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  1. Just curious, I was thinking about doing something similar and I am just learning.
  2. I'm interested on how you would set this up?
  3. Trailboss3


    Look through the spyglass at your dino and whistle. Does basically what you are wanting.
  4. Sorry, that's the best I've got.
  5. You could use a cryopod or use a whip to get it to move in different directions or maybe pick it up with a Questzal . Tough to answer without a picture or more info.
  6. Look at her through a spyglass and whistle to follow or land. Tame another bird and fly to her and whistle to follow.
  7. Possible heat issue with the xbox one. Try blowing a fan on it and see if it happens less or stops all together.
  8. Would love to have native Keyboard and mouse support in game on XBox One. Any News?
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