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  1. Downloading seems to be the easy part. They are meant to be able to be played as a SP file but for a lot of people I have seen trying this just results in a crash or computer freeze at the loading ruins part.
  2. Have tried to do get the files working in SP as per instructions but it just results in a crash at ruins , I have seen many people trying to convert to sp with this issue.
  3. they are providing tribe and character files too apparently.
  4. On island server and a few others you cannot seem to set levels from 5-150 like official servers. This has been a known issue for ages but never adressed. Oddly most later maps, and seem to be in line with official rates. I always get the same answers as above but they never actually fix the issue. Another issue never addressed is the fact that breeding time and imprints have never been able to be scaled easily in SP so that they alighn with each other.
  5. Been playing gen 2 since day it was released now all missions wiped. almost a months progress lost not that this company gives a rats about keeping its customer data, or fixing problems like customers losing all their progress ie gen 1 missions being wiped weeks ago representing a years progress and never fixed.
  6. same happening on 700 OC , every 10 mins server boots everyone, has been happening on and off for weeks and usually when it gets this bad it results in server being up and noone being able to join.
  7. but i like them and want to tame them, they are my favourite dino and only reason i play, like dodos.
  8. Anyway, another highlight of why structure limits to protect areas are bad, already servers look like this: To combat announced changes.....welcome to the aesthetic future of ark.
  9. The funny thing is, most servers are already responding to this announcement with forests of mega pillars, gg wildcard.
  10. The problem is, it will impact gameplay negativly for a lot of people with a low snapped structure limit. It will be byby for most crab traps including the expensive catapult wich usually requires a few snapped pillars and a foundation. It will despawn all 'pillar walls' used to build enclosures that do not despawn the resource inside and just about all base builds that do the same. All small structures like fishing areas will be affected . huts are going to be built on every resource on the map negativly effecting play on entire servers - on every server, both deliberatly and to just grief and deny resource. none of this new change also adresses the real problem , in that most servers pillared in this way are UNPLAYABLE DUE TO DINO CAP anyhow, how about fixing this before despawning a few structures on servers that are almost unplayable anyway? and like i said before, all this change will do is make people spam 1x1 boxes, gates or 2-3 high pillars covered in ladders regardless of how many structures you limit a 'small building' to. it will just cover the servers in laggy structures rather than a few pillars while ruining gameplay mostly for smaller tribes. either way, the problem of these pillared servers and the dino overcap problem affecting noobs is always a white elephant that is never adressed, the ammount of noobs who's first experience of this game is a capped , unplayable server is outrageous.
  11. people have already reponded to this post by creating a 3x ladder, 3x pillar over a fence founndation structure to protect resource spawns, unless you remove structuresup to and including the basic survivor 1x1 hut this has already made the change irrelevent and simply another annoyance for players.
  12. same will happen every time they revert this change and all resources will be griefed into oblivion by small huts, gg
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