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  1. I do hope the Piranhas get tamed. I've been hyped about it ever since it was announced. I love the little ankle biters. ;w;
  2. Oh, yay. That's good you guys are going to try to get it out anyways. ^^
  3. omg, egypt is my favorite when it comes to history and mythology. +_+ hype
  4. MY BABIES! They're so beautiful! <3 I can't wait to tame so many Archaeopteryx when my internet isn't so bad and I can update
  5. Nice, another River Monsters fan. c: They're going to add Iguanodons, but I figure that's not what they meant.
  6. Hm, I tried looking up various Hadrosaurs that lived in colder climates but so far I haven't come up with anything except some pages mentioning Edmontosaurus which was found in Canada, Also the Lao-Lao fan dossier makes me think of River Monsters just by the fact it mentions Piraiba catfish.
  7. So much good news! This is great. :3 And the Adobe stuff looks awesome, I really wanna build with that since I grew up in Arizona. You have to put your question in this thread. ^^
  8. Wow, I really like the swamps and redwood forests being next to each other. That gives some really neat mental images.
  9. Man, I wish I was on the east coast and could go. It sounds like fun!
  10. I want to hug it! ..and then it'll never escape my grasp... +_+
  11. But it could also be a genetic experiment. They did say they were going to take a break on the dossiers and were going to start showing some more things relating to Ark's mysteries and lore. So it could be a new species made out of dna from other creatures, or just entirely created from scratch.
  12. Oh man. I love just the fact that they play in the wild. And when you turn such a cute thing into a weapon is even better!
  13. Comparing the giga in the dossier for it and our mystery therapod, it seems to have a lot of features that match up. I can make a comparison pic if needed.
  14. It looks like a Giganotosaurus to me. I don't see any feathers, just a crest. And if you look at the arms on the Giga dossier, they look relatively long compared to a T-Rex.
  15. I'm in love with that Dino Forest painting. It's so gorgeous. I never heard of Extra Ark before, but it looks so amazing. Definitely wanna check it out.
  16. Birds descended from dinos. Those are protofeathers.
  17. Man I'm so happy about this. I loved this little guy ever since I read about him in this one book when I was little. I can't wait to tame so many of these guys!
  18. At long last, a dossier for this fella! (now the Chalicotherium just needs a dossier and all the critters announced by picture alone will have dossiers) It's looking good!
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