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  1. Vrallox

    So about that Old Dino TLC pass...

    It is nice that Aberration is finally out of the way. Now that the junk has been thrown out it's time for renovations! While I know the TLC pass isn't going to be a wonderful act of innovation it should still add some improvements to the game. And then there's, of course, the integration of S+ which they're apparently working on as well.
  2. Yup. Instead of changing the transfer system so you could have the same character saved on multiple servers you have to risk losing all your progress each time your character is moved.
  3. Vrallox

    Ark: Aberration

    Watched the anarchy and the forests of pillars and foundations spring up everywhere. Unfortunately, there's really nothing to discover so I just walked around. edit: A friend thought it'd be funny to accept a season pass gift from him on my behalf while I was in the bathroom. Since I own Scorched Earth it's now tied to the season pass so there's no way to get rid of it. Might as well use it.
  4. Vrallox

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Bond with them. Hunt, fight, kill with the carnivores. Fight, harvest, graze with the herbivores. But before that you knock them out and pet them, hand feed them, etc. in order to build up the trust bar enough for them to not kill you when they wake up. I've always felt that we should be hunting alongside carnivores to tame them. Stuffing them full of food is an incredibly lazy system. Removing the need for kibble completely would do wonders for the problem of hitting the tame cap. But as usual it's not the one solution. We need multiple changes to the game to fix that problem. Removing claiming was one of those steps.
  5. Vrallox

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    I feel bad as well when our server has to employ PvP tactics but like you we only use them against griefers. People who any self-respecting game studio would boot out the door. While I've never personally done something like that I have supported it against griefers as Ranger1 pointed out. My server only goes after griefers though. Like the person who had all resource nodes foundationed on the volcano for months on end. We don't take these actions lightly either. Again, it took months of harassment, taunting, and the volcano problem for anyone to act outside of sending in tickets and also asking him to stop. That was also one of the incidents where I watched ramps on quetzals helpfully launch a wild giga over high walls. Using any PvP tactics, like kiting, against a person who has done nothing but have dinos on a tame capped server? That is just plain wrong. (I did read the entire post before responding. )
  6. Vrallox

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Hey, that's a good point. Sure I brought the animal over someone's base and dropped it but it's a completely valid PvE tactic since wild animals roam or whatever. Okay. Here's the simplest explanation: PvE is singleplayer with other people. If any trouble a person runs into can't be found in singleplayer without human intervention then it's PvP. Only that solo player could cause a giga to run across the entire map straight for the player's base.
  7. Vrallox

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    I've watched a group kite a wild giga to someone's base and then use ramps on quetzals to get it over the victim's walls. Preparing for wild dino attacks is easy. Defending against the human griefer factor is a liiiiittle bit harder.
  8. Vrallox

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    We know Wildcard's stance. We're pointing out how it's clearly wrong. I have no doubt they'll stick to their guns but their definition of PvE and griefing is obviously wrong. I've found no definition of PvE that allows kiting or griefing that doesn't cover kiting. Making up their own definitions for things doesn't change the actual definitions. Any decent, respectable person therefore cannot employ said griefing PvP tactic on a PvE server to destroy other people's animals in order to decrease the tame number and distance themselves from the tame cap. Because it's just as was said: A PvP tactic meant to grief. Wildcard can call it whatever they like. They can call it "hugs and kisses." It won't make it so. So we obviously need to look elsewhere for player made solutions to this problem. These victims aren't trolls or griefers. They're fellow players who just want to enjoy the game like the rest of us.
  9. Vrallox

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Hellos, I have to admit I was a little rushed in finding the definitions and each search page came up with sites I wouldn't trust. Wikipedia was just the one I found the least untrustworthy and I didn't like that definition either but it was what the site offered. Here's a better definition from a reputable site, Dictionary.com: "an online game player who intentionally spoils the game for other players" That pretty much nails the definition of a kiter in PvE as well. The instigating player created that situation though. The challenge wasn't brought about by the game but another person. Firing a bullet at another player could fit that description as well since "it's not the player doing damage but the bullet even though the player is solely responsible for causing the bullet to potentially cause damage to the intended victim." Replace bullet with dino and there you have kiting.
  10. Vrallox

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    If it's not explicitly forbidden then it is allowed. Sure kiting in PvE is the very definition of ACTUAL griefing, as I've already posted, but according to Wildcard's warped sense of fair play it isn't their made up version of griefing and so isn't against the rules.
  11. Vrallox

    Transfer System

    Nah. Your character is safe. We've had people return after months and they kept their old characters. Lost everything on the characters after scavengers drowned them and looted the bodies though.
  12. Vrallox

    Ark: Aberration

    A Wildcard dev on the unofficial ARK Discord channel was nice enough to give us a list of places of interest. I figured I'd repost it here for anyone not on Discord. Looks like it's mostly for singleplayer hopping: Rock Drake Trench 45471 69959 -105204 -22.79 0.28 Fertile -143496 -224339 48278 -9.84 6.07 -198435 -52436 65559 -18.02 -7.55 -31848 -78904 48728 -10.46 2.86 Biolum 56914 -100372 33046 44.31 -4.52 129737 -98232 11508 117.77 17.77 190886 65177 20553 -100.19 10.52 Element 147916 162925 10762 -138.09 -7.17 24378 119074 -4715 136.71 -22.91 -41650 36429 -104317 -42.39 -2.17 Cave1 143259 24328 -3009 -50.18 12.33 Cave2 -11088 311646 20246 99.90 -12.72 Cave3 -213840 1387 33500 8.12 -4.11 Surface SW -220429 62412 53255 119.48 2.64 Surface NE 140912 -224705 56869 -39.29 9.57 Surface NW -230378 -275884 64079 134.92 24.09
  13. Vrallox

    Transfer System

    I started the thread to try and bring more attention to the terrible transfer system. I'm well aware of how it works but was, until recently, missing the key part about the removal of the character save from the server of origin. There are many reasons to swim through the sea of servers. Bosses, trading, taming, breeding, etc. All which would greatly benefit from having a fully leveled character transferred in rather then making a new character. At one point I needed to collect some eggs on a server to complete a transaction. Rather then leave a flyer on that server open to griefing I created a new character and trekked to the rendezvous point on foot. Let me say that having my normal character there would have greatly shortened the time it took. Yes, there are other options to transferring but if the current transfer system was fixed it would be vastly superior to having different characters on each server.
  14. Vrallox

    Transfer System

    I thought boss killing with them was covered by "playing with them" though. I'll try to be more clear in the future.
  15. Vrallox

    Ark: Aberration

    Okay. Fine. I'll leave them alone. Go after some dilos. No one likes them. And with my mighty lightning gun I shall be the new god of thunder!