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  1. I am using Windows, mine still goes to verify existing install, no patch out.
  2. Same here, using .bat files to update it on my PC, whats up with the slow server client updates.
  3. So, I guess Wildcard has no answers, considering 2 weeks have passed without a reply.
  4. I am no modder, but there are plenty of mods that wait for Devkit Updates to allow Creature Mods to fully work on Lost Island. It has been almost 3 whole Months since Lost Island was released, and there is still no updated Devkit, what is taking so long? Its kinda ridiculous for a company who financially supports mods, to be so lackluster on actually allowing mods to continue to work, with new content without needing a Devkit Update.
  5. TheSlayerNL

    ARK 2!

    I doubt it comes this year, considering they announced Fjordur coming as official free DLC in June/July.
  6. Well, at least a form of more real behavior when in combat, should be possible. Its kinda dull to be able to have something follow you right off a cliff. Regarding the dinos on a map, you will be surprised to on the count of dinos a map has, its more in the range of 30-40k dinos (when checked on Lost Island), but most wont be active due to Stasis. ATLAS, ah yes, a game which seemed more like an experiment related to ARK. I was not too fond of that game, so I did not check much out from it, as it really had some wonky mechanics that made it not that great when it came out. I just hope we get a bit more flexibility, or give modders a way of adjusting it, as they usually are far more creative at solving problems than the devs themselves. Fourth Wall Problem? I never heard of that term before, looked it up and I don't really see how this is related. It just has a few different stats, so dinos that are nerfed just for PvP Balacing, wont affect those already playing PVE with stats prior to being nerfed. If it were nerfed for Gameplay Balancing, in general, it should act for both. Imo, too much stuff in the game is nerfed or changed, just to please the PvP Balance, while imo negatively impacting PvE Fun.
  7. Double the price, so you mean asking 120 euro for the game? I doubt there is any company out there asking that much for the base game, or am I wrong? I too have been hosting for years, got over 6k hours and I agree on allowing actual players of the game to help testing. Especially since latest map has so much issues, that it just looks like they need much more people to find issues.
  8. It still is not imo Pay to Win, as many games with DLC or Expansion Packs have this same thing. I don't really play ARK PvP much, let alone Official Servers, but I still do not see a Pay to Win aspect in it, not in the form that is commonly known in the gaming world. While inconvenient and annoying, its not the same.
  9. While I do love to have a TEK Generator and Replicator, I don't mind it going away, was not using too much of it anyway. I hated the suit that activated while building, and I just prefered to have other pieces to build with than tek stuff. What I do hope, that ARK 2 will have, is proper and deadly AI. We need to feel hunted, feel like we need to plan our moves and pay attention to behavior. We need to see pack hunting and dinos moving around obstacles, instead of jumping off a cliff due to dumb ass AI follow behavior. I really hope ARK 2 can push the AI the Next Gen, Graphic wise I don't really care on too much improvements, as ARK is already pretty good looking. We just need it to feel more real, with plenty of behaviors on the dinos. I also would love to have better options for the Alliance System, options to allow Alliance Member to be able to use dinosaurs, breeding to properly work as well. Lastly, I would love them implement separate balancing for PvE and PvP, it shouldn't be too hard to have different settings linked to PvE mode and PvP mode.
  10. Honestly, its totally not pay to win AT ALL. Its pretty much the same as not choosing to buy an Expansion Pack for lets say World of Warcraft. You don't get to enjoy most of the new stuff, apart from stuff released in pre-expansion patch. The whole ARK DLC bit is EXACTLY the same, you want new content that costed resources to make, you pay for it. Its not like this whole thing really makes you get anything "new", its only a shop using currency earned in Gen 1 and 2. All stuff in that shop are resources you can harvest or make FOR FREE, so there is NOTHING about it that is Pay to Win. And another fact that makes it NOT pay to win, there is NOTHING inside that shop that costs REAL MONEY, its only the DLC Content itself that requires money to buy. That guide is not representative for how to play ARK for everyone, he chooses to do it that way and its not required to server hop constant. He just chooses to go buy "resources" from that shop, as for as far as I remember there is not much of gear in there. You can still choose to farm resources and craft everything, you are not REQUIRED to use the shop AT ALL.
  11. Lost Island is a VERY broken map tbh, spawners are terrible for modded servers, they added "Lost" or "LostIsland" onto regular spawners to make their own. Many mods don't work with those, so majority of dinos will not spawn, only those on the small amount of regular spawners used. Cave dinos are untamable, all of the, including modded spawning there. Some parts of the Ocean felt really empty on spots, most maps have quite some Jellyfish, this map its not that common to find them at all. The dense jungle is nice, but performance is terrible there, lots of dinos also get stuck in trees making for pretty easy tames. Honestly, when I found out this map was gonna be official, based on the 30% complete on mod page, I thought Wildcard could not raptor up much on this. But man, what was I wrong, they raptored up much more on this map.
  12. Luckily, without transfers, you wont have Gacha's on Official Lost Island Servers.
  13. There are Mantis, for Chitin, then get some stone and ye got CP too
  14. The whole map has a ton of bad poop, it looks great and I like the layout, but the spawn problems and fact that most creature mods don't work with it at all is just stunning .... They need better testers, to be honest, if only we could sign up ourselves.
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