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  1. Everyday to prevent this when starting my game, I have to highlight and exit the game from the last session. If I don't it says that every time. That's on xbox btw. maybe just reset your device
  2. Good point, people who advocate server wipes should play unofficial.
  3. I have several invisible Ice Wyverns for sale, some are event(likely). It won't let you pod or ride them though. I have whatever level you want it to be. Low prices. Also have taxidermy stands with invisible wyverns. Accepting any mats for trade that are not invisible. Official,pve
  4. Today in Ark I researched a rumor of a new dino: "Deinonychus is an agile climber as well, jumping from wall ledge to wall ledge as it seeks high vantage points to lie in wait." "He will climb your behemoth gates regardless of the materials they are made from, disregarding height." "The Deinonychus is drawn to the glowing light of cryo-fridges and glow pets." "His thirst for the podded dinos he drinks from pods after ripping apart a survivors cryo-fridge with one strike from his powerful claws will never be fulfilled." "Keep your windows closed" I found an officia
  5. I traded my neighbor my daughters tricycle for 10 of these worthless bridges, he won't trade back. Guess who's not getting a fruit cake sent to them this Christmas. Listened to all that crying for nothing.
  6. Everyone that wants a wipe, start you a new character and start over, simple solution for you. If the people you complain about are better than you, guess what? they still will be. They will just be "inconvenienced" for a bit with a wipe. They will still own you and you will still fail. WE/THEY/YOU - ALL started at the bottom and will rise according to effort/skill levels. Everyone at the top isn't at the top because they started on a "fresh server". And for the "whaaa, it's boring at the top", "the game is stale" crybags - throw your tames in the ocean and start over, if that's what yo
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