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  1. Official SurviveTheArk Community App

    I just don't like the app. It's boring and lifeless. I can only read threads from devs about additions and fixes yada yada but I want to read it all from the salty opinions to the sweet new suggestions. I've come to love all ark everything even the previous little dios attacks that plague PvP servers. I'm just going to stick with the website for now.
  2. ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    Will optimization ever be achieved ?
  3. How to get out of bola?

    Don't stop moving till they're all down.... A simple arrow to the knee will take any unwary traveller down (in skyrim atleast)
  4. pvp tek help please

    I think you have to complete some bosses to unlock the tek knowledge.. in single player i loaded some in but couldn't use it. Assuming the reason is because I hadn't finished any bosses yet to unlock the tek .
  5. ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    After ascending and walking about the alien structure i feel like those floating planets in there were the different stages of earths destruction... The first one looks kind of like Pangaea then the second looks like earth is now then the third looks like scorched, the glowing redness on the planet has a spot that looks just like Africa.. my theory is all those are the different stages of earths life and the last (that we know of) "aberration" will be not only be a display of earth's demise but the Ark's as well.. they say an obelisk has fallen and radiation has taken over the surface and now we are forced to survive in this new broken world. The clues are there and it's up to us to find the answers we've all been waiting for. Why are we here? Who put us here? Where are we? Why do they keep giving me water jugs and compass blueprints? Is there a way out? I think the final add-on will bring us closer to our answers maybe even introduce us to our "overseers" As long as it doesn't end like "lost" and I just find out we were all in a plane crash and dead all along.
  6. Wyvern egg stealing

    Yep , I'm just being stubborn. I've seen it done on YouTube and yeah it looks way easier then any other way. Especially with a whip
  7. Wyvern egg stealing

    Lol NOPE... use a moth haha
  8. Wyvern egg stealing

    Get yourself a throw away tame... take it and one other somewhere near the scar. leave the other bird somewhere close and olace a sleeping bag.. grab an egg with throw away tame fly some place safe and let the wyvern kill you both.. spawn at the other bird fly over grab your stuff say a quick prayer for the dead and be on your mary way.
  9. So where's everyone gone?

    It seems to me legacy is dead on xbox, we've claimed handfuls of Dino's in the last few days from people that are either leaving or just moving to the new servers. WC themselves admitted they weren't supporting the legacy stuff so it's no surprise people have left.. I just hope the new servers dont follow the same path.
  10. gallimimus taming

    I'd just use a bola then knock it out. Plus surround it with spike walls for safety or dino gates work to
  11. Leeds have broken the sea 100%

    Spend several weeks fishing and you'll have enough pearls to make that motor boat
  12. Feeling utterly defeated

    If you've ever played PvP you'll know what it's like to start over again... I know it sucks. I spent three or four days finding a new server and moving all our tames over just for the new server to die out and probably get wiped to. I don't know for sure but I've heard through the grape vine that they might let people transfer their stuff from legacy to the new clusters after they've been around for a while.. all speculation at this point but I did just receive a bunch of free tames over it... I'm going to start a new character and just enjoy the legacy stuff while I can
  13. Raising Wyverns: Is it possible if you have a job?

    Save up a bunch of ingots and buy yourself one mate. Way easier
  14. Yes ofcourse I considered the complications of splitting up a big tribe and I am confident that a well organized group could pull it off. The radios for instance, there could be a common frequency so everyone in all of those smaller tribes could communicate with each other without global chat. Paint: you could have everyone in that mega group wear a certain colour shirt or helmet or something to indicate who's who.. As for turrets and the like hitting Friendly's , you could have the group's spread out over multiple regions to avoid that. Maybe even a common safe spot if meeting needs to be held . I know it seems like a bit of a stretch but I think with proper communication and organization it can be done
  15. Rexs on Ragnarok

    I saw some last night in the sw desert area