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  1. I love what you've done here @ArkTheorist123 !! After trying my luck in PvP for two years and then trying my patience with the hoarding PvE crowd I decided I'd go to single player and start a quest for the notes.. I read them when it's dark and scary out and I'm just tickled that someone else is as interested as I am .. Keep it up dude!! And high five lol
  2. Can't you press Y to split the stacks into individuals
  3. Well shucks. It worked for me this past weekend ... Maybe turn your router off and on again... Pro I.T. tip right there lol
  4. On the Xbox if you go to settings>network>advanced settings>DNS settings.. set it to manual then put 8 8 8 8 in both primary and secondary and then load the game up.. it worked for me as I couldn't access any servers over the weekend also
  5. Found an island on rag that is almost completely untouched by survivors ... In PvE . To think I just needed a boat to get away from the mainland and find a little piece of un-pillared paradise
  6. I just don't like the app. It's boring and lifeless. I can only read threads from devs about additions and fixes yada yada but I want to read it all from the salty opinions to the sweet new suggestions. I've come to love all ark everything even the previous little dios attacks that plague PvP servers. I'm just going to stick with the website for now.
  7. Awe... That's unfortunate, I would love a Tek monkey throwing Tek poop from my shoulder
  8. No you aren't, I saw a parsaur trike and Stegosaurus with one so I think there's going to be one for all the Dino's!!! Excited !!
  9. Would it be possible for your team @Jen to highlight the servers to be removed on the in-game list so we don't have to jump back and forth between lists while we look for a new server to use? A marker of some sort.. skull & Cross Bones or just a slash through the server details to let us know which server not to go to
  10. I've been server surfing for a few days now. Collecting blueprints and other goodies and putting them in drops to take home later. Good times
  11. Thanks , I try not to make enemies but it's PvP and I play solo so it was necessary. I've let people build close to me before and it only turned out for the worse so that's why I offered .. ah well as you said they deserved it
  12. Some nob started building on my little metal spawn hill (59, 59ish) earlier this week. I asked if he'd move and offered to help then he proceeds to place large crop plots all around the hill so I made some explosives and started the move without him. I don't like to do stuff like that but I feel like he spat on the foot of my offer and gave me no choice
  13. Been at work for the last 8 hours so I've just checked in here periodically all day...two hours left then I'm going home to my redwood treehouse
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