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  1. O hey, my first attempt at making an Ansel shot made it in as Honourable Mention. The creature reminds me of this from Primeval
  2. So, according to this post we will not get a volcanic eruption anymore? I was really looking forward to having some enviromental dangers like Scorched Earth has. This really is a bummer
  3. [Major Thyla Bug] Detailed Explaination inside! I know there is multiple topics about this bug already but as I got more detailed information and there are many different post I rather make my own: Alliance member called me for help, I am admin of my own server, he got jumped by a Thylacoleo. He was on a Quetz, then for some reason his Quetz bugged and was being attacked but he couldn't see what was attacking. He saw his quetz up in the air, when I came to him I saw his quetz laying on the floor with damage sounds. I walked to the quetz and got teleported like 50-100 meters away into the swamp where I found a Thylacoleo attacking 2 dilo's and something that wasn't there. It appears that the quetz showed to him on a different location then to me. I then killed the Thylacoleo and the attack sounds stopped. The alliance member still sees the Quetz at a different spot then I see it. He then died and then flew back on an Argy and then the Quetz showed up on same spot as I fought the Thylacoleo but I still saw it laying in the Red Woods on the floor. I then relogged and it then made the Quetz on same spot as I killed the Thylacoleo. Now the problem is that the Quetz is unable to be ridden and it doesn't follow or attack. It is PERMANENTLY stuck. I tried claiming it and use admin commands but even those won't be able to get it unstuck. This is as detailed as I can describe this very very bad bug.