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  1. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    That's what happened way back when our server hit the cap. I didn't like how others went about it. Some went beyond rude in trying to drive people off. I would have loved to invite the new players to my tribe so they'd have eggers, dinos, and a place to set up but the tribe system doesn't allow it. Give someone the minimum permissions available and even if it's PvE they can still destroy all structures and animals. They actually took a step in the right direction with removing claiming. I was quite surprised that they'd actually do that. Bravo to them! Unfortunately, there is still plenty of work required to help servers avoid hitting the server dino cap. While they did finally do something concerning it I'm still not convinced that's all they'll do. Hopefully there are more pleasant surprises in store.
  2. MassivelyOP 's Article on Ark(not good)

    You're right. I've been following Pantropy's trello board ( https://trello.com/b/hOcdIvoD/pantropy-public-roadmap ) for far too long. It's gone to my head. I take a look at the massive amount of information they give us on how everything's progressing, my questions are answered without even asking them, and all that's left for me to do is cheer them on after every tweet, video, and stream. I do that and end up thinking that other developer holdouts take the intelligent and brave step to do the same but considering how in the dark they leave us with even minor changes I doubt Wildcard is capable of it. Shouldn't have required you pointing it out but thank you for doing so. Casanova, I do believe you all share with us the information you have. The problem seems to be with the ones higher up and closer to the game development. I can't remember. Did they even say why Aberration is pushed back to December? The angler dogs keep chewing on their lures or something? As one not buying Aberration I don't care about the DLC particularly but the TLC dino pass and S+ integration are supposedly happening after the release.
  3. MassivelyOP 's Article on Ark(not good)

    I don't even know why he has a problem with it. The devs give us that information already in the form of bread crumbs. We know they're working on certain things. We know they don't like chatting with us directly. Giving them a way to keep us updated without communicating with us directly seems like a great fit with them. And they can be as vague as they want. I don't feel entitled to the information. I'd just like to know more about what's going on than "At some point in the future something might be released." And I think people keeping information that is no way essential to being kept secret secret anyway is pure...cough...silliness...to put it politely. edit: The mods have complained about the need to deal with threads concerning speculation about upcoming game releases. Mostly about wild theories or whatnot due to lack of information. I would have thought something like a better method for quelling such activity would be welcomed.
  4. MassivelyOP 's Article on Ark(not good)

    A few people over at that Wildcard place mentioned that they're working on an expansion called Aberration for their ARK: Survival Evolved game and they've got a TLC dino pass and S+ mod integration coming up after. Just the kind of information that'd go on a trello board since one doesn't have to be incredibly detailed when using it. And as Olivar pointed out, how does being out of early access matter? The game is still being developed?
  5. MassivelyOP 's Article on Ark(not good)

    That server wipe rumor turned out to be true...and then wasn't...and then was (kind of) I think the problem is that players just really don't trust the devs anymore. So it was a huge mistake to mention the possibility of a sequel on Jesse's part because now a number of people think it's being worked on even when employees of Wildcard are saying differently. If the higher ups at Wildcard don't want bad reactions to what their people say then they need to take into account a whole lot of people are upset with them and will gladly take anything even remotely negative to heart. My prediction of a future post: "Aberration has been released but S+ integration is delayed yet again because they're working on the sequel!" A trello board would be nice. See not only what they're working on but also their progress while having the added benefit of keeping their to do list organized. Is there even a downside to trello?
  6. They don't have sexes so no mate boosting. Also means each snake has a chance to lay an egg. Also also means no snake breeding.
  7. MassivelyOP 's Article on Ark(not good)

    Well to be fair to the author of that article this article features the actual CEO of Wildcard and it's just as bad: http://www.pcgamer.com/ark-survival-evolved-studio-ceo-on-early-access-reviews-and-punching-trees/
  8. Plus I've unfortunately known quite a few people who lost their characters due to the absolutely terrible transfer system and support has never responded in time to actually save anything. One of the many reasons why cutting off support for legacy didn't make the slightest difference. They could have just kept on saying legacy had customer support after discontinuing it. I don't think anyone would have even noticed.
  9. What happend to S+?

    The Learning Channel. Although, that channel is basically just mindless reality shows now with no educational content whatsoever. Reality shows tend to be scripted anyway. Might as well go all in with a Wildcard created dinosaur reality show. Not the mama!
  10. I don't like PvP because I got lazy but I do love the Dragonpunk team and their awesome work. Good luck to everyone who signs up.
  11. Revisiting Nomadic Life

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Shame, as others have said, ARK isn't really set up for that kind of play style. That'd be a nice mod map. One set up solely for nomads. Reminds me of my no build server idea. Temporary building would be possible but all structures would automatically decay after a set amount of time. Say 6 hours. There used to be a player on our PvE server that built solely on rafts. Had an incubation raft, a kitchen raft, the works. He quit shortly after the leeds was implemented. Poor guy. As for diving, you could tame some diplocalus. They can be ridden when they're swimming and they share their oxygen with you while doing so. They're living scuba tanks.
  12. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    That's why I think the obelisk should be used for it. It already has short-term storage capabilities. Maybe toss in a level based capacity requirement. "Level 1-5 dinos, Level 2-10 dinos, etc." An overall excellent post and I am particularly interested in this new idea above that you added. Other games already use something similar to great success. 7 Days To Die makes use of land claim blocks. Anything within a certain distance is owned by whoever places the block. I especially like how you can expand the influence of your version by progressing through the game. New players would have to work towards establishing themselves before taking over huge swaths of land and blocking other new players from trying to set up a homestead as well. Only problem I see is that the people of Wildcard aren't very creative when it comes to game systems. The building system being a prime example. I think a modder would need to take the initiative and create a robust version of your idea and then have it implemented into the game just like with the building mod. I'd rather not see it added into the game half-assed like the no build areas on official servers. edit: The addition of less powerful beacons for outposts would be nice. I have a number of public taming pens scattered about the server I'm on. As well as a mining facility.
  13. Equus on Aberration.. So Aberrant Unicorn??

    Why not keep the wings but only allow gliding?
  14. What exactly Is happening with legacy

    Sounds about right.
  15. I love this change so much. Here's a rat with a heart from me to whoever implemented it.