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  1. I predict: updates amount of slots on refrigerators, empties all refrigerators. RIP fertilized eggs
  2. Doesn't stop someone from eating their own irl poop, you can hold my character hostage - "but you'll never take me alive".
  3. The game exploit is simple: The blame lays at the hands of "Tribe of GurL" a tribe of professional female Ark assassins that are RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE'S EYES, but no one can see them. It always begins the same way: Usually a "Pro Flak Fred" takes a mommy giga and a daddy giga and sets their settings to "enable mating"(out in the open, cause he's a pro). Then the mommy giga and the daddy giga do some grown up stuff(off screen). While "Tribe of Bobbers" lurks in wait. After a short time the stork brings the mommy giga a present, a big fat egg. "Egg Stealer Steve" then swoops in from the brush steals the egg and runs back down to the shore and him and "Beach Bob Billy" hatch and raise the precious stork gift . Then he puts shiny new clothes on it that he found in the body of "Tek Suit Tom" who KNOWS to stop leaving his body laying around, but does it anyways. Then "Pro Flak Fred" bitches and complains to "Tek Suit Tom" back and forth about the nEwBs in local chat and they decide it's time to pillar off the entire map to keep the "bobs" out. Tom still can't figure out why he keeps losing his gear, Fred is too dumb to build a building to hatch eggs in, meanwhile Tribe of GurL(name unknown, we will call her "Jane") adds another color to her breeding line that she got from her ALT account Steve. Jane then trades a similar version of the same egg back to "Pro Flak Fred" for 5k poly. Fred and Tom both join an "alliance" with Tribe of GurL because she is such a "trusted trader". Jane then does a few more "successful trades" with both tribes, earns their trust, and eventually joins the "Tribe of Fred". Now that Jane has infiltrated the "Tribe of Fred" she then scatters some tames around in the water as she watches them sink to their untimely death. Jane tells Fred she saw Tom "gasbagging" their dinos and tried to get Tom to stop. "He just wouldn't stop" "Tom said this was his server Fred", she exclaimed. Jane and Fred team up on Tom and declare war, Tom submits in defeat after losing all his stuff, "Fook Ark" he says to everyone in the Facebook trading pages "I'm going back to Call of Duty". Then Jane insides Fred and then she completely owns the server. and that is how you copy and paste gigas.* *or they buy them with paypal
  4. tltr: don't use alliance system or accept war on PVE or you may lose your stuff
  5. …..says the guy that not too long ago was crying because those pixels had pixilated letters arranged in a way that mad him sad. "tHoSe tRiBe nAmEs mAkE mE sAd"
  6. Why was it 4x? and will it happen again? if so when?
  7. Good point, people who advocate server wipes should play unofficial.
  8. Did anyone ever find a work around for this? They clearly haven't fixed the "bug" because it's not letting me play any of my paid for DLCs
  9. I have actually had one of these mind boggling ghost poops myself. I was terrified, it came out - but it wasn't there.
  10. I think they are doing a fantastic job. I enjoy Ark every minute I play.
  11. Sounds great, when can you start. Can someone hurry up and get this guy a hired.
  12. This post reminds me of when I was twelve and stole my own virginity. Before anyone suggests I "insided" myself that isn't how it went down. Unfortunately you will never see those dinos ever again, they are lost forever just like my sweet innocence.
  13. I understand your pain, I tried pac-man and the ghosts kept eating me. I tried to eat the pellets but they just kept chasing me, over and over. I would even eat the power pellets and chase them around awhile but they just don't last long enough, so I couldn't kill them all. I don't know why they made a game that wants you to eat the pellets but it won't let you because of the ghosts. I have put down pac-man for now because of all the op ghosts. I thought about trying Mrs. Pac-Man but I'm sure it won't be much different. I'm thinking the ghosts have been on the map longer and have had a longer chance to learn the maze. Ark is Life
  14. I will let the secret out: Level your character all the way up before trying to be someone or be established, if soloing. You know? sprinkle a little bob-be-gone dust on your head before trying to fight that "dragon". Stop thatching around and get serious about your Ark experience.
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