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  1. i get the same issue almost constantly. if ark crashes. if my net goes down. any reason at all. if the game is interrupted and you dont instantly click to log back in you will be locked out. i believe it has something to do with their duplication protection system they put in? {{character duplication}}
  2. i noticed this on my server as well official crystal isles 850. it looks like its trying but it just flicks out and back. like a snakes tongue. i have gone to several different plants in different biomes but nothing. i wonder if they were trying to code them to only work at night or something but i guess it didnt finish?
  3. im not sure if it is just your server. i run on official crystal isles 850 and our eldritch island has tons of dinos. ive seen theri, rexes, tek rexes, boatloads of carnos, karks on the beach, seekers, argies, glow bugs, featherlights, scorps, sabers, and a handful of other things roaming around. i have seen the meshing thing a lot in the redwoods but it is consistent all over the map. most of them the height is a bit off and its sunk into a rock or hovering in mid air. some of them you have to destroy rocks or trees to get to them but others there is no way to access it. the qual
  4. this should be addressed. i agree that gigas need to have an impressive maturation time because they are one of thee most powerful tames in the entire game but it does not need to be 330 hours of in game actively babysitting to raise one. do you have any idea what we as players could be doing in our lives with 330 hours instead of sitting chained to our desk to have one nice thing in your game? OMG YES WE NEED THIS!! they kind of had the right idea with this for genesis when HLNA will show you if you hold the H button but a spyglass is so nice for this. there is even a mod for it actua
  5. it takes time yes but it would also stop of unnecessary things from happening. an example of this would be the people who pull out roll rats and just set them to breed continuously to kill servers? another instance when it comes in handy would be it should theoretically lessen the lag when an event happens. less creatures out breeding at the same time means the event runs more smoothly. it makes people pick and choose what their goals are and then work to achieve those goals not just mass quantity for the sake of cutting corners.
  6. ive noticed this bug on several different maps. the only way i sort of solved in from happening at my base is by using the dino leash from the extinction engrams. but that is a bit of a hassle to have to carry one with you and hope it gets power or batteries on top of it. if you are in the scar collection eggs it would never work. its disheartening to see its a very old bug and has never been addressed.
  7. these are the costs of pvp. you are either going to be a god at it or nerfed into the dirt.
  8. Breedable dinos i could actually understand.. adult ice wyverns from ragnarok can NEVER BE BRED. fire, lightening and poison wyverns from any map can also NEVER BE BRED. so the point of having anything over a couple of wyverns per person in your tribe is just dumb. there is no reason to have 400+ non crystal isle wyverns just sitting somewhere. crystal isles wyverns would be the exception to this as you can actually breed those so that is ((basically)) a completely different kind of creature. additionally you dont have to have tons of dinos sitting out. breed it and put it back in
  9. i completely agree with you. something needs to be done about the insane amount of dinos people leave just laying out for no reason. breeding i get it. no one literally needs 500 dinos at the same time. one individual on Scorched Earth 55 has built over nearly a quarter of the map by themselves. it is just irresponsible that that is even able to happen on an official server. like my previous post this sort of thing is above and beyond being ridiculous.
  10. please either increase the number of overall combined tames allowed on a server at a time or LOWER the number of tames all players can have active in world at the same time. 500 tames per person / tribe is a little ridiculous. we have cryopods, its about time to make use of them rather than have hundreds of non-breedable vanity dinos clogging up servers. ((talking specifically about the people who have every single fire / lightening / poison / ice wyvern they have ever tamed just sitting around collecting dust for MONTHS! why do they need to be sitting around using up server
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