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  1. dodomaster420

    Imprinting Event weekends

  2. dodomaster420

    Need GM assistant quick!

    my friend on PC-PVE-official-Theisland46 needs help getting back into his tribe hes somewhat new to ark so im doing this for him, his ticket number is 10912701 the tribe name thing did not work hes located around 35-85 Name: ouan Tribe: Tribe of ouan
  3. was hoping for mana despawn fix
  4. dodomaster420

    Who thought Manas were a good idea?

    Hello Wildcard if you are reading this, this does not apply to PVE, thanks!
  5. dodomaster420

    Add proper Orange colour mutation, giga egg timer

    Sorry, Im talking about PC PVE, I should of mentioned that in PVE its really only use is to do meat runs and kill titanos big reason I want timer to be lower is because there is no dino even close to 2days yutys take a week to raise and its still only 5h to incubate you have to be very careful on SE trying to incubate because of the electric storms the new and terrible egg mechanics have the eggs fall straight to the ground on reset which has them at an extremely vulnerable state(even if you want to pick em up before a reset some eggs be going invisible) not to mention vast majority of players already think the 28h baby time and 2 week raise insane, I think its fair to ask for just lower the incubation process even if its just til they fix the egg mess up
  6. thanks Also reducing giga incubation time to 10h would be cool too (no gestation or incubation time is even close to the 2day giga timer)
  7. dodomaster420

    Argentavis vs Manticore

    What stats on the argys?
  8. At the moment I don't want the devs thinking about dlc extinction was released way to early I want them to polish the game add S+ fix dino cap issues on pve (so far cryopods are amazing but I want 2x breeding back) more dino TLCs if they need funding maybe add purchasable skins/hats etc
  9. dodomaster420

    Can anyone identify this status effect?

    I think its godmode
  10. dodomaster420

    Griffon Cloning Costs

    its about 15000shard range for the 140+ tames cost about the same as Rock elementals
  11. first the gestation times should be cut in half, except for mosa I think that should be longer to be honest(10hrs) the gestation times, especially on Megatheriums and Otters shouldn't be 8hours long, the rexes aren't even that long you obviously get disadvantages for mammal dinos because you can and accumulate a bunch and raise at once instead you need more females if you want that and that adds to the tame cap. the fact that you can't pause the gestation like eggs makes them harder to plan a birth The alpha brood mother on the island should get a bump in element reward because its one of the more difficult bosses that even though can be completed most time, since the brood packs a punch its crucial to not waste anytime messing around, but most importantly ape is way easier and you get much more element. Also 2 spino sails per a spino kill would be help with the extremely scarce spino spawns especially since people like to gate around the spino spawns and have their dinos farm the sails Only 2 color regions on the megatherium! please add more! also would like the purlovia added to the next TLC update since they are quite annoying in the hard snow cave on The Island and they have nearly no use PVE wise
  12. Megatherium next please, atleast change the way it looks!!! only 2 color regions!
  13. dodomaster420

    Community Crunch 119 & Raptor TLC!

    Please tweak the megatherium, it only has 2 colour regions!
  14. dodomaster420

    Dino Server cap and egg incubation (Giga Egg)

    no mate it does not, that would mean a egg would need to take 3 slots when placed down(assuming they work the same as mammals), going above cap happens all the time and its not suppose to affect claiming
  15. dodomaster420

    Dino Server cap and egg incubation (Giga Egg)

    That doesn’t Make sense. Pregnants don’t count towards cap.