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  1. To bad transfer is opening... Byebye challenges when all broken OP lines are coming in....
  2. Depends I would say.. I have waited all from 1 week to 3 weeks:/ 48 hours i think unfortunately wont happen...
  3. Minwipe problem? Is it only me that cant mindwipe atm?
  4. Ye we really have no use of the event on 493 atm... what is it? crash every 5 min.. But as usually they cant fix the servers so people cant enjoy the events..dissapointed as usual!
  5. Same here.. We have never had issues on our abberation 221.. but now it keeps crashing alot and extinction is unplayable aswell ... destroying the event so much when u cant even enjoy it!
  6. Why? How come that everytme its event in Ark the devs finds it SUPER important to restart the servers everyday?! And how come the restarts are so rare off-event? Is it meant to be only to piss people off?
  7. About server restarts! Isnt it time to start giving people more headsup than 15 min before a server restart? I mean I guess devs knows when they are about to fix the servers more than 15 min before they take it down or am I wrong?
  8. Stupid idea with the small almost invisible boarders.. and that it instakills the animals is just more bs.. Lost my best mana the other day bc of lag. Jumped ones and out of a sudden i was out of the boarder and mana died... ! i mean comon come up with something better then this.. fix the lag so people wont loose animals for nothing!
  9. There will probably be more delays.. We should feel lucky if the servers are up at all today:P
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