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  1. TheSlayerNL

    Titan Summon Timer Bugged?

    I run my own Unofficial Extinction Server and the timers of the Titans that show in the Caves seem to reset, is this how it should work? Nobody has summoned one so why don't they disappear?
  2. TheSlayerNL

    Suddenly tek raptor doesn't move while mounting

    Are younot just too heavy for the raptor? Make sure it has enough weight to carry you and your items.
  3. TheSlayerNL

    Cannot properly breed Managrmr

    Only tip a can give is, breed them indoors, seems to help a lot.
  4. TheSlayerNL

    Extinction Release Megathread

    Because pretty much most games that I have played and installed on Steam actually DID release on time maybe?
  5. TheSlayerNL

    Extinction Release Megathread

    It probably said "In approximately 1 hour" which on Steam means Less Than 2 Hours!
  6. TheSlayerNL

    Extinction Release Megathread

    Same thing here, I don't like this, I was gonna be able to play, now with delay I have no time most likely.
  7. TheSlayerNL


    According to the wiki they all spawn in at lvl 1500, force tame added the levels making it 2250.
  8. TheSlayerNL

    New Creatures and their utility/uses

    In some parts of the Ice Titan video you can see something that is most likely the Managarmr, it seems to me to be more like a Rockdrake in shape and due to its "Corruption" it can fly instead of glide. It did seem to be very nimble while controlled by a player, as the one in the vid was player controlled as he tried to stay out of the video but failed to do so
  9. I do not attack, nor did I imply that they have to do it, that is the problem with "chat", you can't see emotions through it that well. But I don't really want to call it fair either, there is no reason for PC to be delayed just because of a Console Delay
  10. As if PC never faced Delays before? We did many times with many games that got ported to PC months later as well as with many patches during ARK's development. Delays happen and this time its the console that has them, just accept it, no need to make PC players wait just because the Console Versions have some issues. See it this way, if there is any bad issues on the PC Version, they can fix those before the Console version goes out, it has its positive moments too.
  11. TheSlayerNL

    Where is the 75k goal Extinction Teaser?

    So, there were talks of showing something at 75k during the livestream, did that get replaced with the 4x extended event? I just want an answer as the whole chat seemed to be ignored regarding that.
  12. TheSlayerNL

    suggest Option to disable Kill Message!!!!!!

    A good Melee Spino that then is bred and imprinted wants to speak to you, because they can do it like a champ in the river when farming for trilobytes, but ye, backspace and the messages are gone. I do find it annoying too but, what if all of a sudden something happens in your base, your tribe mate dies because of something getting in, you would want to know that don't you?
  13. TheSlayerNL

    taming a troodon

    Dropping Baby Carno's with them seems to work fine, also be sure to do it during night as it will be faster then.
  14. So, what happened to that 75,000 goal? Was it just the 4x rates? They planned something else first
  15. TheSlayerNL

    No Customization for Titan Limits at Launch :(

    So I managed to get a reply from Jat and, as PVE Player on my own server this does make me a bit sad: I hope they add config options for those Titans quite soon after launch, not much use for them on PVE if they are just gonna stay for 5 days.