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  1. hey man i reached my max posts per day now, i'm not quite sure on how to change graphic card settings but i don't think that my graphic settings should effect my processor that much, i was playing a free version of ark before and didn't suffer with these issues... I think it's something to do with the actual game but wildcard belive there's nothing they can do to help.. :/

  2. @GreenRoc Could you add my on discord please? there is a reply limit on here... My Discord is linked above in the original post, TLG Owen#3978
  3. Replied above, sorry i forgot to quote you , also i run 0 mods
  4. https://gyazo.com/a2711deb2de56ece130e435bef1ce4c2 and i was using low settings incase that was what was the issue.
  5. Please Help! i've spoke to wildcard and they've taken me through a huge process of trying all the possible fixes. my game keeps crashing and isnt giving me an error code, one minute i'm playing the next my game is gone. i've tried all their solutions from verifying the files to reinstalling the game to turning off anti virus etc etc... i even went as far as resseting my entire pc overall, fresh windows 10 install the whole shabang. I'm running a 1660ti 8gb, i5 7600k, 16gb of ram... please if anyone has had the same issues and been able to fix it please please contact me via this forum or TLG Owen#3978 on discord or Bonneyboy3@gmail.com via email. Any help will be massively helpful and i'll even consider a payment for your time ---------Update-------- please contact me via discord for any help you can give, there's a reply limit on here stupidly... Discord name and # above!
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