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  1. I never used the platform saddle on it, I just found it too slow with a regular saddle to be an enjoyable mount. Would make more sense if it only slowed down if you placed a house on it or other heavy objects.
  2. Just make it fly faster, it’s a Sky Turtle.
  3. No, but if you’re trying to raise a Rock Drake, just use a Daeodon on passive healing.
  4. Lightening is the strongest of all of them. I have no luck with poison wyvern, somehow manage to kill myself when using its poison attack, bounces off a rock and kills me. The fire wyvern is okay but definitely would breed Lightenings for their power.
  5. Noricha

    Ark 2

    How can they go bankrupt when they keep finding ways to take your money?
  6. Just need a hammock that you can toss the shoulder pet into, then it could sit there swinging while it waits for you to pick it up again.
  7. Fortunately he already comes with the ancient leather skin pack.
  8. Think you just need six forum quotes to upgrade.
  9. Having the right kibble for the Dino you’re after makes a big difference for faster taming too.
  10. Really depends on what kind of Dino you would like to tame. There are many YouTube videos on trap building. ‘It’sBenz’ and “Nooblets” have some good advice in their videos.
  11. I find most people are pretty honest, but there’s always a troll out there. Some kind of Community area on the map where you can trade or just hang out and play mini games might be fun.
  12. It was good until you put ‘Bug Free’ in there.
  13. I suggest going on YouTube and looking at the many videos out there on Ark to get a better understanding of how the game works.
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