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  1. This has been bugging me for a while now, but a Griffin is 1 of the few dinos with no Ally Looking, or any Head Movement at all, when moving the camera while riding it. Why is this not a feature? I would really like this dino to be having such function, like the others, as it just seems weird for it to not have it.
  2. Available is good tho, means it is there, unless you meant unavailable
  3. Really? Sure it is bad but, wouldn't it be better to spread some positive energy in the form of this Celebration instead of delaying it? This is imo a bit of a sad excuse to just delay it.
  4. So, there is no more regular graveyards at all then?
  5. I find the lack of Graveyards pretty disturbing, I have not found one yet, where the hell are they? I remember the original Fear Evolved had plenty, this is no fun this way.
  6. So, what happened to that 75,000 goal? Was it just the 4x rates? They planned something else first
  7. Oh wait, so you mean it like "There will be Extinction gameplay based on milestones hit", ok, guess I'll be watching then.
  8. Ye but, is that gameplay Extinction Related? I kinda want to watch it but, if it is just Aberration I played that myself already, so know that.
  9. Will this livestream show Extinction Gameplay or just Aberration Gameplay with some Teaser Videos?
  10. I don't think ARK Supports that large of a world, Ragnarok is currently the Largest Map of ARK (If I got that right) so it might get as big as that map, larger is not possible.
  11. According to this Article: https://www.pcgamer.com/ark-extinction/ they don't wander freely: So ye, you don't see them unless you have done the dungeons.
  12. Titans won't wander around, they wont even show unless a dungeon is completed. That is what they said, once dungeon is completed the Titan will be awoken, or maybe all of them, we don't know if each has their own dungeon.
  13. @danlillisI figured out what that creature next to the Bronto can be, it might be a Gasbag, it looks pretty close to the known pictures of it. Its a Therizinosaurus.
  14. Oh right, I see it now, I wish these screens would not have the Steam Compression on it. I always make sure it also saves an Uncompressed Version, much better to see the details on.
  15. The only thing they offer is a new threat. They said Corrupted Dinos can not be tamed and they will be part of this Wave System when harvesting Element. They will also attack on sight too.
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