen. Titanosaur An "ancient" skin (cosmetic) that you get by taming one, you now spawn with it. When equipped on to it, the Titanosaur has like moss, bushes, mushrooms and trees growing on its back, and lizards and birds hitching rides on it. Triceratops Trilobite Troodon Tusoteuthis Unicorn Velonasaur Vulture Woolly Rhino New Engrams/Items/Weapons/Structures A few new additions that add to the game. Lantern Firefly Lantern Empty Lantern Casing Candle The Lantern is a new handheld and placeable light source. You first need to make Empty Lantern Casing, which is just an empty lantern case. You also need to make a Candle, with the Beeswax I mentioned earlier. Candles themselves can be placed down and lit, or lit in a lantern to give a Lantern. Alternatively, you can fill an Empty Lantern Casing with fireflys at night time to light it up. Indoor Lighting Most likely as different types of candles, chandeliers and lamps. Wooden Lamppost For outside or inside (if you're weird). A lamp can be placed on it. It's a middle ground between standing torches and metal lighting. Flashlight Like, c'mon, we have a Flashlight Attachment but not a Flashlight? Tek Tier Surveillance Equipment Security cameras which you can attach to metal lampposts or the inside of your base. They are just normal video recording cameras, but you can install upgrades on them like Night Vision or Thermal Vision. Tek Tier Cloaking Devices You can cloak yourself or unridable dinos temporarily. Tek Tier Multi-HUD Visor Basically the Tek Binoculars. It's a Magnifying Glass for the distance, mixed with a Spyglass. Wall Banners We already have Single Panel Flags and Multi-Panel Flags, so why not the ability to place these on our walls. Thermal Scope and Thermal Binoculars The first one is an attachment to guns, the second is on its own. This could especially work well if Wildcard made a arctic map, but in normal pvp it's still good. Fire Lance This would work well in pvp. I don't know how to explain it, though, just search it up. Knives Similar to the one in Primitive +. There would be a primitive knive made of stone and wood, a bone knive and a metal one. Possibly even Throwing Knives or Daggers eventually. Colored Smoke Grenade Ark has Smoke Grenades. Ark has dye. Solution? Mix the two! Disease Trap Gives Swamp Feaver, so you better watch out. Beanbag Shotgun Ammo A second shotgun ammo which slightly stuns players and small dinos, with a tiny bit of damage. Warhorn, Electrical Keyboard and Xylophone These are on the upcoming features list, and it makes sense since we already have the War Drums. Tripwire Door Set a door to close or open when the wire is tripped. Tek Tier Tracking Bullet Very, very expensive, and the title explains it all. Tek Tier Laser Tripwire The Tripwire does some damage, along with opening or closing a door. Tek Tier EMP Disables non-tek electrical devices and generators. Mosasaur and Plesiosaur Torpedo Saddle Can shoot different types of Torpedo off of them. Half Walls Similar to fences. Wall Mounted Coelacanth Put up one of these over the fireplace. Dynamic-Length Suspension Bridges Wooden or metal Dynamic-Length Suspension Bridges that can go between short distances. Cryogenic Tanks Primarily helpful for players who are less active. You can put 1 baby dino in each tank and pause there imprint, cuddle and feeding times. Craftable Dino Dossier Book Can be crafted and is filled up depending on how much dossiers you have unlocked. It can be gifted to other players. Bang Stick A cool underwater weapon to add to underwater item diversity. Dive Knife A knife specialized for underwater attacking and harvesting. Weather specific clothing (e.g. Wide Brimmed Hats, ect) Useful for different weather conditions, different clothes for different situations. Beekeepers Suit No need for Gillie and Bug Spray when collecting Honey, you can just wear this suit. Wagons and Chariots Early ways of using tames as beasts of burdens. Dino Door Proximity Collar Dinos collar will open a door or gate when within a certain radius. Blowgun and Darts Darts can also be narco tipped. The blowgun is nearly silent. Pemmican A food which is a dried mixture of mixed together fat and meat. Tasers Has several uses but is not as good as an Electric Prod. Armor Stand Not a Training Dummy, but an actual armor stand. It will recognize and equip the items in its inventory. Suspension Cables Used for holding up platforms over the air. Solar Panels' You would need a lot and they aren't that effective. But, what can you say, it's free energy! They don't work inside of caves (apart from The Center underground world) where