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  1. This patch really raptored up some mod maps. I am on Tunguska and there the Ice Wyverns have been replaced by overspawning Fire/Zombie Fire Wyverns. Also the event itself is not working at all in regards of the Dodorex Moon and spawning of the Dodorex. A patch should not all of a sudden raptor up spawns, regardless if on Mod Map or not. I hope this will be fixed soon, its really annoying.
  2. Available is good tho, means it is there, unless you meant unavailable
  3. Can this please be fixed, its so irritating This has been present for a while now and, it is just really weird how this has not been fixed yet, cant be that hard? Running on regular 1920x1080 resolution.
  4. What happened to more TEK Saddles, especially Wyvern? I had to dig some stuff up but, on October 13th 2017, it was in Ark Digest 51 that more TEK Saddles were mentioned and especially a finger pointed to Wyverns. Is any of this still going to happen?
  5. Really? Sure it is bad but, wouldn't it be better to spread some positive energy in the form of this Celebration instead of delaying it? This is imo a bit of a sad excuse to just delay it.
  6. I am having the same issue, Ice Wyverns overspawning like crazy: All mods I am running on my server: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2076220417
  7. Unable to learn saddle engrams for a few tames. Genesis has dinosaurs spawning from Aberration and Extinction, but the engrams can't be learned on Genesis, would be nice if one can learn the engrams of the dinos that spawn. Guess I'll have to cheat the crafting blueprints in then.
  8. There is 1 on the wiki page of ARK Genesis: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Genesis
  9. According to the Beta Servers its just Genesis, just like Extinction?
  10. Yey ... so much for the 25th, gonna be 1AM 26th in The Netherlands now
  11. Do keep in mind, Genesis is not just about creatures. We get quite some new items and weapons to use, we also have a Mission System which will probably have a lot of fun missions. Genesis is more than just the standard Taming Game
  12. The caves of Extinction were designed to not be flown in, as they served the purpose of summoning the Titans. I am talking about the High Level caves, those caves have creatures that are close to twice the max dinosaur level, which if tamed are very very powerfull. Snow Biome shouldn't be above 0, snow will melt then.
  13. I dont think it will be 1 map to be honest, I think it will be multiple smaller maps, considering we got these different biomes, along with a bigger map where the simulations go from, unless you can pick any map and get into the simulation from there.
  14. For now I have doubts about their QA Testing, considering the amount of oversights upon release of Extinction. - Able to fly in caves. - Able to Tame High Level Cave Creatures - +5 degrees in Snow Biome? To name a few obvious things that should not have been in Extinction's Release.
  15. Then again, some games do have pretty decent sized closed beta's, like World of Warcraft.
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