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  1. Small Tribe - Boss Fights - No Cheese

    You take down the dragon without rex cheese the same way the devs take down all the bosses. They cheat with admin commands. Unfortunately that doesn't work on official since cheating is bad and anyone who cheats is bad and should feel bad.
  2. So where's everyone gone?

    The new cluster could be wiped as well. There's no telling what the people of Wildcard might do. Duping is apparently picking up speed over there and then there are the DDOS attacks. There are of course the overbearing alphas to contend with too. People might start calling for a wipe so everyone can start fresh and make all those problems disappear once and for all. If you want to constantly warn new people then it's up to you. I plan on just helping them get started and continue to enjoy the game with the people on our server. Nothing lasts forever.
  3. Ark: Aberration

    They did say in their quote that players would be able to collect element ore as well as "encounter certain hideous, aggressive creatures." Which makes me think it's not in something like a boss arena and they won't need to actually fight something to acquire it. Animals in ARK are extremely easy to distract and kiting them away from a certain area doesn't take much either. Unless it's located in a closed off arena or being carried by a boss level animal that can easily navigate its environment I doubt it'll be much trouble.
  4. Ark: Aberration

    Looks like they're going farther down the pay-to-win path with each DLC. Here's a quote from their latest cherry picked Q+A list: "Survivor RaifuForLaifu asks, "What are "Element Chambers"?" Quote They are zones of intense radiation where it is possible to collect Element Ore, as well as encounter certain hideous, aggressive creatures." So those who buy the DLC will be able to farm element outside of boss fights.
  5. Is Arks 60 dollars worth it?

    I forgot to mention that since one of the bosses, the dragon, can't be defeated properly without resorting to employing glitches the game is technically broken since you can't complete the game the way the developers intended. Huh. I guess that means that the people of Wildcard released a broken game so they can't even say they successfully launched it. At least they have to have an asterisk added when they do say it. I suppose that can go in the pile of reasons why it's not worth $60. "Endgame content incomplete and/or broken."
  6. New Tek Items

    I'd say the biggest problem with the tek items being tied to the Ragnarok boss fight is the chance for the bad transfer design to delete our characters. Especially for those of us who are still on Wildcard's forsaken legacy...servers. The people of Wildcard obviously don't care and since it's them it's entirely possible they implemented it this way just to create this situation. Fortunately creating a character on Ragnarok and moving items and animals over has a far smaller danger involved. One can simply transfer back the finished items. A lot of extra work but considering the prospect of losing everything I'd say it's a better alternative than risking one's character.
  7. Tek Tier = waste of time

    Tek really is a joke. PvE can get it more easily but it's not like it has much of a use. If the tek structures, like walls and floors, actually did something other then drain your element cache then it wouldn't be as bad. I mean they have working lights on them without power sources. How about having energy from a generator travel through connected structures rather then send most of that energy off into a mostly wasteful sphere? So that anything on or attached to those structures receives the energy without needing wires or to have that blue energy field junk floating everywhere Haha. And the equipment? I know plenty of people who HAVE that stuff but no one actually uses it for anything because of the upkeep and normal equipment gets the job done. Even better than tek in most cases. The "challenges" in the game don't require anything special. There are no difficult situations where anyone goes "I'd better get my best gear." It happens in PvP but the game itself doesn't supply the difficulty. The players do. I was really looking forward to the handheld door activator because there were a lot of situations I keep running into where it'd be wonderful to have. Unfortunately we're stuck with automatic doors, i.e., tek doors. Feh.
  8. So where's everyone gone?

    A group of us from our legacy server are playing 7 Days To Die during most of our game time now. Still mess around in ARK a few days a week. One of the many nice things about that game is that no matter how far you get into the game you can still end up getting your butt kicked. Especially with the mods that are out there.
  9. Feeling utterly defeated

    Ah. Well then it appears neither of us is actually upset. And if you merely were commenting on my ideas and not making personal attacks then let's just move on. Those "subtle implications" were simply in response to the perceived personal attack so think nothing of them. As I alluded to earlier I am not upset. Yes, I've put in thousands of hours into the server I play on but I'm not exactly attached to any of it. Having everything go up in smoke wouldn't put much of a dent in my day. The loss of the community on the other hand is going to be rather irritating. Some are quite fond of their collection of pixels and they are very nice people. Playing alongside most of them for over a year has been enjoyable. Seeing how upset and despondent they are in regards to Wildcard's planned slow death of the server makes it hard not to raise some questions about the company's decision making process. I'm not under the illusion that Wildcard would do anything positive for the legacy community. Nothing will get them to do so. My posts have no goal of influencing the people of Wildcard. While I once again point out that they have made a good game their decisions surrounding that game seem to be suspect at the very least. And there are always those who will applaud those decisions just as there will always be those who question them.
  10. Feeling utterly defeated

    You may want to lay off the childish name calling. The mods tend to jump on that sort of thing. If you read several other threads, like the Server Wipe one, several solutions to the glitched dino stats were brought up so no it's actually rather intelligent to see that it's entirely possible to integrate legacy into the newer cluster. You just have to have the brains to figure out how like those individuals who provided viable fixes to the animals with obscene stats. And if you paid attention to the many questionable decisions they've made you'd know that while they can make a good game they have a hard time making good decisions in regards to almost anything else. I feel silly having to point out that that was what I was talking about but you are clearly upset and so failed to realize that.
  11. Ulta's right. Even if the people of Wildcard knew how it'd be rather difficult to add such awesomeness to the game without serious issues. There is too much bloat already that servers and our computers have to handle from the game. Other then trying to get them to improve the gameplay and audio it's really only the boss fights that can be fixed. And I remember reading a post by one of their devs who worked on the boss fights that making the fights less of a "slugfest" would be difficult. He even challenged people to come up with alternate fights inside existing arenas to meet that requirement. Although, I did reply with an idea I came up with in only a few minutes, which was confirmed possible by a non-Wildcard dev, that did meet his challenge. He never replied. Go figure.
  12. Feeling utterly defeated

    That would be extremely reasonable which is why it won't happen. Whenever it comes to the people of Wildcard it's always a safe bet to put your money on them doing the wrong thing. The new servers are apparently now in the same boat as the veteran servers. DDoS attacks, duping, pillars everywhere (within minutes of them going live even), etc. There's no point in keeping them separate, especially after six months, but separate they will remain until all legacy servers are taken down as it is their plan to do so.
  13. They can't even make war drums sound like actual drums. Making animals act like animals is something not achievable for them. You should be nice and set them an attainable goal like making a table that wobbles for no reason.
  14. NItrado Servers are a joke

    I suppose if you've played on official servers then it won't come as a shock to learn that they're run by Nitrado.
  15. Is Arks 60 dollars worth it?

    I'd pass since $60 is too little to invest in such talented individuals as the people of Wildcard. I think prospective buyers should too for that very same reason.