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  1. TheSlayerNL

    patch 291.000 Issues

    Can confirm this, happened on my server too. A little note on the auto activation, it shows as inactive when looking at behavior options but, once you click it once it still shows inactive which indicates it is in fact active when they are born.
  2. TheSlayerNL

    Why are Corrupted Part Textures so low quality?

    I really wish devs would reply to this, why make this horrible design choice, update the textures to be on par with regular textures please!
  3. TheSlayerNL

    Why are Corrupted Part Textures so low quality?

    Keep in mind, I also talked about the Taxidermy skins, you get to see those when they are not moving, still imo no excuse to cut on the quality of the textures, we live in 2018 not in 2000's.
  4. Ever since collected some Dermis and put them on my Taxidermy Base, I noticed how HORRIBLE the Quality is regarding the Textures of the Corrupted Parts. Now I got a mod that allows taming Corrupted Dinos and it just is so obvious and ugly. Why did these textures get made SO BAD? Just look at the Inner Parts, you can literally see how low resolution it is, even see some pixelation.
  5. During the 24 hour livestream I asked if we would get any settings to customize the Titans. Jat replied with "Good idea, I'll pass it on to the programmers", it has been like a month almost so, I was wonder if this idea will be approved? I really want to get rid of the 1 of each titan limit.
  6. TheSlayerNL

    Yuties inside cave can't be tamed when lured out?

    No they are not, they are listed under Regular Yuty, no seperate listing and they have regular name inside the S+ Tek Transmitter when using Dino Scan. And then there is the thing, they usually do those on HIGHER THEN NORMAL levels, these Yuties are REGULAR Levels and all the High Level ones spawn in the goddamn cave, never seen any higher then like 144 outside the cave and my max is 180, so I find this a big design flaw. w
  7. So, I can understand you can't tame stuff inside the High Level Ice Cave but, the Forest and Desert Caves have Regular Level Dinos. That said, the High Level Yuties tend to spawn ONLY inside the cave, so I lured on out, knocked it out, and I put food in inventory and it just stays stuck on "Put food in inventory to tame". Why can't we tame these regular NORMAL dinosaurs that spawn inside the cave, I want a HIGH LEVEL Yuty, not some mid range poop one, either allow taming these or fix their spawn so the high level ones don't just spawn in the caves. I put all different kinds of meat in inventory from regular Raw Meat all the way to Prime Jerky and Raw Mutton, it doesn't do a thing, this is just lame. Max Dino Level on my own server is 180 so this one is perfectly normal.
  8. TheSlayerNL

    Maybe it is time for new QA Testers?

    Considering the ridiculous amount of bugs and things one would expect people to try out during testing, is it not a good idea to get some new testers? Flying inside the caves, able to tame the wolves inside the caves, feeding titans with kibble to keep them alive. One would think those things would be tested for sure? What are people's thoughts on this?
  9. TheSlayerNL

    Titan Summon Timer Bugged?

    I run my own Unofficial Extinction Server and the timers of the Titans that show in the Caves seem to reset, is this how it should work? Nobody has summoned one so why don't they disappear?
  10. TheSlayerNL

    Suddenly tek raptor doesn't move while mounting

    Are younot just too heavy for the raptor? Make sure it has enough weight to carry you and your items.
  11. TheSlayerNL

    Cannot properly breed Managrmr

    Only tip a can give is, breed them indoors, seems to help a lot.
  12. TheSlayerNL

    Extinction Release Megathread

    Because pretty much most games that I have played and installed on Steam actually DID release on time maybe?
  13. TheSlayerNL

    Extinction Release Megathread

    It probably said "In approximately 1 hour" which on Steam means Less Than 2 Hours!
  14. TheSlayerNL

    Extinction Release Megathread

    Same thing here, I don't like this, I was gonna be able to play, now with delay I have no time most likely.
  15. TheSlayerNL


    According to the wiki they all spawn in at lvl 1500, force tame added the levels making it 2250.