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  1. So, I do not even HAVE a TDR (Windows 7 reporting in ho!) in the registry to modify, so the supposed "fix" is actually something I CANNOT perform. I've been messing around with the launch options, but nothing seems to be working.
  2. Oh, in terms of movement mechanics this looks a lot like what I suggested way back when for the raptor's TLC. Looks promising.
  3. Correct. Of course, we do need people to keep the conversation going, the more the better.
  4. I mean, this thread was not just about extraordinary kibble. It was about tweaking the system to give a better experience. I would argue we still need a few dinos that "punch above" the tier of kibble they eat, for example.
  5. Well... it is a dino you are going to want to acquire as you play, due to its usefulness in boss raids if nothing else. Part of me wishes that if it is being allowed to produce extraordinary kibble Megalania would be allowed to as well, but beggars cannot be choosers. I would also like to see the Hesperornis's numbers (and possibly the mechanic itself) reworked so that it would actually act as a viable extraordinary egg source. As it stands, it still is going to have the aforementioned issues regarding how many fish it will need to eat, and is likely one of the creatures very few people like to tame and use. I actually like the concept behind it (it's entire gimmick is more or less based on cormorant fishing), it's simply not well implemented. I would argue that at this point it needs a TLC pass alongside the plesio, carno, and others. It might be tricky to properly balance, though.
  6. What is most worrying to me personally right this moment is that, in the latest community digest there is no mention of some of the kibble bugs. Big one that stands out to me is the issue of dinos not on Island/Center asking for old kibble for imprinting purposes. Not to mention the issues with certain dinos not taking kibble correctly (IIRC, aren't Rock Golems one of those?).
  7. At least Superior kibble has an "easy" on ramp with Moschops (okay, not easy, but it does not take kibble to perfect tame one). I would still like to see snails and maybe dung beetles fit in somewhere as gateways (Exceptional/Extraordinary). Regular in theory has Troodon... but Troodon's preferences when taming make this impractical except for a well established tribe. Compy requires prime meat or mutton to tame, but should work for simple kibble. Basic... has the Lystro, which loves rare flowers. I do think the system could work to an extent with the existing creatures, but in order for it to do so their preferences need to be reworked.
  8. I mean, it would effectively halve it. You're still looking at somewhere in the vicinity for 750 fish per 15 kibble if it does work, however. Assuming it stacks with the boost to fishing lay rate you saw with server boosted lay rate, that brings it into "viable on boosted rate servers" territory past a certain server lay rate. On officials... not so much. If Hesperonrnis were guaranteed to lay the golden egg, however, it would cut it down to approximately 187 fish per 15 kibble. It's something approaching viability.
  9. Just a thought, but has anyone tried to buff the goose using an oviraptor while it is fishing? It might change the calcs if there is a noticeable impact. Still not going to be good, but if there a similar effect to what @Onimusha759observed with boosted server lay rates, it may be worth a shot.
  10. Yeah, I reran the Thyla numbers. I do not like what I got. Assuming normal rates, with 15 kibble to tame a 150 and one out of three eggs laid will be golden... You end up having to feed the goose 1125 fish to obtain 15 kibble. With one out of four eggs being golden, that skyrockets to 1500 fish for 15 kibble.
  11. @Zahlea, from what he said, he wants you to take it back to land every five fish, unless I am reading incorrectly.
  12. @Onimusha759 , to my understanding they only can lay a golden egg every 25 fish or so. Is this not correct?
  13. People keep harping on about dinos becoming useless. I've heard this a thousand times it feels like, and I have the same reply each time. Each dino was placed into the game with the aim of fulfilling a specific role, a role it was to be used for by players. If players do not tame them because they are useless, this means they are not effective enough in their intended role and either need to be reworked to fulfill a different role or given boosts to enable them to better perform their intended roles. Not the kibble system's job to cover for that, that was just a band-aid on a wound that probably needs surgery.
  14. Offering constructive criticism and advice on how things can be improved is not the same thing as whining, especially when working within the confines of the new system. Also, while I do agree that the issues can be solved if all maps are available, the issue is that not all maps may be available in a cluster. Some servers may be limited to just one of the maps, for instance. Tweaks to ensure that the system works equally well on all maps are worth considering, I think. Make no mistake, I do support the new system. But there are areas where I think it could use some tweaks to bring out its full potential. Speaking of which... regarding spino eggs, they need to move up a tier. Having a creature lay eggs below its own class is self-defeating. As has been alluded to previously, this is also an issue with Megalania and Yutyrannus- though, they are trickier given their tier and the fact that it does not seem SC wants the eggs to be too easily obtained. I'm not opposed to bumping Titanoboa back up to extraordinary either. However, if they are restored, I would suggest a bump to egg lay rate.
  15. I actually tried posting the idea to Reddit earlier, but it failed to gain any traction. Needless to say, I do support these ideas.
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