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  1. Eggs work the same, gotta be in render distance. It tries to calculate the amount of eggs you should have when you come back home but never gets it right.
  2. Wow, I'd heard about the movement boost but geez... are there any downsides at all? *found it As to prevention, I believe the leech blood antidote is also a vaccine for 3ish minutes. So take preemptively. *looks like this may only be after curing disease not preemptively.
  3. And then backup that /Saved folder elsewhere just by habit. Just escaped with only 2-4 hours lost due to HD failure. It's only a few hundred megabytes so cloud uploading is feasible.
  4. The blood stalkers don't look very graceful in the videos, although I've never driven one. I much prefer Rock Drakes although no one wants me driving one.
  5. A) What resolution? B) What framerate? C) What map? (Actually matters) D) A 2060 6gb will NOT be sufficient to maintain 60fps at 1080p with all settings on Epic on the Island map (and therefore not on Aberration either).
  6. I'm confused. This appears to be a well reasoned thoughtful post with reasonable suggestions and no insults and consideration for other playstyles. Yet I'm still connected to the internet.
  7. I've also heard that, much like many other systems, there is a trade-off between raw meat and cooked meat. Cooked meat last significantly longer, so as long as your consumption rate doesn't exceed your real life time...
  8. Actually, kind of no. The random spread of resources received from various tools and Dinos is so large that it's hard for a human to get a sense of the numbers, and this is only exacerbated by the fact that different Resources harvest at different rate with different tools. However if you've established a solid Baseline, for example your favorite and Kyla Soros Gathering between 90 and 120 metal from a non Rich node, then testing is easy.
  9. The term is content Locust, although that is considered derogatory. It is an apt description of the phenomenon. These days the more popular the game, the more it serves the action children demographic. And those Gamers tend to flit from game to game, dropping a few dozen hours at most. It's typically the Deep RPG and older gamer crowd where populations have staying power.
  10. Many are, and they'd make good money doing so. It's just not in the cards.
  11. Everything seems fine on my dedicated PC server. I cut the rates in half from their previous values to keep them the same.
  12. Just FYI, the obligatory PSA, in case you haven't heard yet you should use a dedicated server instead. It's super easy to set up and solves many other issues like this one. And even before that you should be backing up your saved folder after every session and making your ini file read only.
  13. I can definitely sympathize and empathize with someone unable to afford a good PC or unable to meet the technical requrements. That's why we have consoles ?
  14. Optimization is not a binary. They don't either do it or not do it. It's an ongoing process with many steps. They've taken many of those steps already. This is why I was able to run the game at 50 FPS instead of 25 on my super old CPU and GPU many moons ago. The great mass of optimizations has likely already been done. Don't hold your breath expecting them to lower the system requirements much more.
  15. I did some testing as well on my LAN single player at official rates. It does technically appear to boost Organic Poly acquisition but as this video shows, it really isnt worth the time fighting for the boost. The targeting and corpse harvesting is so buggy, even on LAN where latency shouldn't be a concern, it is faster to just mount and kill. Gathering starts at about 17 minutes in.
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