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  1. Sorry for the late response. Thanks for looking at the post! Any updates?
  2. I support this! I really wish these dinos would be added into the main game!
  3. No point of adding in useless creatures just for the point of having them.
  4. I agree with this suggestion!
  5. Sorry for the really late response, but we do have a discord. Unfortunately, work on Oceania has come to a halt and we have merged with another group ARK: The Sunken World who have a much more developed map. If you would like I could send you a link to their discord.
  6. Unfortunately that won't happen since this would qualify as a forum suggestion and that area is dead.
  7. Buddy, you missed out on so much events! If you thought these past few couple events were good, man did you miss out on a lot! I'm sorry that Wildcard has been doing a bad job with bringing more events to the game that aren't low quality...
  8. A New Voting System The voting system right now is not good. It is dare say bad. It is unpolished and needs to be worked on. Here are a few suggestions. The Front Page I propose we start off with the front page. I've noticed that all or most of the suggestions on the front page right now have been there since the beginning of the voting systems implementation. The same suggestions have just stuck up there at the top. This is why I request that a moderator (ehh possibly a bot) wipe the votes for all of the suggestions every few months (maybe 2 months?). By the way, not the suggestions, the votes. The reason I suggested this be done is because right now suggestions with the most votes appear on the front page, unlike before the voting system when the most recently updated posts appeared on the front page. I arguably like the old system better with the front page, as the new one basically doesn't let anyone get there pages to the front as of now, and I can see these pages right now probably staying up there for months to come. Users also barely switch from most votes over to recently updated in the suggestion forum, and this makes the new posts harder to get to the front. Thus the votes be wiped every few months. Upvote and Downvoting I believe the current voting system is far from accurate. Users are not able to downvote a suggestion, being only able to upvote. This simply means players who dont agree with the suggestion have to deal with it. With the inclusion of downvoting, the votes for suggestions could become far more accurate as users who do not agree with the suggestion are able to simply downvote it. On the counter-argument that downvoting allows users to create tons of throwaway accounts to downvote with, users can, and have, been doing that with the upvoting system as well. Early Birds Can't Vote I believe users with the rank "Early Bird" should not be allowed to vote on suggestions, up or down. This would stop users from creating throwaway accounts to mess up voting. Putting a simple addition like this in place would help a ton to stop votes from being messed with. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I believe simple features like this would make the voting more accurate, more user friendly and make posts more easily accessible. If a moderator of the forums sees this post, I hope you take this into consideration if you ever decide to change the voting. Sincerely, jamescoolcrafter15
  9. If you're not a toxic player then they aren't referring to you, they're referring to the toxic players. I for one have had experience seeing VERY toxic players all over the place.
  10. Exactly why I said Wildcard should make a poll in my post.
  11. I'm literally going insane. I just saw one the other day.
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