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  1. These classic servers (and all the other offical servers) would be fun, if there were no aimbotters and esp. I know that you cant patch those issues out of the game, its just not how that works. And completely rely on the Battleye-Anticheat-System is also not the way to go. Battleye is great and all but at the end of the day it only stops skript-kiddies from cheating. There are and always will be ways to bypass this system. I think a solution would be a larger and more active enforcement team that could easier monitor your servers and act fast. Because if I write a ticket that says: "ToDaY a pLaYer wiTh tHE nAmE human sHot oF aLL mY hELMets wiTh aiMbOt" and also send in a clip to proof it ... How on earth should you find this guy the next day when u investigate this case??? (Unique player names for every cluster + global language pack to read [][][] names could fix that) The enforcement team should also be more transparent, at this point it seems that some tribes have there own admin that only acts on there advantage and bans players with no reason???? It also would encourage more players to write a ticket, when they see that you actively fight against cheaters. By now many players don't even bother to write one and slowly accept cheaters as part of the game. Cheers.
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