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  1. And ofc there's the everlasting issue of Aberration beehive respawn, where bees weren't allowed to spawn due to Ab's flyer (and other) spawn restrictions. Hope that gets swept up in the no doubt imminent and inevitable fix. Cause I just wiped dinos on my Ab map Oops.
  2. For me it's the scary parts. The pits in deep caves, the spiders, anything underwater. I would enjoy the "grinds" so much more if scary stuff was less scary... but the danger and immersion would reduce ofc.
  3. Doesn't anyone multitask? I keep seeing this mistake made, don't people realize the very INTENT was for you to return to your 4 hour tame every half hour to refill torpor, NOT sit there staring at it? I just popped 20, yes 20, rex eggs. Im going to be uh... handling lots of meat... for many hours but why would I just sit still in between hunts and refilling? Honestly baffled why folks think this.
  4. Well now hang on those are perfectly legitimate opportunities, right? It's the, "Oh, shoot, I forgot to bring the kibble from base... I'll just Admin Fly back super fast and snag it..." occasions that slowly pile up and feel cheaty. Ive started using Cryopods, which I consider cheating, for both tame storage for performance reasons, and for bypassing issues where for example Argies like to fly, no matter the follow distance, straight up my Bronto's tailpipe and get us both stuck. Both those are definitely edging on my idea of cheating but I'm still holding onto self control.
  5. So I don't see the fact that the server turns off as any kind of issue. In fact for me it would be the reverse, I would hate the obligation to collect enough food for example, for my Rex babies to survive the night. That's when it starts to feel like a job to me. Being able to turn it on and off at whim is a critical part of maximizing the fun. That's actually one of the main reasons I stop playing wow, raiding became an obligation. That said, in the event that you do need to leave the server running for some reason, for example aging your babies while having dinner or whatever, doing so
  6. Fair. But they're both public facing promises and so are based on the same underlying drives.
  7. I stumbled through maybe half of this before giving up, that said, remember that the code of conduct is there to protect their profits. Preempt lawsuits, Etc. Any effects it has on your enjoyment of a game are incidental. think of it like lawyer-speak, or insurance policies. Deliberately obtuse as a first buffer against anyone actually understanding or using it.
  8. You haven't explained why the increased cost to repair an item isn't properly balanced.
  9. It'd be tricky, cause you'd have to be mounting each pack leader to give all the pack boosts. And I must have gotten really lucky on HP cause I've no zero issue hitting 7k with my wolves.
  10. I haven't actually restarted very often, so I'm currently still experimenting with all the beginning dinos. On my last play through I tamed a very early Therizinosaurus, 6 solid hours and thousands of narcoberries. That was a pretty fun tame to start with. Next time I'll be on scorched Earth so I'll be trying the desert dinos like the water lizard and spine shooting lizard. when I skip ahead to my aberration playthrough I'm focusing on ravagers early on. I want get heavy use out of their weight reduction and zipline ability. And my Extinction playthrough will be getting an enf
  11. I would recommend against it. Unless you have kibble already, in which case duh, it's a long slow tame which can easily be replaced by other far easier to acquire dinos. A beaver and berry guy and a moschops and carno or something. Only reason I got mine so early is cause I love them.
  12. Pretty sure Anky doesn't auto harvest? That's why we need single players need mods to replicate the Argy Anky combo without all the tedious dismounting remounting etc
  13. Yep I was gonna set a few Ichthyornis set on Hunt to follow a tame
  14. @Dezes1 see something you disagree with in the video? If my rates arent set properly I'd like to know.
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