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  1. Bloodwing1976

    Egg Interval Setting Question

    oh i also forgot to mention egg interval also affects how often you find unfertilized eggs in the wild.
  2. Bloodwing1976

    Egg Interval Setting Question

    egg interval only affects unfertilized eggs. egg hatch speed affects fertilized eggs.
  3. Bloodwing1976

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to ark and i hope you enjoy playing...i have been playing for over 2 yrs now and still enjoy it.
  4. Bloodwing1976

    Nitrado codes help?

    do you by chance mean Promotional codes? I have never seen or been offered any by nitrado.
  5. Bloodwing1976

    Nitrado codes help?

    Do you mean admin commands or actually cheat codes. If you mean admin commands there still the same as the regular game. Codes on the other hand....haven't a clue.
  6. Bloodwing1976

    pve New boosted, modded, island server PC

    Have to close down my servers...ran into some temporary financial issues and lack of player activity. Hoping to reopen them in the near future.
  7. Bloodwing1976

    pve New boosted, modded, island server PC

    Still looking for more players. Mods have changed. Mods: Structures +, Death Recovery, no more super tranq rifle, and Acm for admins. Also a Ragnarok server..same name. Arktamers. Strictly PvE...No pvp allowed. Platform is Pc and am hoping to add another server for abberation soon.
  8. Bloodwing1976

    pve New boosted, modded, island server PC

  9. Bloodwing1976

    Need help getting dinos back to my ownership

    Use admin command, cheat givetome, while looking at your dino to get them back. Only thing i can suggest. I will link the site for admin commands https://ark.gamepedia.com/Console_Commands that will explain how to use them on xbox
  10. Bloodwing1976

    pve New boosted, modded, island server PC

    Still looking for pve players for my server. If you like to build and tame then this server is perfect for you. No pvp is allowed.
  11. Arktamers is a new pc island pve server looking for more people to join. New or experienced players are welcome to join. Very few mods: Death Recovery, Super Tranq rifle, and ACM. Server Name: Arktamers ip address or Add me to steam to join Bloodwing1976
  12. Bloodwing1976

    pve Nub Age 30+ Original map

    I added you on steam. Would love to play on your server. I am not new to Ark but have no problem starting at lvl 1. I am a very friendly and helpful player.
  13. Hello i am 41yrs old and have 752 hrs on pc and roughly 400 hrs on xbox. Would love a chance to play on your island server when it is up. I am a very helpful player and love to tame. I am not a pvp player at all...strictly pve.
  14. Bloodwing1976

    Pls Help

    there should be an option to hide password protected servers. it will be a little check box in the lower left corner of the server list.
  15. Bloodwing1976

    Starting out

    If you still need someone to play with on a non dedicated session and want to learn some tricks my gamer tag is DarkRaven4176. I would be more than willing to help you out in getting organic polymer and taming a raptor or what ever dino you would like to tame. I have played ark on xbox since it was released. Easier show people tips in game than on forums sometimes. Also look at youtube. Lots of good resource videos out there. I know how it feels to play this game on your own without another person...can be hard but at the same time can be easier sometimes.