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  1. on official because these dont stop the bog of salmon spawning inside the turtle, becomming ntargetable and pretty much insta killing either turtle or swarm.
  2. those are mosa traps, fairly useless for turtle. Tame is also fairly bugged as the salmon spawn inside the turtle attacking swarm where you cannot kill it and either kills swarm or instantly kills turtle, it is why noone has event tames.
  3. ammonite/coel overspawn ocean region hello, server oc 700 is still having issues with massive overspawning of coel/ammonite which has been going on for around 4-5 days now eliminating most other dinos on server from spawning. Server is constantly crashing which seems to result in even more spawning every time.
  4. Guessing their still having issues bringing them up, they said over an hour ago they would be restored and not much has happened yet.
  5. is a post from a few weeks back, an update was posted around 45 mins ago that oc problem was found and servers would be comming back up, so far we have seen 3 returned XD
  6. mah imprints, mah babys !
  7. same here, all but 1 down again
  8. Azmeaiel

    Ammonite Overspawn

    Ammonite Overspawn server 700 oc seems to be having issues with massive ammounts of ammonites spawning in the ocean trenches, in groups of 20-30 , at the moment they are covering the ocean floor wherever they spawn.
  9. Cryopod no longer available from HLNA store unsure if intended or not as patch only said items were being added, but cryo-pod no longer available from HLNA store.
  10. genesis, crops vanishing when de-rendered Hello, having issue since day one with crops vanishing once they have been de-rendered for a small ammount of time on official pve, a few cases where they have reverted to seedlings , ours are in ocean and bog biomes but grow normally when players in render-range.
  11. Azmeaiel

    Dissapearing trees

    Am having this same issue in same cave, trees flickering in and out of visibility depending on whether they have been hit or not, is specific to the underwater blue-coral trees.
  12. Azmeaiel

    Ferox steam name bug

    Ferox steam name bug Ferox is currently bugged and shows players steam name (not in game name or tribe name) when tamed or unpodded, in the 'tamed by' slot.
  13. Dino deaths in Underwater (breathable) caves Hello, for past few days we have had multiple dino deaths in one of the underwater caves for apparently no reason (large west cave from promotional images) doedicurus, megachelon and anklyosaur. All 3 deaths the dinos were on land and idle, not being attacked and died with full oxygen and food, none appeared to be in the mesh and were standing in their areas for between 2-12 hours each. Tribe log simply said 'x has died' body was still present when we inspected them (screenshots of body positions and stats on death available of needed) any help appreciated as we currently cannot use base area without dinos randomly expiring from apparently no usual in-game reason.
  14. As an update, the falsley reported area is now pillared on the other side of our base, and as far as the eye can see, with 'land for trade' signs littered across it everywhere, exactly as has been happening to the bases on ragnarok in much desired areas.
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