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  1. They did a patch now 90% of species have been removed completly including ones to tame giant turtle, no x dunky, x basil, eels, anglerfish , deep 'gen 1' spawn areas except for 2-3 turtles and a couple of megachelon since overspawn patch.
  2. Team downriver run mission has been broken for over 4 days not allowing us to progress to boss. This mission instantly kicks the player who initiates it and any other person joining is left inside the mission but out of the canoe, have tried for days to initiate this mission and same thing happens every single time no matter who in group initiates or if player is solo.
  3. This is disgusting, customers constantly lost their progress and nothing done, a lot of us who were playing gen 2 also had all gen 1 missions wiped representing play over a year and not a peep out out of support or any effort to fix or restore their customers missing progress. I dont know of any other gaming company that sits idle while their customers lose character and progress and just sweep it under the rug so to speak. A month of progress gone on gen 1 for a lot of people and over a years progress on gen wiped and 0 care for paying customers given once the money is in their pocket .
  4. Been playing gen 2 since day it was released now all missions wiped. almost a months progress lost not that this company gives a rats about keeping its customer data, or fixing problems like customers losing all their progress ie gen 1 missions being wiped weeks ago representing a years progress and never fixed.
  5. Astrodelphus will constantly go into a mode, whether ridden or unridden where their food drops to nothing, if left away from filled troughs or not in pods they very quickly starve. This happens constantly.
  6. there were over 500 players on the 2 available PVE servers in oceanic, this has now been cut down to 140 slots for these 500 players making the game unplayable for the majority. This happens every single expansion for this demographic and has since the first xpac, yet pvp for this region gets 4 servers which are not anywhere near as full nor a constant 70/70 cap.
  7. same happening on 700 OC , every 10 mins server boots everyone, has been happening on and off for weeks and usually when it gets this bad it results in server being up and noone being able to join.
  8. Hi, could we please get allied mode for tek teleporter, this would solve many issues where people use teleporters to grief if left on 'public' especially teleporters inside bases.
  9. This is why a lot of people have little faith . There are many issues left unfixed for years on an engine the devs are very familiar with. We are also seeing unfinished launches like atlas and genesis where the star attraction dinos were incomplete in their tame methods for months, and most still buggy beyond use. Take for example megachelon where fish still spawn inside and insta kill them while taming, ferox falling through the world, meshing, self duping , never keeping stats on transformation, and bloodstalkers and astrocetus never being able to achieve full taming effectiveness. Pair this
  10. well, you call us pessimistic but after a few years of 'Learning' we saw what became of the Atlas launch, and genesis with its still uncompletable missions after a year of being released, nothing has been done to fix these issues, or the broken tames there , or any other problem the community has in a very very long time. Show us a way to legitimatly complete the multiple alpha level missions that still only have 1-2 exploiters that have completing them in a legitimate way so we can finish this paid content and we may be more optimistic.
  11. Oddly the only people who call others childish are the ones who never put a moments work into mutating a dino, let alone do it for 40 generations.
  12. People tend to out re-sellers and not trade with them within the community very quickly. Fairly obvious given the breeders dino names are all on the breed lines.
  13. seems very counter productive, even if you could grind this stuff, you cant do so unless you level up and get the engram, and it creates the issue of having vaults and vaults of useless junk or throwing things away constantly. We recently had patches to remove event items to remove spammed items to prevent this very problem yet the missions themselves are creating the exact same issue with no resoloution to removing this junk aka grinding. Also the materials gained back are trivial once you reach the tier of play required to make the grinder itself. Why not let us grind this trash given
  14. but i like them and want to tame them, they are my favourite dino and only reason i play, like dodos.
  15. Anyway, another highlight of why structure limits to protect areas are bad, already servers look like this: To combat announced changes.....welcome to the aesthetic future of ark.
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