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  1. I had a stego called lego my stego
  2. Only 4 posts per day till you hit 11. Then you will be a member and can post as much as you want and get on trading forums.

    1. allowablevalue


      harshness!  I also had to look up how to even see the forums (where you edit profile and click 'I am human').  Why make the forum so complicated?  I've got it easier on pornhub!

    2. FredFlinstoner


      Maybe if I upvote your stuff it will help not sure finally got on? lot of stress this morning did you have issues at all.

  3. Been playing ark for a while but new to the community. Any suggestions on getting started would be greatly appreciated.


    Living the Ark life


    1. FredFlinstoner


      And how do i setup a forum account.

    2. TheArkist


      So ready for this patch! :)

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