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  1. kazmanian45

    ARK Dossier Submissions

    Hello Fellow Survivors, I am creating my own fleet of different creatures I believe would be an awesome addition to the already outstanding line up of creatures that the DEV's have already made available for us to enjoy ! Please Like, Comment, and Share on these idea's ... and feel free to add your own! Let's hint hint nudge nudge to the DEV's what we as a community would like to see in ARK !
  2. 12. Hot oil cauldrons for siege defense 13. portcullis metal grate doors 14.draw bridges 15. flaming boulders ( for launching and rolling off fort walls ) 16. spiked vertical timber walls 17. Digging features for motes 18. game variants with no tamable flyers for more ground action
  3. 6.Easel and canvas for custom artwork 7.monkey clothes t-shirt and ball cap 8.robo legs for sharks( land sharks ) 9.anti fall damage shock boots 10.roads 11. Ford Flex ( the ultimate driving machine)
  4. What I would like to see is... 1. cool sunglasses 2.Trebuchet for prim+ 3.Ghosts 4.Tomatoes (for throwing at the ghosts) 5. Boxing gloves for survivors, mantis, and kangaroo!
  5. Primitive Scorched Earth is my very favorite game variant; love it! Now if I may speak truthfully; I believe I speak for all S.E. players when I say that we were upset when the Wyvern statistics were degraded. I know you as the developers received a lot of complaints about the wyverns being too powerful, and unbalancing the game. Ark prime players did not like the S.E players bringing over these powerful creatures, and did not like that they could not access the same dinos without downloading the DLC. We believe that Wyvern should be powerful in Scorched Earth, but if you want to port them over to Ark Prime, they should weakened ..within reason of course. That will make both of us happy, I also noticed a recent buff to the wyverns, so thank you for that If I could speak on behalf of most primitive players, DLC or not; we left tech servers due to the imbalance of the "damage to defense" ratio. Many people I have spoken with agree on the same fact! A low level troll gets a rocket launcher out of a supply drop then 15 mins later your base is gone , two weeks/two months of your time is gone... that is unbalanced in prim players eyes. I have friends in tech servers they like that stuff, they like doing a lot of damage, let them stay there. We go to prim, a place with a little more stability, but still the fun of pvp! In primitive We think that tamed/wild dinos should do slightly less damage, and some tamed dinos and all structures should take a medium amount more of a beating before breaking. For example: Rock Elemental, 40 ft tall animated pile of sand/lime stone, weighing several dozens of tons, strong enough to unearth a boulder from the soil lift it over head and hurl it at least 100 yards before trajectory motion finally brings it back down. o: Elemental in the wild, very easily kill rex and can tank bites from rex for a very long duration o: Elemental once tamed, somehow undergoes material density degradation and is about the consistency of a marshmallow, and now deals less damage, that's okay, but rock is rock and sandstone should not be broken down so easily by t-rex teeth! Freidrich Mohs would be ashamed o:Elemental takes around 4 hours to knock out and can take anywhere from 900 to 3300 boulders, depending on the level. We believe that if you can accomplish that... then you have the right to possess the power of the elemental... with in reason of course. S: Please re-evaluate Elemental ? Example: Wyvern are the coolest addition to Primitive servers and I hope there are more like them in the future, that is why I have been posting my own dossiers. Wyvern are very large armored lizards with a large mouth full of razor sharp teeth, can breathe Fire/Lightning/Poison, and can fly faster than the wind!... should not be easily defeated by a medium level mounts domesticated or not..Wyvern take 97hours raise and their food source is difficult to tap into! 4days 1 hour 35mins. We think that if you accomplish that you should have the power of the wyvern... bite should not be as powerful as the rex or as tanky but should take a reasonable amount of damage since it can flee most battles...unless it gts glitched under map by a swarm of wild dinos, the breathe damage system is perfect ...don't change that o: Wyvern mouths are about a size in between Carno's and Allo's if jaw muscle strength is pound for pound than I believe base damage should fall in between those two even though the carno has higher base damage than the allo, but the allo has a faster attack speed so I think in the higher levels the allo is still better. But that is not as big of an issue as the issue I have discussed with many other players. o: Wyvern take a lot of damage very quickly and are very weak because of this. Doing milk runs for raising more of these wyvern is very risky like it should be at first... but not when you have a several Lv. 240+ wyvern in your fleet, with 15k-20k health. o: We have a vicious cycle now of losing them to level 15-50 females we are tranquilizing, just so one can replace the wyvern lost to level 5 direwolf that spawned in the base, when the direwolf are just attacking the scorpion you parked next to the wyvern, and the wyvern dies first... o: Perhaps if you as the developer does not want to make it that easy on the players then at least give us an engram for Wyvern armor, if you could be so gracious and kind That we at least have an option, we just have to go out there and work for it! S: Please re-evaluate Wyvern? We are not particularly fond of porting quetzals and gigas to scorched earth, the same way that ark prime did not like wyvern in theirs, we think there should be somewhat of a separation between S.E. and Ark prime. We have quetzals and gigas now for our own protection, but we would gladly give them up, if you decided to remove the transferring of Quetzal and gigas, aswell as the wyvern in our ark prime server if they don't like them there either o: We understand that this game is pre-release and you have many responsibilities to attend to, we appreciate your community outlook attitude towards Ark fans. We realize that fixing bugs, attributes and mechanics takes some time, and you have to prioritize most of the time as well. That is why I have not bugged you guys about this issue until now! Ark is a game that is everything I have ever wanted in a game that I never knew I wanted until I experienced it! Ark has such potential to quite literally be the best game of all time when just talking about Ark Prime alone! Not to mention the DLC's, Total conversions like Prim+ , SOTF, all the different potential game variant types, procedurally generated maps, Ark Park VR, maybe the whole game in VR in the future?...please lol, and what ever else you all have up your sleeves! I can foresee Ark being a dynasty in video game history, like the Final Fantasy campaign. A game that lasts several generations and is still going strong! To sum up what I have said . Re-evaluate: Wyvern Elementals Structure Health ...and just damage to defense balance in general ... for primitive servers We want to have fun with the game and it has turn into more of a job than a game, it is too easy for wild dinos and players to kill certain tames. You have to constantly replace what you have lost rather than moving on to the more fun aspects of the game! You guys and gals at Wildcard and you associated companies, got the right stuff, and you're absolutely excelling at every corner!... We all can't wait to see what you come up with next! Sincerely, Kazimer I.Dec
  6. Thank you so much for featuring my work, it really does mean a lot when you know the Developers pay attention to the community; you guys are awesome!..Kazimer Dec P.S. Tune in every week for a new dossier and new content!
  7. Like your ARKitecture man!
  8. kazmanian45


    I like this wild cat a lot !
  9. Here is my first attempt at a dossier, Dermigneous Garchaeropile (Gargoyle) I believe to be a great addition to the ARK universe. I also believe that I speak for most Ark enthusiast when I say that the game could use a bit more flyer variety as well improved flight characteristics! Like and comment if you would like to mount up on the wings of a bat, pile drive your enemies into submission and drink of their blood as a trophy!
  10. Here's my attempt at a dossier. I think I speak for many Ark regulars when I say; that I would like to see more variety in flying creatures. As well as flight patterns and characteristics improvements. .....Tell me your thoughts, and give the Gargoyle a good rating if you would like to see it in ARK!
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