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  1. If egg is still available I have a 165 light with 100% imprint and no levels in it. I think it's currently ready to put in 25-28 levels immediately. I just hatched and raised it about two weeks ago so it's certainly a fresh tame post nerf.

    1. GoreShotz


      Yo dude,

      I have promised this egg to somebody else this weekend.

      But if the deal falls through then you are next in line :)

  2. I think they should consider that once you've chosen a cluster of servers to transfer to that should be locked in for those dinos. Example would be 116 kibble tamed giga from NA Off Serv 638 gets transferred from 638 to SE Off Serv 942 that Giga can be transferred back and forth between 638 and 942 unlimited times (with the 12 hour cool down of course) but it CANNOT be transferred from SE Off Serv 942 to SE Off Serv 943 or Off Serv 639. So this would mean that a single dino would be limited to three servers. With the above mentioned scenario, that still leaves the giga open to joining any Center Map Off Server, but once it has been teleported to a Center Map (ex Off Serv 761) the cluster group is complete. So my 116 giga is now locked into moving between Island 638<-> SE 942 <-> Center 761. Now I am not proposing that the player's character be locked onto those three servers just the dinos. If I had two 116 giga's on 638 and I sent one to the 638, 942, 761 cluster I should be free to send my second 116 giga from 638 to 943, 762 and back. It would also be nice to see the tribe log getting an update to give more details, such as what cluster of servers a specific dino who destroyed your tame or building was apart of. I think this would balance a tribe dropping onto a server number just pulled out of the hat and doing damage then leaving and the victim has no way to retaliate because they don't have a clue as to what server the dino or tribe was from or transferred to. I really like the obvious dedication WCS has put into the base game after SE went live. I was very skeptical about their dedication to the base when the expansion came out, but I feel they are sticking to their words and moving forward on the game ARK: Survival Evolved. Any thoughts?
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