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  1. Full-body Krampus Costume Player Character Skin/Cosmetic does not work or is in the smithy
  2. and congrats for anyone trying to host servers they made it w here you can only host one server per copy of the game gg -.- money hungry company.
  3. not a shocker so getting a buggy game a delayed game again XD no asa gameplay no ark 2 gameplay no nothing what a huge cash grab
  4. rofl so now you will pay instead of 50 they will now charge you 60 and 70 for ark 2 XD they doubled down on the cash grab
  5. welcome to the party everyone they did what they did to us in alpha all over again lol no favor to the people who love the game kept it alive just toss us into the ocean once they done with us
  6. just give us the saves so we can move to unofficial. so at least we can have events and fun vs no events and servers dying.
  7. guessing they where talking about the chibis as new not the ghost skins
  8. honeslty shocked this happened tbh but really dumb took this long to say anything and left those players in the dark for years
  9. may as well just give the server saves you guys have been doing less events telling us no events after this year less evo events and the crunches have turned into just ark and videos honestly we know its over but dang stop shoving it are faces
  10. oh yay another lame no breeding even and even worse rates yay just what we asked for
  11. 4 days left and no info on transfer times or launch even -.0 why do i have a really bad feeling on this
  12. so there asses just delayed it for this until June the 2nd. Just in time for the 6th Anniversary of ARK! for a pr rep wow -.- nothing shocking from ark
  13. more like ark crash alot so enjoying every hour or so crashing on a server officals wooot -.-
  14. do both wipe the base and ban the player geez -.- not hard
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