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  1. I swear I will be accused of lying on this. I hopped to Scorched from home server to hunt wyvern eggs. Buzzed over to the Scar on a ptera, 510 melee, 3K stam,3K health, 210 speed. Imprinted to me. Important to know for later. First nest I checked had a 115 Fire egg, not up to my standards. but courteous snatch and eat when safe to force respawn. Full speed out of the Scar, five seconds after leaving, paused to check if pursued. No pursuit! Wait, what's this? Oh crap, fire wyvern on the ground almost directly under me. Not moving. Spyglassed it, as it was doing the quetz ostrich maneuver. Tamed wyvern, and owned by a friendly tribe I know. I immediately landed and opened steam chat to message one of them about their wayward wyvern. Only to have a lightning wyvern start electrocuting me! Dropped steam, launched, and rolled in a looping circle to see an angry lightning wyvern now zapping the fire wyvern and another barrel rolling ptera in the distance! It took three rolls to convince the lightning wyvern that I was a worthy foe and to aggro on me, and it gave chase. Out of nowhere, another, or the same ptera is back and hitting the electric wyvern while another tame fire wyvern is galloping towards the passive fire wyvern. I kid you not, I spin attacked the lightning wyvern and stopped dead in the air upside down, beak deep in the deathworm that had just sprouted to get his chewy share of the passive fire wyvern. And the fun began in earnest, two pteras and a fire wyvern battling a deathworm and a very angry lightning wyvern. And I had no idea who either of the people were who were helping. Lightning wyvern actually went down seconds later, to my ptera, after the deathworm got his bites in on me for poking him. Then the other ptera and I started doing rolling attacks on the deathworm while the first fire wyvern was joined by a second, which finished the worm in short order. Landed next to deathworm hulk, turns out the rider on one of the fire wyverns was a friend of mine from another server, it was his fire wyvern that had become half the deserts chew toy. I gave the 115 egg to the guy on the other ptera, as it turns out he had gone over to find eggs, no idea if he ate it or kept it, as he seemed excited to get it. I told them it had been fun, it had put me in a good mood, and went off to kill mantis for their poly, needed to make more ghillie. It did not end there, as within two minutes, I found a deep desert drop on accident. I say accident, I know vaguely where they are, some of them, but this one had a MC mosa saddle with 87 armor, and an asc compound bow BP with 400 dur and 220 dam. Laughing, I mounted to fly away, and noticed a weird hump in the sand moving like a purlovia maybe thirty feet away. Second deathworm. I then discovered that they are relatively easy to kill with pteras, roll the underground hump to make them sprout, angle the roll up, stall, reverse Immelman down and hit the back of the neck. Strike glancing blows low on the trunk, mouth area can sometimes stop you from moving if you aim for the head. Killed him, then moved on. Killed five more and found four more deep desert drops in the next two hours. When all of the fun finally slowed down, I remembered that the original mission was to gather organic poly to replace the full MC set of ghillie I had lost yesterday to a lucky one shot blast from a poison wyvern. Seriously. What is up with that? Organic poly had degraded a lot. I only made two pieces. But the owner of the ghillie can't complain I guess. I gave him a MC pump shotgun from one of the desert drops. I wish every day was that much fun.
  2. Ooohooohh. I got some more. Pink Mosa - Chernobyl Salmon Beavers - Natalie Wood, James Woods. Still looking for Woody Harrelson 2. I did not name those two, they were tribemates tames, but they are on the bandwagon for naming after famous people. Gigantopithecus - Rasta Pasta, It has an asc Ghillie Hat. Dire Bear - Gryssa Lee Squid - Rick Astley He cost us a high level mosa because he locked on and refused to let go, even after tame, mosa popped. We tamed a 145 and 150 mosa the next day. RIP, Red Beast.
  3. A lot of good names in here, I have a few... Beavers Justin Beaver, I know, someone else did too, Selena Gopher Margaret Thatcher Woody Harrelson (RIP, Chinese) Giga Brienne of Tarth Key Lime, He's bright green. Mosasaur (Color based names) Little Boy Blue Golgotha, yes, think Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, he's that color. Rex I Outrun Raptors, He is very fast, nearing 200 percent. Hot Garbage, He was a 150 perfect tame, with crappy stats.
  4. Holy crap. Life is not fair. You play ARK, you should know this. By the way, I voted for Trump. ARK is not a safe space. Make ARK Great Again.
  5. Wow, a lot of anger here from SE players upset that their bases are no longer safe from retaliation. Good game guys. Now you know how we have been feeling the last few months. Except, we did not go to your server to attack for no reason and kill stuff in offline raids. Why so salty that the playing field has been levelled? Your complaint of quetzes and gigas hopping to your server sounds eerily like ours for the last two months about wyverns and golems coming from SE. We were told continuously to suck it up and "Build better defenses". I think you see where this is going. I foresee a lot of retribution for smashed bases coming. And anyone can access battlemetrics to see what server the raiders come from. So, all of those bases gotten by cheating? Yeah, there's about to be a lot more people with rockets and launchers gotten by the grind the grinder method coming for payback. After that storm has passed, I imagine people will play a bit more nicely. Raiding will never stop. But there's no running away to escape retribution now.
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