there is no sunlight coming through (so they work on Aberration green zone). On Ragnarok or Scorched Earth if there is a storm sand can cover them up and you need to brush it off. Egg Incubation Center It increases the speed at which eggs hatch. Silo A prefab structure which can store immense quantitys of crops. Thatch Nest An early version of the Egg Incubation Center. The model will show the amount of eggs depending on amount placed in it, can holed up to 3. Flyer Perch For easy landing of a flyer. Door Switch Can be placed from a distance and enabled to opened a door remotely. Door Button Just like the door switch, but instead of opening and closing, it opens for a few seconds every time the button is pressed. Pools A structure that can be used for placing water inside of a base. Slanted Trapdoors and Slanted Hatchframes Does this need an explanation, ok, fine... Slanted trapdoors and Slanted Hatchframes that can be places on sloped walls. Radio A fun little thing that can play ark soundtracks and nerdout ark songs. Interface Things that ease up management and are mostly QOL improvements. Take all of certain item option. Options slider for ocean ground clutter. Ability to rename tools, armor and weapons. Auto-sort and auto-stack options for inventory management. Server option for disabling head bobbing during resource harvesting. Colorblind settings for colorblind people. Different chat groups. Creature AI Currently, some dinos AI suck. Dino herds. Herbivores (or even carnivores for the daring) having groups, packs or herds. Certain migration destinations for wild breeding. Better AI for cave dinos. Cave dinos suck right now, AI wise. They currently stand stall and go there idle animations (even flying in mid air while standing still) in the same spot until something triggers them and they start to attack, because they can't do anything else. Cave dinos should walk around just like any other creature. Dino waypoint system, especially for flyers, with or without a rider. Carnivore aggression based on food level and time of day. Character recognition for friendly dinos or smart ones (e.g Lystrosaurus more likely to get pet by owner, Troodon occasionally not listening to commands from tribe mate it has seen the least, ect) Carnivores not fighting everything they see. They will occasionally kill something, slowly eat it and lie down and rest. They will also stay away from large dinos such as large carnivores and sauropods. Carnivores recognizing the weapon a human is carrying, and being more likely to attack or flee depending on the weapon. Large carnivore roars causing small herbivores to flee. Cnidarias not attacking unless in self defense, like real life jellyfish. Wyverns able to climb walls like in the Scorched Earth Trailer. Server Options Tether distance option, configurable distances and ability to remove tether altogether. PvP structure decay slider. Corpse and backpack decay slider. Ability to disable or increase certain dino spawns, and the ability to disable taming or riding certain creatures. Auto-learn engrams option. Game Mechanics You get the drill. Ability to move Cannon. Adjustable Ramp sizes. Ability to hook up Gasoline powered structures to Generator. Customizable high five, everyone ready or fist bump sequence for each tribe. Social Features, piggyback rides, holding hands, ect... (all cringy stuff, but you know, there's people that want it) Engram Mastery, different ranks and amount of engrams gained per level based on amount of items crafted and engrams unlocked. Placable plants, trees and resources for aesthetics (placed ones are decorational and useless) Natural Gas, another way of electricity generation, you can hook it up to Gas Vein Water taps irrigate cooking pots Too much torpor attacks start to do damage eventually Cooldowns between each wrong pin code entry Ability to use implant to scan blueprints and regain some engram points. Campfires releasing smoke when extinguished. Mesopithicus and Gigantopithicus ladder climb ability. More cutscenes, perhaps when you walk up to an obelisk, holes come out the side where you place the artifacts, and your implant starts glowing. With reptiles and amphibians, different temperatures could determine which genders are more likely or less likely. (as suggested by @FantasyDragon0) Conclusion Overall, weather it be new content, QOL improvements or bug fixes, ark still has a lot of things to work on. I hope you enjoyed and I will continue to add onto this thread, a megathread if you will. Please comment things you'd like in the game below and I might add them in and credit you, goodbye.
