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  1. Yeah, I was just wondering. I noticed that everyone was selling 2k but not any higher
  2. 3k Weight Argy Is it possible to breed an argy with 3k base weight? I've seen a lot of 2k's
  3. Oh, and how do they do with obsiden?
  4. I’m on TheIsland, and I don’t know how it compares to the other maps, but you can usually find a fair bit of metal on the volcano. I’ve heard of some people, taking an wyveren, filling a gasbag with metal, cryopodding the magma, then carrying the gasbag back. Do you have any tips or tricks for metal runs?
  5. Magma vs. Anky for Metal I’ve recently heard people on my server talking about how their magmas collected 10k metal in one run. In 30 minutes. It take about 30 minutes for me to get 2k on an anky. I was wondering if magmas have became the new and improved version of the ark? Thanks in advance!
  6. I’m around level 83 so I would have access to most of the weapons. I was planning on taking an itchy if needed. I might actually just build a trap for it like the person suggested. I’m also on the island.
  7. Have you tried contacting the Ark team about it?
  8. Dunkleosteus Taming Hello everyone! I have recently been thinking about getting this creature to collect oil, and I was wondering how to tame them. I could find any videos on YouTube or anything, so I’m out of luck so far.
  9. I didn’t think you could breed mantis. I thought they were all cloned or wild tamed.
  10. Mantis Price I was wondering what the average selling price of a mantis is. I’ve seen priced range from 5k ingots - over 40k.
  11. I was thinking of getting a good high level daeodon (maybe a bred one), but if it wasn’t good for boss fights I wouldn’t have bothered.
  12. Thank you. I know most people agree that a yutri is pretty much a neccesity, but I was wondering if a daedon would be useful as well.
  13. Boss Fights Hello, I’m new to bosses and all that stuff, so I was wondering what the best dinos to bring into most boss fights. I’m afraid, I do not have any specifics on the boss fights, as I am not sure yet. Thank you in advance!
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone! It has been without a refill for about 12 hours not, at the least, and I have checked up on it 7 hours ago, and am waiting till 2 more hours so I can imprint before I go to sleep
  15. If I didn’t check in on them for let’s say the full 20 hours and 35 minutes, and it wasn’t enough time, wouldn’t they starve to death?
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