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  1. meshing/duping excists for years now, and still not fixed and it wont be fixed. we got meshed many times. we lost hundreds of heavy/tek turrets because of the meshing problem. starting over is not possible. people have to many stuff to play against them. how can we compete against duped c4/dinos/structures? all servers needs to be cleared, to give people a new chance. if we cant beat them, then we should dupe/cheat aswell, as the devs are not compensating our loss everytime.
  2. get back to the fact. no bullocks. GAME IS BROKEN, by cheaters, meshers and dupers. these things are facts. no other excuses possible!!
  3. why should i delete it? ur reaction is very hypocryte. the problem is the game itself and the devs ofcourse. they should fix it, or remove it.
  4. duping and meshing is not just a spider. 60% of the people are playing this way.
  5. we need cheats for this game. hello, we need cheats for this game. its not possible to play this game normal. we got meshed so many times. there are alot of dupers and aimbotters. so we need cheats and mesh spots te rebuild again. otherwise its pointless to play. a suggestion would be, to wipe all servers, or remove the game from steam and disconnect al servers! kind regards.
  6. the argument of playing unofficial is a lame excuse, not to play official. unofficial is even worse. admin abuse to the max. remove the game from steam. then all the problems are gone.
  7. remove ark from the stores or steam people should not be able to buy this game. new people got plaggued by cheaters/dupers/meshers. everyone knows, that this game wont be fixed. new people wont stand a chance to play this game. this game is in really bad condition. fix ur game first. wipe servers and ban dupers/meshers/cheaters. after that, make the game available again in stores
  8. fix all the duping/meshing/cheating. then wipe every server/any platform, or remove the game from steam/store and close the servers! this game is not legit. we wasted our time to much on this game. we got meshed 6 times. we fought against dupers and aimbotters. its pointless. this game is broken. im telling facts only and everyone should agree with me. people should not be able this game in this state. new people got scammed, when they start legit.
  9. we got attacked by dupers and meshers aswell. it happend first on ps4 and some weeks ago on pc. we are not playing anymore. devs dont care as this problem exists for years now. wiping servers should not solve this problem. they also need to fix meshing and duping. its pointless to wipe servers when they arent fixing this stuff. goodluck ark with ur player base
  10. i agree, that turrets should have more damage, while the whole tribe is offline. nerf the bullets soakers aswell. 1 golem can soak a deathwall with normal turrets on it.
  11. wipe all ark servers. it would be better to wipe every ark server. duping and meshing destroyed the game and many tribes. fix the duping and meshing and give everyone a fair new chance. to many tribes have duped their stuff. i got meshed alot of times, so i quitted the game. its not possible to startover again. 2 weeks ago, we had a fight against dupers. they have the same giga many times. its not possible to compete against these tribes. atlas is a fail aswell. no offline defence possible on atlas. the game is boring aswell. bad reload timers on weapons. no interesting tames.
  12. valguero spawn topic in our server, the dino's in abberation zone are not spawning anymore. the zone is almost complete empty. i created a ticket like 12 days ago, it marked as solved, but its not. we play in official pvp server on pc. also the fire wyvern egg spawn is broken. are there more people with this bug/experience?
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