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  1. If its singleplayer just restore it yourself with admin commands.
  2. Mostly I have had very good experience with the admins in this game and they have been very knowledgable about what they are doing. The thread is not about me but a player that has been targetted several times near a popular area. His base and the offending pillars do not affect any of the people in tribes who surround him, we all work together, do boss runs together and are frequently on same discord if not in direct alliances with each other. The offending pillars were on narrow peace of beach keeping it open so we could all acess a transmitter near his base to do boss runs and this has been fine for a year, in fact most of the nearby tribes also have pillars protecting their direct acess done in exactly same fashion. All these pillars are also within render range of the players base. Simply put , when this happened we all knew it was none of the people the pillars directly affected putting in the report, we are all fine with them or allied. The area was instantly pillared by a new tribe though once removed by a gm, and this player instantly spammed the entire area, including pushing into our group of buildings and the base of player they reported spamming hills, cliffs and entire area with more pillars than the 'offending' ones removed by gm. My issue is that the the offending pillars were in render of the guys base and not pushed up against any structures and were clearly protecting a small acess for everyone with bases there, this guy suffered massive damage to base and was stripped of huge ammounts of materials and structures from tek storage simply because some player wanted to do a land grab and had completley gotten away with it scot free. Because the land grabber put in ticket first the other player now is considered an offender and has no way of defending themself to gms. Its abuse of ticketing system pure and simple.
  3. This reason exactly, we have had gms come onto other servers and say acess points such as obelisks important for end game content , direct acess to bases and keeping these open was fine , the land in question is a very narrow strip of land near red obelisk on ragnarok. The tribe, instead of fencing their front yard area to store dinos got rid of fences and left the area open so passage of rexes, gigas and other land based dinos could get too and from the obelisk and also acess desert and beach in both directions, this normally fenced in area was instead prevented from being blocked by pillars and all within render of the base itself and where a wall would normally be. A command was used that seemed to remove up to 5 structures instead of a few offending pillars, removing tek storage and everything in it, tek behemoth gates, the entire wall around a base on a small plateau , tree platforms, cliff platforms and basically anything else smaller than a 1x1 box, massive damage to base and materials lost and at the end of the day the reporter pillared the entire area deleted himself, including a much wider area of cliff, surrounding hills and said offending acess to the beach which was deemed excessive pillaring by a gm and removed only hours before under that same guys ticket. And because this person ticketed first, no tickets could be made in defence by the accused tribe. I Understand when this system is used against huge tribes pillaring and selling land for real money on black market, or when another player is directly structure griefing another but when its neither of these and a player loses a massive ammount of work for simply keeping acess to their base clear and the reporter is the one benefitting, it seems dubious at best.
  4. Had adult gachas vanish into thin air, no death log or anything. Neighbour had 74 dinos starve to death, including a brontosaurus lv 220 he had tamed the night before and at full food in the space of 6 hours, and apparently this was a 'normal occourance' in that space of time after it was ticketed logs were even given between tame time and starve time, likewise on same server multiple tribes lost or almost lost packs of rexes at obelisks that were not rendered at a certain time, all bases where people managed to log on between updates at this time were fine. Other than that being oceanic there was 5 days of servers crashing and being completly unplayable early on in the event/end of 2nd life event.
  5. There are servers that wipe monthly for this kind of play, the rest is pure entitlement.
  6. not if there are ladders or fence foundations used. Tribe that put in the report immediatly put up their own spam pushed into the base they had just ticketed and its surroundings., and this is directly against an active base that had pillaring to protects its acess and walls from just this kind of griefing. It is a big concern as this opens up false ticketing to get land immediatly in vacinity of an active base as has happened here, and because they ticketed first you have no kind of recourse against this abuse of enforecement, although when it is as close to base as it was with the tribe having been there for over a year and the ticketer being on the server only a day it should have been obvious.
  7. We are too, this is why i am surprised it is being turned on active tribes careful to keep pillars protecting only active areas within vicinity of bases to give it to tribes that just log on to reset.
  8. Beware, Weaponised reporting is apparently a thing now An interesting one but apparently a neighbour of mine is being targetted multiple times by a certain group of tribes on the server who reportedly sell land for irl money on dubious websites. This neighbour has had reports constantly filed against them for building near other tribes bases, although the only structures they have outside immediate vacinity of their base are in range of neighbours and allies who have agreed on the buildings and also use them, and only in regions where it is agreed on and shared use. This is the same with the use of their pillaring of the land. In one area walls were removed from the area around base and the acess to and from the base and immediate vacinity of base was pillared, another base on a small plateu was likewise pillared around the wall and in the compound of the base well within render range and not more than 1 pillar deep on outside to prevent griefing. Several times now this tribe has had reports files against them for excessive pillaring even though they are not near others bases, and are only protecting immediate vacinity of bases and their acess points. During this latest report the wall immediatly around the tribes base was removed along with tek behemoths, tek boxes , all this in direct vicinity of bases. When pillars were removed huge areas were pillared by the tribe putting in false reports , committing exactly same apparent violation (even they do not have base on server just pillars and land claims with beds) . and also directly pushed against structures. Destroying peoples work immediatly around an active base to give obvious land-grab tribes acess seens incredibly hypocritical.
  9. this doesnt work because instead of pillaring you get towers built that go over the structure limit of a small thatch hut, ie 3 pillars with 4 ladders on each side . people just simply go over the cap removes and make bigger eyesores to claim the land, this happened upon announcement of pillar server wipes previously.
  10. Its a sci-fi game and never was strictly a dino game, for that there is Saurian.
  11. I wonder if this problem would be left so long if it was NA servers affected, been going on since friday and still unplayable. Whole OC server player base affected, bases and dinos being lost from lag, crashes and timeouts because people cannot acess servers and nothing really being done. I understand there is meant to be a server move but why should this affect gameplay in the meantime? servers were not like this before.
  12. Still terrible performance, servers constantly dc and unplayable.
  13. the fix worked for about 20 mins, oc servers still unplayable and nothing being done.
  14. Colours Just seem to be random Autumn colours now instead of the amazing red/white/Purple/black/orange of the origional event. All i have been seeing is orange. Very sad we now have commonly available colours and orange as an event when it used to be so good.
  15. Yeh This used to be my favourite event due to the great colour spawns, looking every day and only notable colour anywhere now is orange, which we got for last event and also easter, the unique combos of black/white/purple/red are completly gone and the good purp and black completly unobtainable in any event now.
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