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  1. Teddansen

    PVP / PVE (what was the reason)

    Isn't it called PvP/PvE because you are going up against other players as well as the environment ? PvE doesn't stand for playing house and farm simulation that's just what those players like to do lol
  2. Teddansen

    Base Defence

    I'd just try to hide better.. multiple little bases with supplies will help.stay under the radar as best you can't till you've got more defenses then continue to stay under the radar lol
  3. Teddansen

    The devs just killed Ark!

    Official PvP always has and always will be dominated by the grinders . If you can't beat em join em... Otherwise just troll them. Make their life as hard as they make yours, we'll try at least lol. Make clubs and tranqs and just enjoy while you.can before somebody bigger stumbles across your path
  4. Teddansen

    Ark Theories

    I love what you've done here @ArkTheorist123 !! After trying my luck in PvP for two years and then trying my patience with the hoarding PvE crowd I decided I'd go to single player and start a quest for the notes.. I read them when it's dark and scary out and I'm just tickled that someone else is as interested as I am .. Keep it up dude!! And high five lol
  5. Teddansen

    Grinding/ Leveling on dinos

    Fight other Dino's... Kill aplhas with your flyers and they'll be maxed out in no time
  6. Teddansen

    Easier Start Means More Players

    Personally I prefer the beginning stages of the game. It's all adventure and building up that gets me going.. Once you get established with tames and turrets and such it's just a maintenance game from then on which bores me to death so I travel servers and settle here and there because I'm cool like that. Once you get a flyer you pretty much don't set foot on ground thereafter To each their own i guess
  7. Teddansen

    any way to split stacks?

    Can't you press Y to split the stacks into individuals
  8. Teddansen

    RIP ARK? More Content or More Fixes?

    I've said before that they should just do all the add ons at once then start fixing the game.. the way it is now they add something new which creates issues then they get all that all fixed only to put in another new item which ultimately adds new issues again so they have to fix those then again and again and again.. add it all in one big update maps included that way they can just concentrate on optimization. Its probably unrealistic but I've seen new issues arise with every update so why not add it all then work on fixing it
  9. Teddansen

    Pontoon bridge

    I've noticed on official they clip just under the water .. I put a pillar on then build off that Xbox 1
  10. Teddansen

    Support (Please Read)

    Some of the issues have been addressed , on the xb1i tamed an otter a few days ago and I know you can get wax from a destroyed hive .. I'm not sure about getting it from a tamed hive but you can get wax from ones you find in the wild
  11. Teddansen

    Aberration delay

    It will come out when it comes out. Just add two months to whatever timeline they give... Then add another month just incase
  12. Teddansen

    Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    Yeah someone else mentioned that in the other thread. I was just thinking that might help as I've noticed plant species x no longer sway like they used to
  13. Teddansen

    Turret Nerf - Alternative Discussion

    Me neither, just throwing ideas out there. I just assume anything that moves has some sort of effect on the performance.. Speaking of which, what about tree movements . Stop them from swaying all over the place and that's one less thing the brain has to do. I'm a tinbasher so expect plenty of laymen's terms from me lol
  14. Teddansen

    Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    I said it in another thread and maybe it's already been implemented but what if you take away the turret animation ... They still do the same thing but just don't move around , I know it helps to see which direction they were firing but if it means your system doesn't have to simultaneously move heaps of turrets wouldn't that cause less stress on the FPS
  15. Teddansen

    Turret Nerf - Alternative Discussion

    What if they took away the turret animation ? Like they did with the pants species or has that already been done? If you had a thousand less movable items attached to your base wouldn't that fix some of the problem