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  1. Wazzamaniac

    Cryo'ed Dino's Turned Dudes

    Dinos podded before the update that made gender being displayed in a cryopod are all labeled as male. It's only a ui bug because of the patch and is fixed by recryoing. Interestingly, my mek identifies as a man.
  2. Wazzamaniac

    New kibble system= pay to win

    Pretty sure that hesperornis golden eggs can be obtained at a faster rate than natural dinos egg laying. Yes its easier to use drake/wyvern eggs however, and they don't spoil as quickly. They should add giga eggs to the list to fix the problem, i think.
  3. Wazzamaniac

    unlimited mindwipe now?

    Probably because it didn't really balance anything and was an unfun change to the game
  4. Wazzamaniac

    Tek suit now protects from radiation!

    Image courtesy of @Demerus. As you can see, it's already 1/3 of the durability down, but repair costs are in line with a primitive tek rifle. This is of course bp crafted
  5. Wazzamaniac

    OSD Stealing Loot cant be Rule Banned?

    Ok but you revived a dead post that is no longer relevant since they made osds claimable. Don't kite on pve, thats a pvp action.
  6. Wazzamaniac

    Tek suit now protects from radiation!

    Ill have to show you the costs of mine. When extinction released titans dropped premade tek. Maybe those particular pieces are bugged and dont have a repair cost increase?
  7. Wazzamaniac

    Tek suit now protects from radiation!

    Tek suit repair costs don't scale with blueprint quality. So not really... If you get a 1k dura suit Id think its worth spending the 1k ingots (and no element) to repair. It'll only be primitive repair costs.
  8. Wazzamaniac

    OSD recommendations

    Two riders, two gigas (full imprint, 1 base 385 and 1 base 425% melee) 90 armor saddle for mine, higher (not sure what value) for my tribemate. It is doable. But your success rate isn't guaranteed. Basically you can kill everything before they get to the drop, except enraged rexes, so theyll take a chunk out of the drop hp. Like i said before the attempt we did we finished wave 7 but the drop would not have survived another. With 4 gigas, we got to wave 19.
  9. Wazzamaniac

    Gachas now only making apprentice crystals

    They heavily nerfed gacha loot months ago. Id suggest just using owl pellets and war maps, best you'll get is mastercraft gear for the most part now.
  10. Wazzamaniac

    OSD recommendations

    Gigas can solo red. And for enraging, as long as you have a good saddle and imprint it shouldn't happen. I have full imprint and 90 armor, 3 enraged trikes at once couldn't even get rage to half. You can also duo purple drops, on a case by case basis depending on location. We did the tar pit location, however the drop was well below 10k hp when we ended on wave 7. (Damn rexes). We have had gigas rage on purples, however.
  11. Wazzamaniac

    Ark is Pay To Win...

    I assume this is doable via trading forums, as double crossing people is generally a bad idea especially when there is a trader rep system in place.
  12. Wazzamaniac

    Frog V sloth

    Isnt there a risk of getting pinned in a floating animation with the frog as well, unable to attack? I heard it can happen
  13. Wazzamaniac

    Frog V sloth

    Sloths are monstruously powerful in that cave. Huge aoe, big damage. Highly recommend, especially now that you can get them out with cryopods.
  14. Wazzamaniac

    Tames cheating

    On easy servers dinos spawn and should be at really low levels (max wild is 30 from a quick search) and the stats shown here seem way off especially for a 130 argy.
  15. Wazzamaniac

    Rex stats advised to take on A Giga

    Imprint it and you'll have about 34k hp on it no matter the level.