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  1. LMAO that is halarious
  2. Pvp, pve, or single player?
  3. Theblastmage explained it pretty well. You start with lot of knocking out 135+ Dino's to check their stats. I use Dododex to see how many points are in the stats. I could be off a little on this so maybe somebody can correct or confirm this but I'm pretty sure your looking for around 40 points in a stat. So say you knock out a Dino put his stats in dododex and find out he has 40 points on health tame it and name it 40health or something like that. Now go knock out more till you can find one with 40 points in melee, stamina etc and tame it. Hopefully you got lucky and tame a male and female first if not go looking for another one with a 40 point stat that you don't have. Once you have a male and female breed them and kill off anything that doesn't have the high stats of both parents. So say you breed your health and melee ones and get a baby/babies with the high stats of melee of one parent and the high stat of health from the other you would then take that baby once raised and breed it with the one with high stamina till you get the health and melee stats from baby/babies that you raised and the high stat of stamina from the tamed one. And keep going until your satisfied with stats then go for the mutations. Sorry tried to make it simple and I wrote you a book lol. Any hope this helps you understand a little bit on how super Dino's are created.?
  4. Steam may have a sale on it seeing how you already own it on Xbox. But future reference buy digital copies from Microsoft you get the game on Xbox and pc just as long as it's play anywhere.?
  5. It's a Xbox play anywhere title so when you purchase the Xbox one versionfrom Microsoft (a digital copy) you will also get a code for Windows 10.
  6. They will eat out of multiple troughs but as @GrumpyBearsaid everything in the area will eat out of the same one. So only keep your baby/babies in range and put down 3 troughs. Figure what one they eat out of first then empty that to see what they go for second etc. Raw for the first one or two and cooked meat for the last one or two and if you have spare dodo kibble (few stacks) put it in the rexes inventory for your final back up. The kibble is kind of Overkill but hopefully it isn't used and little to no spoilage.
  7. It's been a while since I been at it but the ark breeding calculator helped me a lot. Also to fight spoilage have a back up trough of cooked meat and a back up for the back up with as much dodo kibble as you can spare but hopefully that won't be used. 8 hrs is a long time to leave it alone though.
  8. I had a stego called lego my stego
  9. Only 4 posts per day till you hit 11. Then you will be a member and can post as much as you want and get on trading forums.

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      harshness!  I also had to look up how to even see the forums (where you edit profile and click 'I am human').  Why make the forum so complicated?  I've got it easier on pornhub!

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      Maybe if I upvote your stuff it will help not sure finally got on? lot of stress this morning did you have issues at all.

  10. Been playing ark for a while but new to the community. Any suggestions on getting started would be greatly appreciated.


    Living the Ark life


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      And how do i setup a forum account.

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      So ready for this patch! :)

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