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  1. The thing that's going to blow everyone's minds is when they reach Aberration's control center and find the Vault-Tec logo on the wall.
  2. Vrallox

    Dear Wildcard

    Please fire J.J. Abrams and add a slider for bloom.
  3. You'd think instead of a necklace it would have come with a specimen implant on a clear wristband. Maybe with a light in it. Missed a golden opportunity.
  4. I was thinking a tek monkey would have a little tek rifle and/or shoulder mounted cannon. Maybe a little tek monocle like some characters in science fiction have. "Look out! He's got a gun!"
  5. My god...tek dodos! Tek lystros! Tek phiomias!
  6. Ah. All right. I'll take my tinfoil hat off then.
  7. Hey wait a minute. Most of us ordered the game way before release. We should all be getting those preorder bonuses. Pfft. Typical Wildcard.
  8. I suppose one way to prove it is to have someone from Wildcard say the opposite. We've had a mod say it but they're players who volunteered to police the forums and the company doesn't exactly keep them in the loop most of the time. So they're relatively clean.
  9. Phew. So light Wildcard deceit. They didn't modify the gameplay. They just made it appear like some animals were faster than others to anyone who hasn't played the game.
  10. Huh. Didn't notice that before. They could get in trouble for deceptive marketing if they fudged with the mechanics to make that video.
  11. Certainly has evolved because it sure as hell wasn't intelligently designed. /rimshot
  12. Their plan is to wipe all legacy servers. That's why they're stopping customer support. Rampant cheating and griefing's going to help drive people off. They're also going to continue to shut down servers after this first pass as well. I sure can feel the excitement! I am so excited for what else the people at Wildcard have planned to stick it to their player base!
  13. People could also go and destroy everything in the tribe if they wanted to no matter the rank they're given. I think it's the main reason people don't invite new members.
  14. Still no mention of a tribe system overhaul. You'd think in a multiplayer game with official servers they'd want it to work right. I guess new players are going to be continually laughed at rather then invited when they ask for tribe invites. What a warm welcome they're going to receive upon launch.
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