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  1. Teddansen

    PVP / PVE (what was the reason)

    Isn't it called PvP/PvE because you are going up against other players as well as the environment ? PvE doesn't stand for playing house and farm simulation that's just what those players like to do lol
  2. Teddansen

    Base Defence

    I'd just try to hide better.. multiple little bases with supplies will help.stay under the radar as best you can't till you've got more defenses then continue to stay under the radar lol
  3. Teddansen

    The devs just killed Ark!

    Official PvP always has and always will be dominated by the grinders . If you can't beat em join em... Otherwise just troll them. Make their life as hard as they make yours, we'll try at least lol. Make clubs and tranqs and just enjoy while you.can before somebody bigger stumbles across your path
  4. Teddansen

    Ark Theories

    I love what you've done here @ArkTheorist123 !! After trying my luck in PvP for two years and then trying my patience with the hoarding PvE crowd I decided I'd go to single player and start a quest for the notes.. I read them when it's dark and scary out and I'm just tickled that someone else is as interested as I am .. Keep it up dude!! And high five lol
  5. Teddansen

    Grinding/ Leveling on dinos

    Fight other Dino's... Kill aplhas with your flyers and they'll be maxed out in no time
  6. Teddansen

    Easier Start Means More Players

    Personally I prefer the beginning stages of the game. It's all adventure and building up that gets me going.. Once you get established with tames and turrets and such it's just a maintenance game from then on which bores me to death so I travel servers and settle here and there because I'm cool like that. Once you get a flyer you pretty much don't set foot on ground thereafter To each their own i guess
  7. Teddansen

    any way to split stacks?

    Can't you press Y to split the stacks into individuals
  8. Teddansen

    scorched earth primitive plus

    I just saw Ced mention this week on twitter that he was working on a prim + update.. fingers crossed
  9. Teddansen

    best way to kill Deathworms?

    I have to say that this is the most bad ass way to get it done.. I've got to try it lol .. my rexes will be sooo jealous
  10. Teddansen

    Beeswax non-existent?!

    Well now I'm glad I'm am yet to get myself a bee... Been thinking about it for weeks as id like the bows as well.... Shucks
  11. Would it possible to add the coordinates to the tribe log when someone dies ? For example: teddansen lvl 2 was killed by a parasaur lvl 1 at 38lon 59lat Sometimes I'm in such a rush to get back that I don't take note of where I was and just can't find my green beacon
  12. Joining servers on Xbox? The only way I can get into a server is by trying once until it says it can't find the address then I close the game and open it back up and when it asks if I want to join my previous server i press yes... Somewhat annoying but it still works. I tried changing my DNS settings to 8888 and back and that seems to work but now I just close the game and open it back up again. This seems to be an issues since rag came out? Ish Just wondering if it's going to be addressed?
  13. Well shucks. It worked for me this past weekend ... Maybe turn your router off and on again... Pro I.T. tip right there lol
  14. On the Xbox if you go to settings>network>advanced settings>DNS settings.. set it to manual then put 8 8 8 8 in both primary and secondary and then load the game up.. it worked for me as I couldn't access any servers over the weekend also