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  1. I'm going to take the assumption you're on console and not PC. So how about thinking about the PC people who've been around longer than the console players. Maybe think about the pattern, okay, tek rex, okay, tek stego. Oh, it's all the tek stuff from what console people got as extra bionic skins.
  2. So you have to be level 100 for the new turrets? Wildcard, are you out of your minds? You pretty much screwed beta and small tribes. Only alpha tribes and mega tribes are gonna be the ones able to make this. Way to screw the majority of the population
  3. I'm not crying about a lost game. I'm giving facts. If stego plates or soaking tames aren't going to get nerfed, then the turret damage won't be enough to kill them. They'll walk up on stegos, strap a few C4 and blow into the area. Adding extra layers won't help much either. Look at the cost of making C4s and compare to the cost of layering a base. Sure you can have certain things like microraptors, but those only work to a certain degree. You're offline, what're they going to do? Troodons? Again, you're offline it's not going to help much. Sure put some bred gigas around, they'll get kited ou
  4. Again, max range 27 out of 67 foundations away. Lot of holes and areas to just get by. Obviously you're just a troll who doesn't know anything. Go QQ to your school for failing you
  5. You strike me as a PvE player. The cost of making C4s and rockets are less than building an actual base. There's a such thing as offline raiding. And you think having tames on neutral will help? All they have to do is kite them to where they can kill them above a cliff. 10k units that's 100 turrets within a radius of 67 foundations. Turrets on high shoot at 27 foundations. And if you say "spread them out" That leaves less room to defend. 2 C4 destroys a wall. So you lose more resources stacking walls than they would making c4 to get into your base. You make 4 walls thick, that's 100 metal that
  6. Also, before people say "oh you guys are being whiners." It comes to the fact auto turrets aren't causing lag. It comes down to structures causing lag, the tames wagging their tails. Rendering large bases or when people are logged onto their large bases. Oh it'll make it optimized because people will be getting wiped back and forth.
  7. 10k auto turrets? Then you can't place any structures if that base is that massive. Structure limit is about 10,500. So nobody would be able to build or c4 them. Learn to do research.
  8. 10k units is about 64 foundations. Turrets on high is 27 foundations. Adapt to what? There will be so many spots they can walk up to your base. You obviously don't know what you're talking about. Unless they change the range (which they aren't) you're screwed. They made it impossible to be a small tribe now. So learn before you talk out of your ass.
  9. Don't think it counts as mountable and unsure about allied. They'll probably make it allied cause then it'd be too game breaking for them
  10. People are crying? Test the distance and then tell me that I'm crying. Come back when you can't build up because you're constantly getting wiped or you can't even find a large enough area to build. You'll also have to grind for more turrets and ammo because of how spread out they'll be (I'm talking about that PvE person by the way)
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