  4. We are having a meeting on the discord server Saturday.
  5. Yeah. They didn't even give them back as archives, just straight up deleted them. Pretty bummed that Oceania, Sky Rulers, Frozen Earth and the "What dino would you like to see on the ark?" along with others got straight up deleted.
  6. My discord username is jamescoolcrafter15#8715 Also, set your discord invite to never expire.
  7. By everything being deleted do you mean the old suggestions page?
  8. Ark 2 is a bad idea ARK 2. It will most likely eventually come. Will it be good? Will it be bad? I'm here to answer that question, and the answer isn't that surprising. I, personally, don't agree with an ARK 2, and in this post I will share several reasons why. 1. The Main Game ARK 2 would probably be fixing things that were broken in the main game, although this be something in ARK 2. Why shouldn't this be in ARK 2, because there shouldn't be any broken things in the main game, the main game needs to be fixed. Wildcard needs to stop adding content like new creatures and maps for a while, in the meantime, the main game should get small improvements. Updates that will not brake the game. These things shouldn't not be broken in ARK 2, they should not be broken in the main game. 2. Fan Suggestions and Controversy In this area I will be looking at fan suggestions. I will only be focusing though on things people want in ARK 2, such as taming reworks. I will also be quoting several users. Link: https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1741103267275366949/ Steam user Abyss wrote "I wont be buying an ark 2 since they havent fixed the first one. I rather support a better game company" to which Steam user jacob99 responded "they cant fix some bugs of the old game, a new game would help fix that". The problem is Wildcard can fix a lot of bugs. A main bug is meshing, one which has been in the game since EA. Ark has the ability to patch up holes in many maps and get rid of exploits, they can't eliminate it entirely, but they can still eliminate it quite a bit. If we are to assume ARK 2 uses Unreal Engine 4, then the ability to not remove it entirely would still be in ARK 2. Many other bugs can be eliminated entirely. We do not need an ARK 2 to fix bugs, we can fix bugs in the main game. Link: Quote from @Eli the Forum Manager "We don't have any plans for a sequel right now. But as has been stated, with the unprecedented popularity of the game, it would be a disservice to not expand on that through a sequel." The problem with this is thinking that the growing community wants a sequel. The game is growing more popular, and we don't need a sequel to fit the growing demands of the fans. The problem is that Wildcard doesn't always listen to the fans, and this seems to be one of those times. If you check out posts about an "ARK 2" it seems the majority of the community doesn't want a sequel, but instead to fix and expand the main game itself. Quote from @SmokeyB "Ark 2, it will be the game we all wanted this time around. they would have to spend years to get this version of ark to where we want it, but a new ark 2 they can start from scratch and the code won't be so messed up, so they will actually be able to fix things that don't work as intended, plus there must be hundreds of things that they wanted to add to ark but it's too late, now they can." The problem is we don't want an ark 2, we want to fix the main game. Sure they would spend years to get this game to be good, but during those years focus would shift to that new game and we would get no new content on the original game, further disappointing the fans. We also know for a fact that Wildcard gives false release dates, which, would, again, disappoint the fans even more. Also, what do you mean by "the code won't be so messed up". Quote from @jaypak responding to @SmokeyB "Smokey strikes again... good post m8. New engine, updated graphics, little less messed up... this game has huge potential and considering there's only like 25 of working on it they have done ok" What mindset do you live with where you think a team of 25 can make this great dream game. They would need a way bigger team. By "updated graphics" how far are you pushing your limits? Ark already looks like real life, and with a small tweaks like less blocky terrain on certain maps and better lighting on console, the graphics would be perfect on the main game. I'd love to hear opinions down below, may add them to this list.
  9. Responses in Bold. ARK as of now should be updated and fixed. Some of your ideas are good, like decoration, and that could be added to ARK, but others are not good suggestions, and wouldn't be liked by the community. We aren't yet ready for an ARK 2.
  10. Guys I'm making an organized google doc with all of the features.
  11. Y'all want the discord link so this post doesn't get deleted like the ocean one did?
  12. Some servers use parasaurs to detect meshers. I don't want that changed, meshers are a bad thing on servers, too.
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