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  1. I got my skins and the axe skin looks like a spatula not an the axe from the video. now the spear it looks correct. Yes you have to watch the animated one using the picture and the ark 2 video using the text in order to get the 3 skins. And yes it plays in the steam overlay.
  2. hey man i reached my max posts per day now, i'm not quite sure on how to change graphic card settings but i don't think that my graphic settings should effect my processor that much, i was playing a free version of ark before and didn't suffer with these issues... I think it's something to do with the actual game but wildcard belive there's nothing they can do to help.. :/

  3. This will make people happy... well the people that play conquest servers.
  4. I would like to know if the people who pre-ordered there servers are going to get there full amount of time paid for them. i only purchased a month's time but if there delayed i would like my month to begin on the day the server will open and not get charged for another part way through the month.
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