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  1. So, I do not even HAVE a TDR (Windows 7 reporting in ho!) in the registry to modify, so the supposed "fix" is actually something I CANNOT perform. I've been messing around with the launch options, but nothing seems to be working.
  2. Oh, in terms of movement mechanics this looks a lot like what I suggested way back when for the raptor's TLC. Looks promising.
  3. Gabriel, you are deliberately cherry picking from the arguments that have been used- and there are plenty- to create an easily knocked-down strawman. This is called arguing in bad faith. What seeing this tactic tells me is that engaging further with you will not be productive. RE: Spinos, definitely should produce exceptional kibble. This feels like an oversight- creatures producing eggs which tame the tiers below them, but not their own or higher, doesn't really serve a purpose from a progression standpoint. In this particular case, however, it serves to notably bottleneck Aberration onl
  4. Ark Digest Question: What are the plans moving forward? Are there TLCs planned for the remaining EA launch/early EA creatures in ARK, or are there other mechanic reworks planned?
  5. ... Yeah, if this is going to turn into yet another debate, not going to engage. You will sure as hell not convince me, and I'm sure as hell not going to convince you, and if I try it's going to turn into both of us writing novels in this thread and cluttering it up. We have both made up our minds, that much is clear to me. Regardless, there is going to be a livestream involving this and the S+ integration tomorrow. I do not think I will be able to attend, but if you want to engage directly I would assume it is as good an opportunity as you will get.
  6. Definitely in agreement RE: cooking pot slots. Edit: From a quality of life and gameplay standpoint, the new kibble is certainly an improvement over the existing system and it's haphazard lines (lines which break on one or more of the extant DLC maps and require taming virtually every egg-laying animal in the game). This is where gameplay takes priority over "realism". Taming is a massive part of the game. As a result, you want the kibble system, which provides the most cost effective and time effective way of obtaining tames, to be accessible and to make sense from a gameplay pers
  7. You're too simplistic. Very few animals are strict herbivores or strict carnivores. Very few. These animals typically have the word "obligate" in front of their dietary preferences, and even then that often does not stop them from sampling. Many animals we think of as carnivorous will partake of vegetable matter. Likewise, many animals we think of as herbivorous will partake of animal matter. Both are easy to find with minimal searching- easiest way to find the former is probably to search "Alligator + Fruit" in Google, easiest way to find examples of the latter is likely typing "Deer + Eatin
  8. Just want to note that, for the record, superior kibble does require prime meat jerky, and with the tames in that tier you'll likely be making plenty of it. Nearly everything in the tier is extremely useful on one or more maps. On another topic, if reducing tediousness is a concern, then you could just roll the requirements for the soups into the recipe while removing the water requirement to avoid accidentally making either soup while making kibble. The main thing I see, however, is that the soups appear to be there as gatekeepers to make it harder to mass-produce Exceptional and
  9. ... Dolphinsong has a point, so I'll drop the debate. On a feedback note, for a creature that is found on all maps, is useful, but not too easy to tame and maintain... why not allow snails to lay eggs, and allow those eggs to produce extraordinary kibble? They require veggie cakes to maintain, so a player needs to be at least somewhat established before taming them. They create cementing paste passively, meaning they are already extremely useful to have around without the ability to lay eggs. They do not take up much space- you can keep them in your house if you so desire. And they do no
  10. You know what, I have some time to kill. I'll humor you. Also, I will note you outright lied just now when you said I did not address it, because we did indeed argue this song and dance several weeks ago. You already used this argument. A) I'm sorry, but guess what... the content is indeed still raptoring there. If people want the achievements, at minimum they will still need to tame a variety of creatures. You are still going to interact with them in the wild, they are still going to be there. You still need to deal with the Achatina's acid spit, purlovias are going to jump you, baryony
  11. On that note, I had some thoughts I wanted to comment on regarding the recent updates to the beta. First, extraordinary kibble. Going off of Noodle's work, it seems the eggs which offer it are golden Hesperornis, Rock Drake, and Wyvern eggs, with Titanoboa eggs being relegated to large (superior) status. Assuming that the old test data we used for feedback was not borked in someway, this represents a sidegrade I'm not entirely sure I'm comfortable with. Let's face it, golden hesperornis eggs are a pain, since they require 25 fish (may be wrong, I've never tamed them due to distaste for t
  12. I have a life outside this thread, and may not be able to respond immediately at all times. Shocking, I know, but I would expect you to understand that given that neither of us has a particularly high post count. That being said, we directly discussed this So let me throw those words right back at you, because I doubt you "forgot" what we discussed not long ago. Link As you were the main user arguing that this rework would cut content, the responses to your post should contain it. It is late my time, so this will have to do. Also, going from what I see on here and Reddit,
  13. Apologies, the timing and content of your post implied otherwise. As for the rest, what you are doing is making a case that more mechanics need overhauling, especially PvE combat. Which, for the record, I do agree with- PvE combat in the game is extremely simplistic, mounted PvE combat even more so. What you are conveniently leaving out of your argument re: recipes is that those recipes require a single, specific tame's eggs. This is by far the most time consuming and "grindy" aspect, as there is jack poop you can do to get more of these aside from taming lots of useless/undesired, l
  14. This information was available from the first day of the beta, with discussions on the use of recipe based food items in kibble making earlier in the thread. Also, for the record, Argie kibble as it is in vanilla uses both Citronal and Prime jerky. I do not consider rare mushrooms particularly difficult to obtain, though I am not as certain regarding the use of sap. As I have stated earlier, I am neutral on the food recipes. Also, thank you for your work, @NeddyTheNoodle, it is greatly appreciated by the rest of us!
  15. After it gets through certification. PC still only has the beta, after all, so console is going to be waiting some time yet. I would assume after it actually pushes to the main branch.
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