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  1. DauntingBeef08 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Purchased a CA thorny dragon and also a anklyo for great price

    Kai905 was The Seller

  2. Devdevlin left Positive feedback   

    Brilliant quick easy simple transaction always a pleasure

    Kai905 was The Seller

  3. NunHugger left Positive feedback   

    Great seller. Delivered to me. Even through in a Rex skin.

    Kai905 was The Seller

  4. FredFlinstoner left Positive feedback   

    Smooth transaction and made it super easy for my first trade. Highly recommended.

    Kai905 was The Seller

  5. NOXCUSEE left Positive feedback   

    Good seller, Good dino's & nice easy smooth trade.

    Kai905 was The Seller

  6. Razorsharp left Positive feedback   

    Very good doing business with you. Will trade again without hesitation. Good communication

    Kai905 was The Seller

  7. BigRed1227 left Positive feedback   

    Good seller everything was as promised

    Kai905 was The Seller

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