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  1. This is a very good idea, I don't have anyone to play with so I always play solo and managing baby Dino's can be a hassle because of me preferring smaller bases to stay under everyone's radar. I think it would be cool if we could use the normal saddles as well though. I don't think anyone would want to make two saddles for 1 dino, sure the training ones could be cheap but why not just make one that you can use throughout that dinos entire life?
  2. It was the server, everyone else in the server was in my xbox party and they confirmed that they got it as well, the tribe that did it logged off shortly after as well.
  3. "Providing a fair, fun, and safe environment for everyone is something we take very seriously here at Wildcard." I submitted a ticket over 3 months ago regarding people that would dos other players on our server, an you say you take it seriously? I've received no reply on this situation. Your enforcement team is a joke. Your game is a joke. Have fun fixing this problem ;)
  4. to everyone that says they should remove alliances, READ THE DAMN POST
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