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  1. Request Admin Commands

    May have to do it a couple times but do not use enable cheats...just password.
  2. Legacy Official PVE Server Backups

    Same i tried three different saves for legacy that i play on and not one of them got past island ruins. I really hope they fix it so it will work. I can't play on normal officials. Not enough time in my schedule.
  3. Player Spawn Point Blocking

    Don't remember which server i did this on but I spawned into someone's house where all there storage boxes were. they left them all unlocked so being mad about being trapped in the house. I dumped all of the contents of the cabinets out as retribution for them trapping people. Killed myself by starving finally spawned out and left the server. Never went back there again.
  4. Spider and Bat Spawns too high

    Jtmorris, I agree with you. Was hoping to do this event on SP pc but of course we did not get it. I would have had fun taming and killing the spawns.
  5. Will send you a request to join tommorow. Definitely a server i would enjoy playing on.
  6. Halloween Event?

    I know how you feel...never have time to play on official or even unofficial servers. i play single player 90% of the time myself. As far as right now there has been no announcement about the halloween event yet.
  7. Finding your main

    well goodluck to you Luciferstwin.
  8. Finding your main

    i know the feeling..i play solo all the time. never had goodluck with tribes.
  9. Finding your main

    that is also a possibility that your character could have gotten deleted by a glitch. it has happened to me before on both pc and xbox official servers.
  10. Finding your main

    this is the post about the server saves and the link to find them
  11. Finding your main

    pretty much. unless you want to download saved server files and play them on your single player ark but you have to search a long list to find your steam id listed in there. there is a link if you want to take that option...just don't remember where it is offhand.
  12. Finding your main

    If you played on one of the servers they shutdown it will not show up under the my survivors option. A lot of official servers were shutdown a few months ago.
  13. Incubating Eggs

    Yes standing torches work better but will still need atleast 12 of them for a wyvern and watch out after the baby is born...they can die if they glitch over the flames of campfires or torches....happened to me once.
  14. I believe they should. I don't remember the option of putting your phone number instead of email but if you put your phone number there i would assume they would contact you about it.
  15. ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    I would like to know if the people who pre-ordered there servers are going to get there full amount of time paid for them. i only purchased a month's time but if there delayed i would like my month to begin on the day the server will open and not get charged for another part way through the month.