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  1. Was an amazing day, had so much fun watching and loved the Shoutcasting from TypeForced. Congrats to all the winners and GG to all who took part <3
  2. Thank God lol It will be so good to be able to try SOTF before it comes to Xbox. Hopefully a couple is 2 and you still thought it was May
  3. You will have two save files, pick which one you want when you launch your server/SP.
  4. Did everyone catch this tidbit in the latest Community Crunch? Primitive+ Dev is expecting an August launch for his mod on consoles.
  5. I really hope that they beat Fallout to the post for first mod launch, would be great publicity for WC and the game
  6. It will be a completely different map, when you load a world you will be able to choose which save file/world you want to load. Alternatively if you play on Official servers then there will be new servers to run the new map
  7. This is the mods page on Steam Workshop; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504360469
  8. This would be nice alongside the ability to remote use entire stacks, force feeding a Giga or high health creature is giving my XB1 controller a squeak lol
  9. Yes there will be, confirmed there will be The Centre servers, Primitive Plus servers and also The Centre/PrimitivePlus official servers
  10. You are always the bearer of such amazing news Jer! Thank-you so much for clarifying these points, super excited to run The Centre on my player dedicated!
  11. Welcome to the Ark world PS4 peeps! I'm really glad you guys get to enjoy some Arky goodness too
  12. Another one here hoping to find out about mod usage on private dedicated server
  13. I really hope we are getting xbox exclusive unicorns, that would be epic
  14. We can't guess what it is because it isn't of Earthly origins. It is from one of the other arks.
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