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  1. let me start by saying personally don't like boxes bases at all! however, i would agree that you should change the rule just to not scare players off as invincibleqc mentioned. so you might work around that by offering rewards/gifts ..etc for those who avoid building in boxes. p.s. i like that you want the general opinions on your rules to get the most common desired/appealing server's rules
  2. @d1nk it's mentioned in the support page that making new survivor will make it impossible to get the old survivor back and it's lost forever
  3. Thanks a lot for the response. i really really REALLY hope they get it back, as i have done all alpha bosses plus alpha ascension and rockwell. my lvl is 132, and my main concern is all the event imprinted reapers/wyverns etc. but that's actually sad if providing ID and not creating new survivors won't help.
  4. So this is happened 16 days ago, Lost my survivor during transfer + server crash and rollback (i was back to the original server when it crashed). i have opened a ticket ofc and did what i supposed to do in the support page which is not making any new survivor else it won't be possible to get the old one back. but i kinda started to run our of patient here as i'm waiting for 16 days so far. so i need the help of anyone whoever experienced something like that: how can escalate? how to get more attention to my case? note: i logged on both servers i traveled between and no survivors to download.. kept trying for few days then stopped
  5. Shbear

    Snow owl breeding

    few patches later and they still eat a LOT, seems bugged to me.
  6. Shbear

    PVE Servers Crashing

    well said and you took the words off my mouth. personally i bought dark and light and before playing noticed it's owned by snail.. i requested a refund. never paying a single penny for a game has any of the WC/snail people name attached to it, and i still have my negative review on steam since early 2017 and just put a negative one on each DLC. i even advising against playing this game for people asking if it's worth it as my answer will be "do you want to pay money for a broken game? then go for it". i actually feel bad for defending this game prior the release "you just wait guys.. just few bugs and the game is still EA!! imagine what it could be after release!" as a System Engineer i would be fired if one of my service goes below 98% availability and if there are 5% of the incident during the year complain about slowness i won't get a raise. i thought all companies do those things but it seems i will apply for a job at WC.. easy money it seems
  7. Shbear

    PVE Servers Crashing

    we just lost another 50k element node.. along with 7 wave purple drop earlier... it's funny in a pathetic way that we fear every loot.
  8. Shbear

    PVE Servers Crashing

    the amount of lost dinos, loots.. drops at 5th wave.. structures and farmed mats is crazy. with each crash i give a ldc a bad review .. and i'm out of WC DLC's to thumb down now. filled reports and tickets but i don't think it matters now for WC as our money are gone and the issue showed after the refund period. may try contacting steam for a refund and see.
  9. Shbear

    PVE Servers Crashing

    servers now crash every 20 min..... rollback the "fix"
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