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  1. TheSlayerNL

    Release date?

    I guess Android Beta is not coming now there is a release date, unless that is the Beta Release Date.
  2. TheSlayerNL

    Life finds a way...

    What is this "Archeological Event" you talk about?
  3. TheSlayerNL

    Will ARK ever utilize more than 3 Threads?

    Lets see, Final Fantasy XV, Far Cry 5, Planet Coaster, just to name a few from the past year, seem to actually use all threads. UE4 probably can utilize them all as well, the devs just decided to mess around with the engine and modify it to their needs, too bad multi threading isn't one of those modifications. I also don't really have an 8th gen i7, I run on a 5930k i7.
  4. TheSlayerNL

    Will ARK ever utilize more than 3 Threads?

    I do wonder how it is possible that there are cases where my FPS goes down and when I look at how my system performs, it also has GPU usage drops at the very same time the FPS drops. I just think with some more CPU Power to handle a couple of more thing it would run better but ye, I could be wrong when just having this based on usage numbers only.
  5. TheSlayerNL

    Will ARK ever utilize more than 3 Threads?

    Well, if that is the case, they surely raptored it up. ARK demands a lot of hardware and if it were able to use all the CPU Resources I bet it would run a whole lot better.
  6. TheSlayerNL

    Will ARK ever utilize more than 3 Threads?

    I am asking if it will ever support more then 3 threads, your answer just explains about what ARK currently runs on, which I already knew. I wonder why they don't just go for an Engine Upgrade, would make sense as they started this game on an Engine that wasn't finished in the first place. I just find it sad this game is so behind in performance due to older Engine Version, many UE4 games have Engine Updates.
  7. ARK is only using 3 threads max at the moment, as we are in 2018 I actually find this a shame. I am running on a 12 thread i7 cpu and really wish ARK could harnass all its threads.
  8. TheSlayerNL

    Community Crunch 119 & Raptor TLC!

    I really don't like how flimsy the Arms have become, look at the part before the hands, it looks a lot thinner compared to the old model. The way the feathers are connected is also quite bad, they no longer go around the elbow, probably due to the upper arm being shorter too. It also look more chubby, I don't really like it at the moment.
  9. TheSlayerNL

    TLC patch this weekend ?

    TLC means nothing like that, they are updating only 5 dinosaur models, some of the textures don't even look that much higher resolution compared to those we have now. There are however a lot more other fixes which could crank up the space.
  10. I don't know about that Spino, to me it feels like it is actually lacking detail maps, a lot less scales and it looks more clay like, the model does look better but it doesn't look finished texture wise.
  11. TheSlayerNL

    Aberration : Pre-Download

    Store page says 20gb disk space required.
  12. Definitely the Cliff Platforms, can't wait to start using them to build like a bridge along a cliff. I also really look forward to the wingsuits, those are gonna be fun on Ragnarok.
  13. TheSlayerNL

    Server setup Mapname ?

    Probably either Aberration or Aberration_P, unless they decide to use a different letter
  14. TheSlayerNL

    Aberration Lighting Concerns

    What if they also add some form of Lights that runs on Charge? If they add no lights, then we just gotta make a line of those glowing birds and dogs :>
  15. TheSlayerNL

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Will the Microraptor ever get its own Level Up Animation and Sound? Right now it uses the Arch's Animation and Sound and the animation is faster than the sound, it totally sucks.