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Lesser Drake (Drakus Minus)

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Males stomachs contain special overactive bacteria that produce massive amounts of Hydrogen and Methane Gas.

Females produce high levels of strong Alkaline chemicals like Ammonia and Sodium Hydroxide. The chemicals are used in their Endocrine system to filter out contaminants in the milk produced from a gland in the abdomen.

The excess Alkaline chemicals are stored in a waxy flexible membrane in the Antorbital Fenestra of the skull. The males store their gases in a similar fashion, and contents are pressurized. Both males and females can readily expel the contents of these waxy membranes.

Females can spew their venom, in the face of their enemies, and bite with the same caustic serum!

Males can asphyxiate their targets with their breathe, but this is not as effective of a weapon as it could be if they grinded up rocks rich in Platinum with their mouth!

The platinum is stored in their molars and act as a catalyst to the Hydrogen and Methane Gas as its jetted out of orifices in the roof of their mouth. This torrent of flame engulfs enemies, but also can be used to periodically incubate egg!

A special thanks goes out to my art mentor Professional Puppy on Steam, for helping me with this concept art, and the many before this, and the many to come...you are a true artist!

I have still have a 2 page list of dossiers to make, but I am going to take a break from them for a while so I can finish up my college courses because I'm getting to the end here... but don't worry I will be back soon enough!

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