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  1. just 5 minutes ago, our base got looted by a cheater, thats using ghost mode, he can fly trough structures and turrets wont shoot. our parasaur detected him, but we were not be-able to do some damage. turrets where shooting sometimes on him, but again no damage. i recorded it and created a ticket. he was like 15mins in our base. other tribes lost all their tames, that were into cryo fridges. we only saw his tekboots sometimes and offcourse the detection ring of the parasaur. this means that we quit the game. when people can ghostmode in our base, its pointless. it has nothing to do with
  2. make anti-cheat system, that use a system driver. let mthis driver run, when ark is starting. this driver will scan all open programs, so it can detect cheat menu software. update this driver to bypass new menu's. just like anti-virus software thats updates, when new virusses are created. when detected a mod menu, ban account and hardware ban motherboard Id or console ban. kind regards
  3. i have 18k of hours in ark, but i am very frustrated about the exploits and cheats thats bin used. today we encountered aimbotters AGAIN on lost island. why isnt there anti-cheat in this game????? i created many tickets with video evidence. these cheaters are still playing the game. its pointless to hide a vault in the ocean, esp cheaters will find ur hidden stuff everywhere. so yeah, my advice is, not buying ark or ark 2. as the devs dont listen to the community. why should they listen in the future? ark 2 is new but with the same devs, that wont fix exploits, meshholes, aimbotters. if they g
  4. at this moment, people are aimbotting against us. they allways know where we are. so they use esp aswell. this game is so bad, why should ark 2, mesh and cheat free??? dont bring it out. we encouter cheaters and teamers everytime we try to play this game. they will continu cheating, meshing, duping in ark 2! we are defending daily against cheaters!
  5. these tribes teaming again now. i sended videoproof and tribelog proof. nothing happened against them. i dont get it, why these people can continu playing this game. they are aimbotting at the moment against us.
  6. this kind of behavior will almost force us to cheat and mesh aswell, otherwise we are not be able to counter these kind of players!
  7. tribes on the server that i play, got devwiped, why are they still be able to play this game? they are meshing/teaming and aimbotting again. these tribes should not only be devwiped, but also hardware banned from this game. these kind of players are a big disease, they allways come back with even more unfair play....and yes, i made alot of tickets with proof allready. our bases are still standing strong, but we are unable to counter back, because of the aimbot and esp hacks.
  8. this game will be full of dupers and cheaters again. ark 1 has this big problem for years. cheaters wont be banned!
  9. this game should be removed completely. people are duping, aimbotting and esp hacking. the devs know about this and wont do anything. again we got destroyed by esp and aimbot hackers. so remove this game from pc and consoles! this game is not legit!
  10. true, but i paid for this game and cant play because of this cheating/duping behavior. its impossible to build up in this game as a returning/new player. the game is fun, but the cheaters ruined it! the devs are responsible to fix the game....saying that nobody force me to play, is just running away from the facts
  11. then they should remove this game from the stores. this game is broken and wont be fixed!
  12. wipe all servers. this game is broken. people have duped bases. people are esp/aimbot/meshing and so on. the game is not fair anymore. breed stats are to OP. cancel genesis 2 and fix the game!
  13. bobs or returning players will never have a chance. excisting tribes are way to far in the game. they destroy every stone building and starter tames. best thing to do is uninstall the game, if ur new or returning, its no point to build up anymore. excisting tribes have the best breeding stats. slot capped turret walls. mostly duped stuff aswell. from my opinion, all servers needs to be wiped. thats the only chance to get returning players or bobs into the game. ark devs accept meshing, duping, teaming on small tribes (wich is not allowed). aimbotting and so on. i get meshed like 6 times on ps4
  14. pls wipe all servers. its not playable for newcomers or returning players. i played like 5k hours on pc version, but when we want to restart, we get wiped after 1 hour everytime we try. its not possible for us to play. wildcard should refund our money, as we cant startover on smalltribes official. duping, cheating and meshing should be fixed first, otherwise it would be pointless and the problems will come again
  15. true. this game is broken. yesterday, i builded a small base with 20 auto turrets. these tribes were teaming to destroy it in one day. i wasnt a threat for the server. they have alot of dino's. like 400 plus mana's,gigas and so on. its impossible to play as a newcomer or returner. duping, cheating and meshing still excists. WC do not care. they wont devwipe people, even with proofen images. they need to fix the game and then devwipe all servers. i payed for this game including all dlc for pc, xbox and ps4. im not be able to build up! so they should refund, all the gamers that are not be able t
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