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  1. I do hope the Piranhas get tamed. I've been hyped about it ever since it was announced. I love the little ankle biters. ;w;
  2. Oh, yay. That's good you guys are going to try to get it out anyways. ^^
  3. omg, egypt is my favorite when it comes to history and mythology. +_+ hype
  4. MY BABIES! They're so beautiful! <3 I can't wait to tame so many Archaeopteryx when my internet isn't so bad and I can update
  5. Nice, another River Monsters fan. c: They're going to add Iguanodons, but I figure that's not what they meant.
  6. Hm, I tried looking up various Hadrosaurs that lived in colder climates but so far I haven't come up with anything except some pages mentioning Edmontosaurus which was found in Canada, Also the Lao-Lao fan dossier makes me think of River Monsters just by the fact it mentions Piraiba catfish.
  7. So much good news! This is great. :3 And the Adobe stuff looks awesome, I really wanna build with that since I grew up in Arizona. You have to put your question in this thread. ^^
  8. Wow, I really like the swamps and redwood forests being next to each other. That gives some really neat mental images.
  9. Man, I wish I was on the east coast and could go. It sounds like fun!
  10. I want to hug it! ..and then it'll never escape my grasp... +_+
  11. But it could also be a genetic experiment. They did say they were going to take a break on the dossiers and were going to start showing some more things relating to Ark's mysteries and lore. So it could be a new species made out of dna from other creatures, or just entirely created from scratch.
  12. Oh man. I love just the fact that they play in the wild. And when you turn such a cute thing into a weapon is even better!
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