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  1. Thank you, and good luck to you as well!
  2. So, it’s best to have a clean female, but if it’s on an Official server, it could become tedious to get a male?
  3. Ok, so keep the maternal side with a mutation counter of 0?
  4. Breeding Help Hello, I’m going to be getting into breeding some Yutri’s soon, and would like some advice. So far I know that you want 40+ points in a specific stat when you are trying to get your wild dinos. You want to keep one of the mutation counters free from mutations (don’t know if it was the mother’s or ftaher’s), and not to level up or imprint the breeding dinos. Any advice, or links to any breeding guides? Thanks in advance!
  5. When it comes out, are they going to have higher rates in official. Honestly, that's what I'm excited for.
  6. How much meat should I be saving up for the giga egg?
  7. I just want to clarify to everyone, that it’s not that I can’t go and get the mats for some ac’s, it’s that if I don’t have to, I would of course prefer it. Since it seems as though having an air conditioner is the best option, how many would I need for a giga egg?
  8. Ok, I got about 20, plus a couple of campfires. Better more than too few.
  9. So, torches would be fine? If so, then, how many would I need?
  10. Giga Breeding Hello, so tomorrow, I will be buying a giga egg from this one person. I was wondering, if I could incubate it with campfires and standing torches, I’ve heard this works for a wyveren, and they need much higher heat. Any other advice is appreciated
  11. I think I’m going to try my luck with some Yutris. They don’t seem to be bred much, and are good for bosses.
  12. Just, if they are bred a lot, and if they are useful as flyers.
  13. How are snow owls in term of breeding?
  14. I will take a look at the two. Between the two of them, which would you say would be the most useful for PvE?
  15. As the people above have said, I want to try breeding a Dino who hasn’t been bred much before. However, they are still very useful. This is because I would like to trade them sometimes. If anyone has any suggestions for rarely bred, but still great dinos, please reply.
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