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  1. Show Structure Limit

    Only the tribe built in the area would be able to view the structure limit associated to the structures in their tribe name.
  2. Show Structure Limit

    You should be able to view the structure limit you are at within a radius, it should be displayed near your tame limit; that you can view by going into your players inventory and looking at the information above your inventory.
  3. Inn on the island, I'm in the middle of the swamp on an island. It's the ramp at bottom of island, I am trying to make a proper elevator but can't build, even though I had a structure there before, but I demoslished the structure and now I can't make a new structure there, leaving me only one way to get to the island, by air.
  4. It is PVP official server there is no supply drop blocking it and I don't think anybody should've been able to place any pipes or anything within the radius seeing that there were metal behometh gates right above it and pillboxes right next to where I want to build.
  5. Hello, I am running into problems placing structures and I am nowhere near the building limit. I am experiencing a problem trying to build within a certain range where I need to make an elevator going to my island but cannot, I previously had structures there no problem, but I demolished those and cannot place this now, leaving me with no way to get to my base other than a flyer. I can build in other spots around my compound but not the most important spot where I need my elevator for defense. I am on an Xbox one official server.
  6. Unlocking engram prerequisites

  7. When you go to unlock an engram and you need to unlock its prerequisites, if you have enough engram points you should just be able to click on the engram you want and it will automatically unlock all the prerequisites for you. This would save a lot of time and searching for the prerequisites manually
  8. Blueprint Research Device

    Interesting opposing argument. This widened my eyes on the idea itself. I can definitely agree with this point of view.
  9. Blueprint Research Device

    Yes, I got totally agree that the idea needs to be balanced. I just however wanted to throw the idea into the community in hopes it would be carried further up the chain and maybe become a possibility.
  10. Blueprint Research Device

    Blueprint Research Device Please implement a new item in the game, that would be end game, this new item would allow you to research a pre-crafted item that you have laying around, and give you a small chance of getting the blueprint for that item. But if it fails to research the item, say you loose durability on the item you tried to research or the ' blueprint researching device ' will go on a cooldown.
  11. Enable Offline Raid Protection

    I can definitely see your point here. I totally agree that if the ORP does come out for Xbox one. They should implement a timer system so somebody can't just combat log mid battle.
  12. Enable Offline Raid Protection Please enable offline raid protection for official severs on Xbox. I've lost 2 months of work overnight from a unprovoked attack. I know I'm not the only one who's lost a lot, I know plenty of other people who have lost more time overnight from a offline raid. These raids could have been prevented if the defenders were online. Enable offline raid protection on offfcial, it makes the game more fun for both sides, instead of waking up to nothing.
  13. Idea not sure if good or bad Just had this idea not sure if it already exist. What about hosting tribe warfares on dedicated servers where 2 tribes have a raid day and attack each other's bases to get a good feeling for PVP. Also what about having a battle arena, where 2 or more players fight each other fist to fist.
  14. Xbox - Clubs Are Overpowered, Fortitude Changes

    I agree with this, clubs as they are now are to easy to acquire even from such a low level and do to much damage quickly.
  15. Smoke Grenades Should Affect Turret Vission I personally feel that smoke grenades in some way should affect turret vision and a turrets capability of shooting someone.