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  1. I can definitely see your point here. I totally agree that if the ORP does come out for Xbox one. They should implement a timer system so somebody can't just combat log mid battle.
  2. Enable Offline Raid Protection Please enable offline raid protection for official severs on Xbox. I've lost 2 months of work overnight from a unprovoked attack. I know I'm not the only one who's lost a lot, I know plenty of other people who have lost more time overnight from a offline raid. These raids could have been prevented if the defenders were online. Enable offline raid protection on offfcial, it makes the game more fun for both sides, instead of waking up to nothing.
  3. Idea not sure if good or bad Just had this idea not sure if it already exist. What about hosting tribe warfares on dedicated servers where 2 tribes have a raid day and attack each other's bases to get a good feeling for PVP. Also what about having a battle arena, where 2 or more players fight each other fist to fist.
  4. Time to get me some scissors and dye and troll my friends
  5. I agree with this, clubs as they are now are to easy to acquire even from such a low level and do to much damage quickly.
  6. Smoke Grenades Should Affect Turret Vission I personally feel that smoke grenades in some way should affect turret vision and a turrets capability of shooting someone.
  7. Xbox Survival Of The Fittest Please if it's physically possible via Xbox's internal components if it can support it, please put Survival Of The Fittest on Xbox Ark. I personally feel that this would greatly increase the amount of players and total satificstion people have with this game. This would satisfy those players that have the urge for PVP without them having to attack another tribe whom spent their time building and gathering for no reason other than that if they want to kill people. Survival of the Fittest would fill that urge for PVP and nobody would be losing weeks or even months worth of their time on a official sever.
  8. Any chance you can make piranha's tameable? I would love to have an army of them patrolling the ocean.
  9. Can we get the ability to custom paint dinos on official servers like we can do on single player with admin commands.