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  1. you are not supposed to be safe while you are out farming.
  2. Extinction will be very nice on pve once they open transfer. i can't wait for that.
  3. i tried on sp the element vein, if u manage to save most of them from waves, u can havest them and got lot of dust/shard and element
  4. lewisl

    Cryopod and caves

    24 hours and one of the coolest feature is gone
  5. could replace eggs by trophies in kibbles recipes or let eggs spawn in wild female inventory and accept than some dino have very little use except hide and meat
  6. I would love to see some wild pvp/hard pve environment add to the pve cluster. main probem of the pve cluster is that our dino never die except if u stuck them turning all bases into trophy hall. Those servers would have wild lvl creature highly raised but all non tameable Better farming rates (harder environment) Loot quality would be a lot better than regular server but caves would be insane making bp seeking a lot more fun. structure decay would a lot faster the point is to not set permanent base there but "temporary missions" And those server should be (but that s my opinion) open to pvp, most of my pve steam contact love other pvp games like pubg etc... but not when it comes to ark (those big slowly soaking turret millons of turrets wars or offline raiding i watched on YouTube are not appealing to lot of us)
  7. they could let us build transmitter on paracer platform (at least on pve). They could clear so many ticket that way and we could have fun with rescue mission in red biome
  8. i think the sad thing is than we don't hear nothing from dev about it. it's kinda disappointing to finish build your base and find out hte server just become tame capped.
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