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BigRed1227's Feedback

  1. D2thaballer left Positive feedback   

    Very patient, nice guy! Definitely recommend!

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  2. Shaniqua left Positive feedback   

    Good honest player. Would trade with again. Top lad!

    BigRed1227 was Trading

  3. Manta left Positive feedback   

    Perfect transaction. Professional trader.

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  4. StoneyDiagram2008 left Positive feedback   

    Great Trader as always! Have done multiple trades with no problems. Highly recommended. Thanks again!

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  5. jaythedogg left Positive feedback   

    Great trader, friendly, knowledgeable. Two thumbs up!

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  6. Talia left Positive feedback   

    Trade with before and hopefully will again, Great buyer. Ty

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  7. jaythedogg left Positive feedback   

    Such a pleasant experience! He was very thoughtful, large trade, multiple trips, was cool to talk to in party chat, an overall very positive experience! Two thumbs up and highly recommended trader right here, will do business again soon!

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  8. StoneyDiagram2008 left Positive feedback   

    Great Trader as always! Highly recommend! Thank you!

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  9. Arn80509 left Positive feedback   

    Great person to trade with came to a deal quickly. will trade again

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  10. Kai905 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Very quick and trustworthy trader. He came to my server and tossed my his end i unclaimed mine and we were both on our way..would definitely trade with him again in the future

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  11. StoneyDiagram2008 left Positive feedback   

    Great Trader as usual. Fast and will def continue business with him. Thank you again BigRed1227!

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  12. CurtBurt left Positive feedback   

    Second trade completed with trust. No problems and will continue to trade with bigred.

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  13. birdndocean left Positive feedback   

    Traded with no problems, patient. Will trade with again in future.

    BigRed1227 was Trading

  14. DaLord left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Cross ark trading
    Very Trustworthy

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  15. StoneyDiagram2008 left Positive feedback   

    Awesome trader!! My second trade with him. Fast and no bs. Will continue to do business with him.

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  16. ZippedS0larius left Positive feedback   

    nice guys would trade more in the future

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  17. CurtBurt left Positive feedback   

    Good coms leading up to the trade. Will trade with them again :-)

    BigRed1227 was Trading

  18. StoneyDiagram2008 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    ☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼Trader Feedback☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼
    Traded for some items. Trade went by fast and smooth. Great guy. Great Communication. No beating around the bush.

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  19. HulkJesus left Positive feedback   

    He went above and beyond what I asked for! Super chill guy. Had and incredible base too!! Don't be hesitant to trade with him!

    BigRed1227 was The Seller

  20. CriticalDjin left Positive feedback   

    Very nice trader! Had an awesome deal on a few pikes, rifles and picks, even more than I asked for! Thumbs up!

    BigRed1227 was Trading

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