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  1. Probably do but I don't agree with it having an effect on insulation. Durability yes but I'm in a sealed bloody Tek suit made for endgame! Yes but as the Tek outfit was made before the BP for it were even a thing, I distinctly remember getting the shield insulation buff similar to being on a basil when equipping my full powered Tek outfit. I have no issues paying through the nose for durability but insulation should be standard.
  2. Tek Armor Insulation Hey Guys, So been wondering this for a while now, what's the problem with tek armor insulation? It no longer displays the small insulated shield and gives me like 300 insulation. I would have thought this should give you the ultimate on both fronts due to the expense and steps required to obtain the full set. Although this does not make it useless, it is very annoying that you finish the endgame to unlock it all but cant wear it in the snow......
  3. Is that not just part of the game though? Put the effort in to get the stats and make it easier? The bosses were insane ages ago back when they spawned on the map, were still difficult in the portal and some are still challenging (Hard Dragon). The point of putting the effort in was to accomplish things quicker and easier otherwise what would be the point in breeding at all?
  4. The cap was a response to dinos on the centre hatching wild then being knocked out to get tamed again reaching crazy levels which is why ALL dinos over lvl 450 were wiped. The point of the original post was to discuss removing the cap as it serves no purpose now other than limiting how far a dino can be bred. If a dino can solo anything with the cap then why have the cap at all? This was never thought about before the bug was found and was supposed to be implemented as a "patch" whilst they resolved the bigger issue.
  5. Never said I cant breed the great stats - currently have the highest stat HP/MELEE Abb Spinos on Xbox AFAIK which can be fully levelled. The problem is more that I do not see why I need to sacrifice any other stats just because the had a bug, that they fixed and didnt remove the band aid they applied. Breeding down was a fix for a glitch and was supposed to be temporary but was never removed from the game.
  6. You then have issues with stamina, food oxygen (Spinos) which leave them only really useful for a boss fight. Rather than categorize all great stats as HP and Melee for boss fights, we should be able to raise them to whatever level we choose as the original idea was. Like many others, I was in a similar situation on Legacy with the Rex and now on the current servers we have broken 3k melee on Ab Spinos but sacrificed all stats in oxy food speed and weight!
  7. But there is still a limit on this and the dino would in fact be pretty useless. The idea would be to have a dino that can be used for boss fights/collecting but still have decent other stats. Again, the limit was only introduced with the glitch not for any other purpose. It would be nice of them to remove that band aid and let people breed how they like rather than restricting them and forcing the constant hatch kill breed cycle.
  8. Nothing has managed to kill the games thus far, no matter how hard the devs have tried ?
  9. Life expectancy, education, health - all increased It's really just that although you can get to insane health and melee it comes at a huge detriment to all other stats to ensure you have the ability to fully level the dino. The options would not be a problem but the implementation would probably take them much, much longer and be more hassle than its worth to develop it. And one chomping a boss would be cool ? but in all seriousness, that would take years and years to get to that point and if you do then you deserve it for the work put in. Edit: Also, apologies but not bee
  10. My issue is more that the dinos are useless when you breed out all other stats. This was never a consideration before that glitch and it just seems that the band aid was never removed. If people are willing to put the time and effort into breeding forever then that should be down to them. I wouldn't even say its lazy breeding as to get the good stats you still need to hatch hundreds of thousands of eggs.
  11. Dino Level Cap So something that does not seem to be mentioned very much is the dino level cap. Obviously this was put in place due to the glitch on the centre where when the server was capped dinos would pop wild then you would knock them out to tame gaining some insane levels. As far as I was aware, this had been patched but the 450 level cap on officials is still there which is hindering breeders trying to get great stats. Can anyone from WildCard comment on this as it is very frustrating the amount of time people put into breeding to then have to sacrifice stats for the betterment
  12. Thanks for the clarification. So moving forward there will be no PvE other than Legacy until further notice?
  13. Hey @Jat whilst you're getting bombarded with posts, will there be new PvE clusters as well or will the game be solely PvP on release? Also as per your clarification, does "COMPLETE SUPPORT" mean the release of new maps as well?
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