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  1. There is currently no way of getting an Anky to swing its tail at any resource node without a player on it. Except mods presumably. Makes using birds problematic as well.
  2. Meaning "on top of," or "over and above." As in "I bought a used car and then had to pay $700 in repairs on top of that!"
  3. American English not British English, specifically. Did it show your quote? I was responding directly to your "only asking for 2x3x" post.
  4. Atop the previous doubling... And then 10 more of you crawl out of the woodwork with totally reasonable changes. It cant please us all and shouldn't try.
  5. I am not a fan of the Pokemon Style breeding either. That's why the developers gave me extensive tools to change it.
  6. I'm afraid that's not a fair thing to ask. The vast majority of games are already made for the instant gratification and mobilegamer crowds. We need to defend the few that are made for us.
  7. f you are unhappy with the rates maybe grab a Doed. It's not dinosaur science. Seriously I play official rates and ONE swipe from his tail is one stone foundation. And he isnt bred OR imprinted. Man up or find a game you actually enjoy.
  8. I've I've definitely noticed that berry bushes give significantly fewer resources. Is that true of metal?
  9. The amount of privilege you would need to have to believe a video game being poorly made is more important then racism and sexism being spread on major Outlets is a testament to our failure as a species. It's difficult even to feel pity at this point.
  10. Finished? Nah. Only a few hundred hours in but I'm starting my armies. And tons of that time was learning and messing around of course. Default rates all round but I do skip the feeding babies "gameplay" with Nanny mod.
  11. Isnt that reversed? Thought non-dedicated meant you're just using your client to run the server. Those wont show up in a server list, you just join game via Steam (or add their server to steam favorites).
  12. only potentially game breaking issue for me is the always on DRM. This game was the last straw for me. I will never again purchase a game which requires the internet for me to play it. Except MMOs and on Extreme sale Etc.
  13. Something I've noticed is they changed the weights on harvesting stone. My two Doeds are practically useless since I got a decent axe and ravager. Kinda weird.
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